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Its One World Order would consist of seemingly independent and ostensibly democratic nations with capitalist, consumer-driven economies.  Most of North America would be its exclusive domain, populated by the rulers of the world and 10 million people needed to operate it.  We would forfeit our homes and become citizen invaders in foreign lands paid to report on the activities of foreign neighbors.  The Bilderberg world would be policed by the United States Armed Forces.

The articles' logic is undeniable.  Some predictions are already happening and more will soon occur.  With the Bilderberg plan exposed, it may move even faster.  To succeed in resisting the plan and saving our nation we must fight for the following five policies.

1.  Pay the National Debt and Fund Personal Debt Service
2.  End Foreign Aid
3.  Convert the Military from an Offensive to a Defensive Force
4.  Invest in Domestic Infrastructure and the Environment
5.  End the Multinational Corporation

1. Pay the National Debt and Fund Personal Debt Service

Excessive government and personal debt is the Bilderberg tool being put in place to take America.  A prior article, "U.S. Citizen Invaders," details how the building debt crisis would be used to repossess our homes and take our nation.

At the rate the national debt is growing it will soon reach the point that it cannot be repaid.  The ability to pay is a function of the size of the debt and the amount of Federal tax receipts.  With government spending out of control, jobs disappearing, and personal debt expanding, the national debt can only increase.  The Bilderberg plans to allow us to pay off the massive national debt with a device called debt-for-nature swaps.  Effectively, we would surrender huge sections of the country to the IMF and World Bank to satisfy the debt.  Those lands would be put under the auspices of the UN and off limits to human habitation.  We must pay off the national debt to preempt that horrible scenario.

Regarding personal debt, the trap is set.  Increasing interest rates will start a planned series of events that will end in the repossession of many homes.  Because this is only two to five years away, it is too late for most to realistically expect to pay off their debt.  Still, we must not be at the mercy of those who hold our debts.  The solution is to think in terms of your ability to "service" your debt not to pay it off.  As long as you can make your payments, they cannot foreclose.  You must hold enough cash to service your debt.  Even if it means borrowing while rates are low and stashing it to service debt later, you must build a reserve to service debt and avoid foreclosure in the planned crisis.

2. End Foreign Aid

American foreign aid must be stopped.  It is our most irrational government activity.  It relies of two mutually exclusive propositions, neither of which is true.  First is that as the world's most prosperous nation it is our duty to support less fortunate nations that would starve without aid.  Second is that our selfish interest is served by purchasing the favor of poor nations that would otherwise attack America.  To merely point out the contradiction that starving nations do not attack avoids the fact that neither reason stands up to history.  Fifty years of foreign aid has not alleviated the world's suffering and has not earned the United States global friendships.  Recipients of aid remain third-world nations regularly engaging in tribal warfare while our few friends are wealthy nations not in need of aid.   

We send billions to foreign nations.  What does that money buy?  Most of the world hates us, yet they send lobbyists to Washington to bribe congressmen to give them our money in the form of foreign aid that seldom reaches those in need.  During the fifty years of this policy we have become the world's largest debtor nation until at last we face bankruptcy.  America was founded on the principles of the individual's right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  Taking our money and giving it away violates all three principles.  Force Washington to end foreign aid and use the money to pay the national debt.

3. Convert the Military from an Offensive to a Defensive Force

The billions we waste in military spending could quickly reverse the trend and reduce the national debt.  Our military should be used for national defense not to invade sovereign nations.  Our president claims that we can no longer depend on the fact the great oceans separate us from the rest of the world.  Of course we can.  If we were to array our military along the U.S. borders instead of projecting it across the globe, terrorists could not sneak a pea shooter through our defenses.  Bring the military back into our own hemisphere. 

The Bilderberg is engaged in establishing a U.S. military presence on a permanent basis all over the globe.  We are told this is to protect our national interests when in fact it is preparation for a worldwide police force.  Do we have national interests in Afghanistan, Turkey, Iraq, Italy, Qatar, etc?  Must we search the world for terrorists who would attack us when the very reason for an attack is our presence in their nations?  Bring the military home and terrorists will have no reason to attack.

We are the world's largest market.  Other countries will sell us their exports regardless of whether or not our military is occupying their countries.  Slash military spending and use the savings to pay our national debt and pursue domestic goals.

4. Invest in Domestic Infrastructure and the Environment

Some will correctly point out that a huge reduction in military spending will cost jobs and cause recession.  Rather than building bombs that only destroy themselves, create jobs by building infrastructure and cleaning the environment.  The jobs will prevent recession, and the results of the labor will not explode.  Instead of dropping $100 billion dollars on Iraq that has exploded or evaporated we could have spent $50 billion building up our infrastructure and cleaning our environment and saved the other $50 billion.  Our national debt would be $50 billion smaller, we would have new highways and bridges to show for it, and our environment would be healthier.

The plan to repossess America uses debt-for-nature swaps mentioned above.  That can be prevented by paying off the debt, but some fear the UN will put the land off limits on its own and are attempting to fight it by pretending there is no environmental problem.  That strategy is misguided on two fronts.  First is that the UN is merely an impotent tool of the Bilderberg.  The UN was directed to draw maps the Bilderberg plans to use to repossess our land and put it under the control of its impotent tool, but the UN itself will not take our land.  Second is that Federal land is mismanaged and pollution is killing the oceans.  Anyone who claims otherwise has not done independent confirmation.  I have traveled to every state and have first-hand knowledge of the mismanagement.  Anyone who doubts the pollution problem is invited to go to the nearest stream, river, or lake and dip out a glass of water.  If you dare drink it, you will quickly learn a violent lesson on pollution.  If you survive, go to the docks and ask an old fisherman if he's noticed any difference in the fishing in his lifetime.  When he stops crying, he will have a disturbing story to tell.  Our public lands exist for our enjoyment, but they must be effectively managed and our environment must be cleaned.  We've done much harder things.  For the cost of the bombs exploded in Iraq, we could filter the Mississippi River.  We could build plants to reclaim the soil and remove the pollution that is flowing into and killing the oceans.  Mankind does not and can not exist outside nature.  Mankind may survive after the oceans die, but most will perish.  Even if we succeed in saving our country, most who read this article will live to see the oceans die if we don't act now.

5. End the Multinational Corporation

Capitalism has been corrupted under Alan Greenspan and the Bilderberg.  Globalism is a perversion of the American capitalist phenomena that made us the envy of the world.  Formerly American corporations have become multinational corporations with no national allegiance.  Corporate executives proudly pursue the elimination of American jobs by transferring both manufacturing and office work overseas.  Our Federal Reserve chairman in testimony before congress regularly praises those corporations for increasing productivity.  Chairman Greenspan is a globalist mouthpiece engaged in deceit.

American capitalism grew in the absence of slavery.  Productivity increased steadily as capitalists sought more efficient means of production.  Innovation improved machinery and increased productivity.  Productivity was defined as output divided by "hours-worked."  Using hours-worked as the denominator, productivity could be compared across all geographic areas regardless of wage scales.  Corporations that relocated plants to the rural South where labor costs were low increased profits without increasing productivity.  This was a temporary benefit to corporations but a long-term benefit to America as demand for cheaper southern labor eventually pushed up its price.  Corporations can no longer profit from closing a northern plant, building a southern replacement, and training a new workforce because wages have equalized.  Economics worked and America became stronger.

Transferring jobs to Mexico and China is entirely different.  Corporations can produce in Mexico for a fraction of the cost of producing in the U.S. even though productivity is much less.  Mexican substitutes are not as productive as American workers.  However, corporations pay them so little that profits still increase.  Bilderberg strategists would argue that on a global perspective wages will eventually equalize across the world just as they did in America between the North and the South.  While that is true, Americans could not survive at the resulting average wage.  To mask that fact, the productivity calculation was changed to output divided by "labor-costs."  Productivity is no longer increased by increasing efficiency but by reducing labor-costs.  This not only stops innovation and inhibits progress, but it is a reversion to slavery and not fit for America.

Moving jobs overseas should not be the policy of our corporations.  It does not benefit America.  This topic is complex, but if the productivity calculation were restored to the former equation the Greenspan deceit would be revealed and congress better informed.  We cannot stand by and watch our jobs disappear.  It used to be that what was good for General Motors was good for America.  That is no longer true.  What is good for multinational corporations is killing America.  Multinational corporations must become American corporations again.  American corporations must employ Americans.

The next five articles will expand on the above and suggest strategies to save our nation.  Many have become increasingly frustrated watching police-state preparations being put in place.  Without organized resistance or even a well articulated course of action, we see little to do but prepare to defend our families from the inevitable.  We vow to go down fighting, because we see no way to win.  Hopefully, a movement will be organized around each of the five necessary fights.  That is beyond the ability of this analyst.  Please circulate my articles.  Perhaps we can join organizations or help candidates that will adopt our fight or are already pursuing one or more of the strategies.
The United States of America - Mankind's Last Best Hope

Rick Lacey August 28 2003

The preceding seven articles carefully document and detail the Bilderberg plan and the fate of America if it isn't stopped.  The Bilderberg has made accelerating progress toward its global vision.
Rick Lacey has an MBA from Cleveland State University and is the author of four books. As a Senior Financial Analyst at BP Oil he refused credit to Enron and was subsequently separated from the company. His book, Involuntary Separation, Corporate Downsizing Gone Fatally Wrong is based on his experiences at BP. Rick can be contacted at
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