very naïve of these wanna-be-Caesars to think they could accomplish this outlandish feat.

This plan is doomed to failure for many pertinent reasons.   The greatest obstacle to the U.S. merger with the United Nations is our precious Constitution, and our ‘representatives’ in Washington have been, and are currently passing laws that negate the Bill of Rights.  With the Constitution and its guarantee of inherent rights of men buried, the U.N. could enforce it’s charter which calls for the rights of men to be sanctioned by the World Government.  But, as Alex has said, ‘Bush could pass a law declaring himself emperor, that doesn’t make it so.’  The fact is, the tradition of freedom runs deeply through Americans, and it’ll take more than a few laws to remove these values.  When the moment arrives, citizens from all over this country will stand up for their Constitution, their freedoms, and the welfare of their families.  The plan for world dominance will fail.

This is crunch time for the New World Order.  Their plan is almost at fruition, but the final move has not been executed.  Anyone who cares to know the truth can find that the Bush administration were instrumental in carrying out the 9/11 attacks.  Now, our president’s caught with his pants down, and time is his enemy.  He and his Dad’s buddies are at a crucial moment where they can either push through the final phase of a world government or back down.  Time is on our side, my friends!  Remember:  the pen is mightier than the sword, so discuss this with your family, your friends… anyone you can.  While we wait in this final stage, we are fortunate to have the facts readily available and time to spread the truth to our slumbering brethren.

In order for this World Government to seize control of the U.S., guns will have to be abolished.  This is certainly easier said than done… and I don’t believe it’ll be simple even to say!  When a law is finally passed to outlaw firearms, people won’t just turn them all in and roll over on their backs.  The guns will have to be taken.  It seems like a monumental task to confiscate two-hundred years worth of gun purchases… but supporters of World Government seem optimistic:  congress is already working on a Bill including gun registration (among other ghastly things).  Of course, Hitler was famous for his gun registration, asserting in 1935,”This year will go down in history.  For the first time, a civilized nation has full gun registration!  Our streets will be safer, our police more efficient, and the world will follow our lead into the future.”  It wasn’t long after this statement that guns were made illegal, justifying that only police and military needed guns and those who wished to keep firearms join nazi forces.

People will rise.  Criminals, the ignorant, pacifists, and you reading this - I am confident that you will rise to the cause of freedom and protect the Constitution.  Those in power believe that most people won’t stand up for themselves… but the polls are often wrong.  Everyone makes wrong decisions in their life, but this decision is perhaps the simplest decision ever to be faced with:  restore Constitutional government and reaffirm our inherent freedoms, or bow down and cast all of mankind into perpetual slavery.  If only all life’s choices were this easy!

It seems as though ‘they’ are just acting arrogantly about pushing this World Government through:  Kissinger’s appointment to lead the independent 9/11 investigation, those fake Bin Laden tapes, claiming border security has tightened when the border with Mexico is absurdly wide open.  It seems like a pathetic attempt to me… almost as though they are so overconfident in their plans that they’ve stopped trying.  As Mel Gibson said in his movie ‘The Patriot’: ‘Pride can be a weakness… though I’d prefer stupidity.  Pride will do.’  Well, we may have both weaknesses to exploit- pride and stupidity.

Those who are at the very top of this plan, be they Rockefellers, Rothchilds, Warburgs, or otherwise, are completely out of touch with the ‘common’ man.  These are families of wealth and power, which have passed this stature down through generations.  The roots of the family tree may have been shrewd and sharp, but as generations are born into the lap of luxury, much of this edge will be lost because of the lack of any real struggle in their lives, and the distance which forms between their current generations and ordinary people.  After a hundred years of separation from the majority of people, how could these people have any sense of the pulse of the people?  No amount of polls can predict how people will react when U.N. soldiers are at their doors, ‘relocating’ families, or confiscating guns.

Taking for granted that there’s not merely one person in total control, and assuming there is a group conspiring for domination- How will the worst criminal filth ever to befoul this earth agree with one another if they attain any sort of real control?  It’s simple I’m sure, to agree on how to undermine peoples and governments; but what if these villains disagree on the direction to take the world once control is established?  Why wouldn’t they kill each other as they have so many who’ve stood in their way?  How could they prevent leaders in the oligarchy from disagreeing and splintering into factions?  Since these monsters are so completely power-hungry, what would stop them from taking the final few steps and clambering over one another to wear the ‘crown?’

Those in power must justify to themselves that they’re implementing a world government for the collective good of mankind.  Most of them must truly believe that they have the answers to all man’s problems, or else they would all have to be truly evil.  I can’t believe a group of men could all be that completely rotten, so I feel that it’s a common justification among them that people don’t know what’s best for themselves and that these New World Order filth have all the answers.  Of course they don’t, because men are too complex for easy answers and too different for common solutions.  We are not cogs and automatons as they must believe we are, so when our moment arrives we will prove that we are more than a Social Security number, more than a statistic of the latest poll.  We will prove that we are all complicated and unique people- not some chip in a computer.  We will stand up for our freedoms and individual rights.  We will stand against tyranny.

There is no superhero, no James Bond to stop the ‘super villain’ from taking over the world.  It is up to you and I.  The responsibility to our families and to ourselves is to resist and multiply.  We may see some horrific times if everything is pushed through according to the apparent plan, but there’s no need to worry… We, the People will triumph, and freedom will once again ring.

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The New World Order Will Not Succeed In Taking Control

By Randy Lavello

If we were paying attention, we’ve heard top U.S. officials speak of a ‘New World Order’:  Bush Sr., Kissinger, Brezinski all mentioned the U.S. leading the way to establish this World Government under the guise of the United Nations.  Many believe our own government has been hijacked to supplement these ends… I tend to agree.  But I pass this question onto you:  Do you actually think they will succeed in the establishment of a World Government?  I think it is