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Rick Lacey has an MBA from Cleveland State University and is the author of four books. As a Senior Financial Analyst at BP Oil he refused credit to Enron and was subsequently separated from the company. His book, Involuntary Separation, Corporate Downsizing Gone Fatally Wrong is based on his experiences at BP. Rick can be contacted at rplacey@hotmail.com.
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Every man, woman, and child is a consumer or potential consumer.  That potential is exemplified by the American super-consumer.  Though Americans represent a tiny fraction of that six-billion-person global population, we account for more than 20 percent of the world's consumption.  That is an economic reality that is untenable in the long term, but it does serve to define the upper limits of the human ability to consume.

Capitalism demands growth, not only in production but in consumption.  Global consumption can be maximized by increasing people's ability and inclination to consume and by increasing population.  Being that the Bilderberg is a global capitalist organization, those who would expect them to engage in any program that would in any significant way reduce the world's population or even slow its growth ignores their history and their methods of operation.  Some will point to the enormous casualties of prior world wars as evidence that they take some sort of perverse pleasure in the death and suffering of the masses.  Though certain individual members may, as an organization they do not.  Past wars were engineered for profit not to kill consumers or destroy property.  Casualties and destruction were an unfortunate consequence of war that today's technology has largely corrected.

Aside from isolated regional conflicts, today's wars are engineered for globalization.  The world has just witnessed how precision-guided weapons can be used to change a regime without massive loss of life or destruction of property.  Over the next months we will see Iraq converted to a democratic, capitalist, consumer-driven economy that the Bilderberg can exploit.  Once every Iraqi home contains a working television set inundating them with western values (or lack of values), their conversion is assured.  Just as the media converted the American public to the belief that the war in Iraq was justified, it will convert Iraqis to believe that conspicuous consumption is their right as citizens of an oil-rich nation.  Over the succeeding years, expect to witness the rest of the Middle East and eventually the entire Muslim world follow the Iraqi example and demand a similar lifestyle.  Whether we accepted the invasion of Iraq as justified because we believed the terrorism and WMD argument or because we believed it was our responsibility to liberate the Iraqi people from a repressive and murderous regime is inconsequential.  Saddam's mistake was providing us with an excuse most of the world could accept.  The invasion of Iraq marked the start of another targeted portion of the larger Bilderberg strategy for converting the world to democratic, capitalist, consumer-driven economies it can exploit.
Former communist nations are already well on their way to conversion to democratic, capitalist, consumer-driven economies.  Communism is not dormant but dead, relegated to history as a failed experiment by Bilderberg strategists who have recognized its inherent economic inefficiencies.  Those who fear its reemergence need only consider the following.  The vast majority of the citizens of the former Soviet Union endured lives of relative deprivation compared to the standards of living enjoyed by the western democracies.  Most American children had more spending money that the typical Russian family.  That was not an economic situation that the Bilderberg could exploit.  The US model of three television sets per household is vastly superior to the three-families-sharing-one-apartment-and-one-television situation in the former Soviet Union.  Bilderberg globalization is a purely capitalist model adverse to communism.  Communist North Korea will have to be converted by force, but once that regime is removed conversion to a democratic, capitalist, consumer-driven economy will occur virtually overnight as the two Koreas are united in an orgy of production and consumption.  

Last week's article (Henry Ford versus The Bilderberg) showed the mechanism being employed to convert the remaining Asian nations.  India and China, though dissimilar cultures with different obstacles to conversion, are increasingly the beneficiaries of exported American jobs which will surely result in an embrace of capitalism and consumption.  The Chinese factory worker and the Indian information-technology worker with disposable income are setting a standard that their fellow citizens aspire to reach.  Only time, more exported American jobs, and the death of a few political leaders are needed to complete their ultimate conversion to democratic, capitalist, consumer-driven economies.  Expect China to ultimately surpass the United States as the world's largest economy.

That leaves sub-Sahara Africa as the last significant region awaiting conversion.  The President's recent visit marks the beginning of the process.  Over the coming months expect to see the media increasingly focus its attention to Africa.  Americans will be convinced that it is our responsibility to help improve the quality of life in Africa.  Unfortunately, while Asia sits on top the bell curve and can readily adapt to performing American jobs even better than American workers themselves, Africa sits at the bottom of the bell curve.  The African solution must have been a struggle for Bilderberg strategists, but the recent activity of multinational corporations and our own government reveals they have solved the problem.  I'll concede it is possible they entertained notions of black population reduction to prepare the African continent for conversion, and I can't prove they were not behind some of black Africa's recent suffering.  However, a kinder, gentler, and much more efficient conversion solution has been devised and will soon be put in place.  Merely exporting jobs to Africa can not work.  The African problem will be solved by exporting people into Africa.

There is no shortage of people waiting to enter the United States and Europe from all across the globe.  These people have a work ethic and a real contribution to make to whatever country can take them.  The US has historically benefited from the infusion and assimilation of immigrants, but our borders will soon be all but closed.  Once opportunity is created in Africa and the flow of immigrants is redirected from the US and Europe to sub-Sahara Africa, an increasingly diverse population capable of achieving great strides will emerge.  Expect to see Bilderberg investment initiatives through multinational corporations exert increasing influence.  Greater integration into the global economy will be a direct result of Africa's economic modernization.  Workers chasing the resulting jobs will flood into the continent.  The natural resources of Africa will provide for the production of exports which will result in growth and the creation of wealth.  The land and climate will produce agricultural abundance once the appropriate technologies are successfully introduced.  One by one the African nations will be converted to democratic, capitalist, consumer-driven economies which the Bilderberg can exploit.

Through the mechanisms described above, a "one world order" will unite the planet and the Bilderberg goal of globalization will be achieved.   The globe will consist of a collection of seemingly independent, democratic, capitalist, consumer-driven economies controlled and manipulated by the Bilderberg in same relative secrecy they employ today.  As citizens of the United States we must ask ourselves what our position should be in the coming global economy and compare that conclusion with the Bilderberg plan.  As custodians of planet Earth we must all ask ourselves how the world's environment can possibly cope with six billion super-consumers.  The Bilderberg has asked and answered those two questions and is already pursuing its strategy.
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Rick Lacey July 28 2003

The world's population has soared past six billion people with little reason to believe that population growth will slow.  To the capitalist, population growth is not a concern but a blessing.