We know that the admitted procedure in case of a chemical, biological, or radiological attack is to declare a national state of emergency and implement martial law, which gives dictatorial power to the president.  Let us not forget Executive Order 11000 which provides for the seizure of all American people for work forces under Federal supervision, (splitting up families where necessary.)  This Executive Order was signed by JFK forty years ago.  Could this order, among others have caused him to state ten days before he was assassinated: ‘The high office of the president has been used to foment a plot to destroy the American’s freedom and before I leave office, I must inform the citizen of this plight’?  Well, these work forces are still standard operating procedure if martial law is declared, and since another terrorist attack has been guaranteed by our own intelligence agencies, martial law is therefore inevitable as well. 
There is also the Model State Emergency Health Powers Act which, recently enacted, will allow quarantines and forced vaccination.  Strangely, this act also allows for the commandeering of drugs and firearms.  Why would a gun-grabbing law be placed in a bill about vaccinations and medication confiscation?

Also take into account that there are close to fifty ‘relocation’ camps presently in place with more on the way, and we have ‘textbook tyranny’ (as Alex says.)  It is all an elaborate trap, constructed by the globalists, or ‘a plot to destroy the American’s freedom.’  So the mousetrap is in place, with the ‘government cheese’ bait!  There are still people out there who don’t see the trap; therefore I must mention that history is the story of the tyrant’s lust for power versus the citizen’s rights.

Stalin terrorized and oppressed his own people, Hitler attempted to take over Europe, so did Napoleon, Britain and Spain took over vast portions of the earth for monetary gains, there were the Crusades which lasted hundreds of years, the Roman Empire took over everything in walking distance, Egypt was at war between the forces of Upper and Lower Egypt, there were the famous wars of Babylon, and here we are - as a few men try to merge all the governments and currencies of the world into one.  The point I’m trying to make here is that wherever there has been centralized power in the history of the world, eventually there has also been an attempt to increase that power and hold dominion over other lands.  Those who are attracted to positions of power, once in control inevitably reach for more.  In our time, implementing this sort of power would mean imprisoning the populous.

It is both arrogant and reckless to believe that our freedoms are not being undermined or that our time should be any different than the entire history of mankind.  Remember the Yin and the Yang or the Law of Opposites:  for every freedom we possess there will be an attempt to remove that freedom and insert central control… that’s the way the planet has always been.   So, are these FEMA camps for real?  Of course they are!  These camps have been there for a long time, only now the globalist forces are trying to trick us into entering the trap.  Those who wish to absorb the United States into a World Government do not care about our rights or our well-being, they only care about profit and power which will be attained more easily if the Constitution is abolished and those in defense of it, imprisoned.

Alex has photos, listed on
infowars.com, of United Nations soldiers working with U.S. soldiers on the streets of Oakland practicing the detainment of U.S. citizens.  The military hired actors to play these ordinary citizens who, for realistic effect, were told to say phrases such as, ‘I’m an American citizen, I have rights,’ while being held face down, with guns pointed at them.  Why would soldiers be preparing for this if it weren’t a likely scenario?  Since this is likely to happen, there must be a place in mind to take citizens who are detained.  Of course these camps are real!  Do you hear the alarm going off?  Don’t press snooze; wake up!  The components of this plot have been in place for a long time and the ‘imminent’ terrorist attack will provide the justification for implementing this trap.

There is a saying among investigative journalists:  follow the money trail.  Well, the August 8, 2002 Newsmax story provides indisputable proof of a contract offered by FEMA for the construction of ‘temporary cities.’  FEMA has offered construction firms a 300 million dollar contract to design plans for three camps, then stand by.  These plans were to be finalized by January 2003.  Also, take into account that there are empty prisons in Georgia, manned by thin staffs, which are capable of holding hundreds-of-thousands of people.

What could this all mean?  With the creation of the Patriot Act our government is capable of labeling U.S. citizens domestic terrorists under the broad definition of ‘someone who breaks a state or federal law and endangers the welfare of others.’  Once labeled an ‘enemy combatant’ by the presidential administration, a person would be stripped of his Constitutional Rights and held indefinitely without any notification.  This is basically a blank check to make dissidents into political prisoners; therefore the government would need to have ‘camps’ standing by to throw Americans in.  Furthermore, with so many citizens against a war on the other side of the planet and a bill in congress which would implement a draft for both men and women, our nation is heading down a path of civil unrest and protests, which could lead to massive round-ups and detainment…  So you tell me:  are these FEMA camps for real?

To reiterate, if there is a chemical, biological, or radiological attack on the U.S. martial law will be declared and the Constitution suspended, another massive attack is admittedly ‘imminent,’ we as a nation are entering a state of perpetual war in a ‘war on terror’ (oxymoron), which means that a state of martial law may never end and the Constitution would therefore be suspended indefinitely.  This is the path we are presently careening down; it is the creation of a perpetual police state which would exist for our entire lifetime’s, and our children’s lifetime’s, assuming ‘Big Brother’ allows our children to live for their entire lifespan.  Welcome to the new AMERIKA; latest member of the esteemed World Government.

Well, the mousetrap has been set, and the globalist-trappers expect us to march like lemmings to our collective ends.  Unfortunately for them, we know the truth of the matter; we have exposed their plan and stand ready to protect our families.  I still hope that ‘they’ withdraw from implementing this plot, but as more time passes, it seems less and less likely they’ll back down.  If these schemes are carried through, there is a very basic question every U.S. citizen will be forced to answer:  will you protect your freedoms and restore the Constitutional Republic, or lay down and cast your families and friends into perpetual slavery?  This is the reality of our present situation, and though the odds seem stacked against us- we have no alternative but to defend ourselves, for our backs are to the wall.
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FEMA Detention Camps:  Re-inventing the Mousetrap

By Randy Lavello

The trap was set long ago, yet the bait hadn’t been placed… until now.  We now know the lure to this elaborate trap, known as FEMA’s ‘relocation’ camps, is ‘safety’ from terrorism.  Strange, to know these camps are in place doesn’t make me feel any safer.  But why would anyone want to put troops on the street, and citizens in ‘camps?’  Well, this scenario has been the dream of tyrants since the dawn of man.  And as history tells us, once in a ‘camp,’ people never get released - only freed or killed.
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