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We as Americans are indeed experiencing the beginning of a change. The worst change of them all was the passing of Homeland Security legislation. I know better, but there is this thought that crosses my mind from time to time and I wonder if people will get wise to this legislation and this administration.

Most of the time my hopes get dashed , especially when some government judicial figure holds a press conference to inform us that giving up a small piece of our freedom is worth the security we will gain by doing it.

I was however; pleased when Judge Roy Moore stood up to the federal government and stated that his duty was to uphold the Constitution of the state of Alabama. It was too good to be true because eventually the Alabama Attorney General sided against Judge Moore. (Why do I have the feeling this man will soon receive his federal judgeship for playing along with the government's game.)

Truly great men stick to their principals. Attorney General Prior proved that he is not a great man. It's too bad men like him can not be more like Robert E. Lee. At the start of the Civil War Lee was offered command of the entire Union Army. He respectfully declined the offer and returned to Virginia. He would not raise his sword against his state.

It's too bad that Alabama Attorney General Prior does not have such high morale standards. Unlike Lee, Prior chose personal gain over the obligation of his duties.

Locally, yesterday I felt the same highs and lows that I experienced while witnessing the 10 commandments controversy. It was on a much smaller scale of course, but of no less importance.

I saw a young man that I know in the grocery store and noticed he was wearing his Southern Heritage T-shirt. I know his family they are all Southerners. It dawned on me that I never asked them if they wanted a flag.

I asked the young man, if he wanted a Confederate flag. He said sure and asked if he could put it up in the back of his truck. I said when I give it to you it's yours you may display it the best you see fit.

I then asked him if his parents would like one for their home and told him I would provide and install the pole and the flag if they wanted. This is where things turned for the worst. The family is very religious and there is nothing wrong with that, it's part of our heritage too. However what he said was troublesome. He told me that he doubted his parents would want a flag. Because they didn't want to offend visitors from the church when the came to their house.

I looked at the young man and asked him if he knew that the Confederacy was founded upon Christian principals? He told me that yes he did know that. I then looked at him and told him I was about to tell him something he wouldn't want to hear and most likely would not like to hear. I then proceeded to tell him that if that was the case, the visitors that his parents did not wish to offend were worshiping George Bush and not God. Undoubtedly he will relay the message to his parents, and I hope that he does because it is the truth.

The 10 commandments issue in Alabama and the story of the family that didn't want to offend have one thing in common. The fact that they have placed their faith in the Federal government above God and their heritage. Sadly it is the case of many Christians in this day and time. They use the church to honor the government. They teach their members not to question it, but be loyal to it no matter what. It has gotten to the point that if one questions our governments actions they are un-patriotic. The simple fact of the matter is that one can not worship two gods at the same time. They can sing "God Bless America" in church all they want but God will not bless us if we do not follow his word. We can not follow the governments word if it is wrong and expect to be blessed by God. Sadly many churches have become an extension of government and political correctness has become it's word not the Bible.

Many Christians vote Republican because the Republican party has a reputation for being Conservative. They feel that the Republican party represents their Christian and Conservative values. But what have they done about abortion? Where were they when Morris Dees and the ACLU teamed up to bring down the 10 commandments in Alabama?

Talk show host Sean Hannity was recently espousing how unbiased the Republican judicial nominees were and how they wouldn't let their religion "interfere" with their duty. He listed Alabama Attorney General Prior as one fine example. Stating that Prior said he must follow the rule of law as his basis for complying with the federal order to bring the monument down. Never mind the fact that he broke the law of the state of Alabama in doing so. ( Didn't Bush say while campaigning in 2000 he wanted to give states greater authority in governing themselves).

We are all at a cross roads. We must choose between what is right and what we are told to do. If you choose to do what is right it is a sure bet that you won't win any popularity contests. People you have known a long time might decide they don't want to know you anymore.

I could have easily just walked away without saying anything to the young man when he told me his parents did not want to "offend". But it was not the right thing to do. Moreover what I told him was the truth.

Robert E. Lee said : "Do your duty in all things...You cannot do more; you should never wish to do less."

Whether it is standing up for my Southern heritage, or setting people straight when it comes to our constitutional rights, that's exactly what I intend to do, I feel it is my duty, as a patriot.
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Scorned Patriots

Clint Lacy September 9 2003

Mark Twain once wrote that,"In the beginning of a change, the patriot is a scarce man brave, hated, and scorned. When his cause succeeds, however, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot."
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