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Bilderberg Globalist Environmental Solution

Rick Lacey August 18 2003

We all understand the effects six billion people are having on our planet and have come to the inescapable conclusion that population growth must be controlled if the planet and life on it are to survive.
Rick Lacey has an MBA from Cleveland State University and is the author of four books. As a Senior Financial Analyst at BP Oil he refused credit to Enron and was subsequently separated from the company. His book, Involuntary Separation, Corporate Downsizing Gone Fatally Wrong is based on his experiences at BP. Rick can be contacted at
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Disclaimer: This column appears as would a syndicatecd column in a newspaper. It does not necessarily reflect the views of Alex Jones.
* Note: We would like to make it clear that we do not agree with the author on the subject of environmentalism. We have discussed on many occasions the fact that the environmental movement is a Globalist arm and global warming is a natural occurance. We run the following article in the interests of free speech with that proviso.
We are already killing the oceans and spoiling the atmosphere.  Demographic projections vary widely but it can be conservatively estimated that the global population will approach nine billion by the year 2030.  Few believe the planet can carry nine billion without global catastrophe: famine, disease, widespread extinctions that could even include mankind.

The above is a wildly optimistic scenario.  Those who follow Bilderberg strategy or have read the previous six articles in this series should understand the limitations of that 2030 calculation.  It relies on a steady state of consumption and postulates that a 50% increase in population would generate a 50% increase in consumption.  After all, it is the increase in consumption and not the mere presence of added population that is the problem.  Consumption has been maximized in the U.S. and the Bilderberg is engaged in increasing consumption across the rest of the globe.  Since the U.S. represents 5% of the world's population and 20% its consumption, the remaining 95% of the population are responsible for 80% of consumption.  The standard of living and rate of consumption outside the U.S. could double and Americans would still be consuming 10 times as much on average.  That increase in consumption is occurring and will have nearly the same effect as doubling the global population.  Tragically, instead of an increase of 50% over 30 years we are really facing a situation in which consumption will go up by nearly 100% over 10 years.  In effect, the earth will be supporting the equivalent of 12 billion people in just 10 years time.  Do the math later.  It would take an enormous margin of error to make the slightest difference in the conclusion.

Given that global catastrophe looms within 10 years and Bilderberg strategists know it much better than do I, what will it do?  We have seen that it remains committed to the one world order of seemingly independent, democratic, capitalist, consumer-driven economies which represent the best situation for financial exploitation.  The very reason that system has been chosen is because it maximizes consumption and corporate profits.  Therefore, we know that reducing consumption is not in their plans.  Because their goal is increased consumption, they do not plan to reduce the population of the planet.  The often suggested solution of killing off vast portions of the population is diametrically opposed to everything they are presently doing.  Somehow they expect the planet to be able to sustain the equivalent of 12 billion people within 10 years.

There are only two possible ways that can occur.  The first is that some incredible technological advance will solve the problem.  Perhaps a fuel source will be invented that provides infinite energy while simultaneously producing fresh water and cleaning the environment.  The secret hope of most who know the truth, it is extremely unlikely and the Bilderberg is certainly not relying on some miraculous new technology.

To derive the other alternative you must know the secrets the Bilderberg has guarded for centuries or you must understand the effect the knowledge of those secrets has on the actions of those who do.  I do not know those secrets, but I have intimate knowledge of their effect.  Those who know the secrets share certain attitudes: they know they will not be held to account for their actions here on earth, the lives of other human beings are inconsequential to them, they strive for the accumulation of control and wealth, they are content to remain unknown to the masses, they will not perform physical labor, they will protect themselves and their families at any and all costs, and they have a reverence for nature in its most pristine state.

The people described above will certainly not preside over or permit the destruction of the planet and the extinction of mankind, yet I have detailed how the policies they are pursuing today will lead to exactly that outcome in as few as ten years.  The solution to that contradiction will explain why they have been preparing to replace the current U.S. bureaucracy with the police state so many have been warning about for so long.  Few can deny the police-state policies and preparations that are regularly exposed on this and other websites.  The Bilderberg vision of the world by the year 2012 is as follows:

A large section of the planet described by the Tropic of Cancer to the south, the Arctic Circle to the north, the Bering Straight to the west, and the Newfoundland Basin to the east will be the exclusive domain of the Bilderberg.  That area includes most of North America and its surrounding oceans.  It will be populated by the elite and approximately 10 million people engaged in running the United States government, maintaining the needed infrastructure and organic food supply, guarding the boarders, removing man-made structures, and restoring the land.  Otherwise, it will be off limits to the rest of mankind.  Properly forested, the area will serve as a filter for the earth's atmosphere.  Hydroelectric and nuclear plants already in place will supply all the energy needs of the reduced population and the burning of fossil fuels will end.  Oceans currents will keep the shorelines largely unaffected by the water pollution generated by the people occupying the rest of the planet.  It will be the utopian paradise of the privileged while serving to make life environmentally possible for the remainder of the planet.

The population of the world outside that enormous environmental filter will be composed of a diverse and controlled global community engaged in production and consumption and a common struggle for the survival of the environment around them.  People will understand that their lives and the lives of future generations depend on their ability to care for the planet.  Environmental sacrifices will be made and everyone will support whatever measures must be taken because they will understand that when the planet dies they die with it.  They will occupy a crowded and dirty world straining its resources to the limit.  They will pursue technology and consumption and will continue to enrich and resent the elite they know are living in paradise.  They will be controlled by the United States Armed forces and will have well-paid American Citizen Invaders living among them.  The methods practiced and perfected during the police-state roundup and expulsion of U.S and Canadian citizens will be used by the same forces to police the world.  Crime will be virtually eliminated and all will struggle for their shared survival.  That struggle will be unpleasant but mankind will continue to exist.

The vision of the Bilderberg does not have to be our destiny.  There is still time to resist.  Once the reality of the plan becomes obvious to the masses, resistance will be futile at best and suicidal at worst.  In next week's article, I'll detail the only realistic method of resistance that can work.  I have little hope that the masses can be convinced and mobilized in time, but as of today it remains possible.