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Rick Lacey has an MBA from Cleveland State University and is the author of four books. As a Senior Financial Analyst at BP Oil he refused credit to Enron and was subsequently separated from the company. His book, Involuntary Separation, Corporate Downsizing Gone Fatally Wrong is based on his experiences at BP. Rick can be contacted at
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capitalist, consumer-driven economies.  The world will be policed by the US military and controlled by the Bilderberg in relative secrecy from enclaves within the United States.  This may not initially appear to be bad news for American citizens.  However, few citizens will be permitted to remain on the North American continent.

Last week's article described the process underway to convert the world to seemingly independent, democratic, capitalist, consumer-driven economies that the Bilderberg can exploit.  As that conversion nears completion, a force will be put in place to keep the peace.  War will not be the profit center it has been in the past.  The one world order will depend on increasing consumption to fuel growth and feed corporate profits.  Any activity by any nation or group that threatens free trade and the flow of goods will have to be dealt with swiftly and with overwhelming force.  The US military will provide that force.  Much like privileged citizens of the former Holy Roman Empire, citizens of the United States will not be required to work.  However, we will become globally dispersed citizen invaders forced to make our homes in other nations.  Few will live in what is currently the United States or Canada.  Much like the conversion of the world to democratic, capitalist, consumer-driven economies, the conversion of the United States from a geographically defined nation to a worldwide police state is well under way.  

The US is currently the world's largest debtor nation.  We have been running huge and growing trade deficits with the rest of the world for decades.  Though we represent less than five percent of the world's population we consume over twenty percent of the world's output.  We finance that consumption with US government debt which the rest of the world has been willing to hold.  Foreign goods flow into the United States and Treasury bonds, bills, and notes flow out.  This has been a good exchange for the American consumer and a good investment for the foreign debt holder.  This debt is backed by the full faith and credit of the US government and depends on the ability of the US government to tax its citizens.

Many Americans have become justifiably alarmed that the US budget has turned from enormous surplus to enormous deficit under the current administration.  Our economic policy seems to be in the hands of a drunken sailor.  We have put huge tax cuts in place while simultaneously increasing spending.  We are giving away billions in foreign aid to third-world nations while refusing basic health care to our own citizens.  Our military is spending multi-billions of dollars to effect regime change in various nations.  While we close military bases in the US, we open new bases overseas.  There are three reasons for this apparently reckless policy mix.  1.) Tax cuts are necessary to keep the economy out of recession and buy votes.  2.) Huge and growing US foreign debt is a primary component of the Bilderberg globalization strategy.  3.) We are helping to build and police prosperous nations into which American citizen invaders will be relocated.

The combination of trade and budget deficits, though huge, pale by comparison to the unfunded future liabilities of the social security system.  As most well know, social security benefits are paid from a payroll tax on those who continue to work and not out of some investment pool.  Previous articles have described how American jobs are moving overseas at an increasing rate.  Where will money come from to pay social security benefits if Americans don't have jobs and the government exhausts its ability to tax and borrow?  The short answer is that social security will be replaced by an entirely new entitlement system.  Americans living abroad will be supported by the US Treasury.  The money will come from taxing all those seemingly independent, democratic, capitalist, consumer-driven nations who depend on the US Armed Forces for protection.

As huge as government debt and the unfunded liability of the social security system have become, it is the private debt of American citizens that will ultimately doom the nation.  The Bilderberg has exported our high paying jobs and crashed our stock market in order to wipe out our savings and force us to consume the equity in our homes to satisfy our addiction to consumption.  We are left relying on future social security payments and pension fund checks to pay our house payments in retirement.  That is not going to happen.  The enormous combination of private and public debt will crash down upon us and wipe the United States of America right off the map.

The planned series of events will be initiated by the Bilderberg at a time of their choosing and will proceed as follows: the Federal Reserve raises interest rates - refinancing activity stops - consumer spending slows - home prices fall - unemployment rises - families default on mortgages - pensions funds suffer huge loses - Bilderberg controlled firms buy up mortgages, foreclose on homes, and evict families - the country plunges into depression - families become homeless - tax receipts dry up - Treasury securities held overseas are reduced to junk status and sold to the IMF and World Bank for pennies on the dollar - the IMF and World Bank demand payment - the US government defaults - the IMF and World Bank agree to eliminate the debt through "debt-for-nature swaps" and effectively foreclose on much of the country placing the land off limits to human habitation and forcing mass relocations to foreign nations.  In short, what land the Bilderberg and the government do not own will become United Nations controlled nature preserve.  The maps have already been drawn.  North American will become Bilderberg property, the exclusive domain of the elite.  Over the ensuing years the population of North America will be reduced from today's 330 million to less than 10 million, a number necessary to operate the government, protect the borders, manage the land, and provide services to the occupying elite.

North American is already one of the worlds least densely populated regions and consists of just two countries, both advanced economies with well-educated populations.  By various means and beginning almost immediately those populations will relocate or be relocated to other continents.  Expect to begin hearing about Americans being enticed to move overseas.  Expect amnesty to be offered to non-violent criminals willing to relocate to Africa.  Expect to see corporations relocating workers overseas.  The more that go willingly and early the better and easier it will be when those who refuse to leave their homes are moved by force.  While I have found no evidence to convince me that large numbers will be killed, I am entirely convinced that populations will be moved by force.  I'll leave it to others with more knowledge in this area to expose the methods that will ultimately be employed to move those segments of our population who would dare to resist the coming one world order.

As promised in last week's article I have explained the place of US citizens in the one world order.  We will become citizen invaders dispersed across the globe and supported by our government.  Our presence in foreign nations will help convince the people of those nations that it is not the people of the United States they hate but the government of the United States.  Over time and with the examples of American citizen invaders living among them, the global population will become addicted to consumption and forget their cultural and religious heritage.  They will evolve into happy slaves being exploited just as we are today.

The final problem Bilderberg strategists had to solve to put the plan in place that I have described in this series of articles is the effect six billion super consumers will have on the planet.  Though that answer is not what is widely feared, it is not a lot better.  My hope is that once I reveal the final piece of the plan we will find the resolve to resist.
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U.S. Citizen Invaders

Rick Lacey August 6 2003

The role of the United States in the coming Bilderberg One World Order has been decided.  The planet will not be overtly ruled by the United Nations or any single entity as so many have feared for so long. The One World Order will consist of seemingly independent, democratic nations with similar