directives. What did the hero John Galt do? He had everybody pull out of the system. Without the producers the whole socialistic system collapsed upon itself.

Our situation is similar as it was in the novel Atlas Shrugged. The Globalist tyrants are choking us out. The boot of the Fourth Reich is being pressed on liberty. Super rich elite and large corporations are going along with it.  They have no respect for free-market because it allows everybody a chance to work hard and smart and earn a decent living. They just want all the wealth exclusively for themselves. These are not capitalists. They are not Free-Marketers. They are aristocrats and they want all of us as poor slaves to them.

What advice can we receive from Ayn Rand's novel? Her novel's hero John Galt advocated the producers to pull out of the socialistic system. Let us adapt this idea and let us just pull out of this system of perpetual slavery.

Let me expand on the idea. Lets start with the mainstream media. It is time to shun it. I know most of you have already shunned the mainstream media but we must let them know. However just letting the "news" channels know that we aren't watching them anymore will not do. We must tell their advertisers that we aren't watching and we aren't going to buy their product. Cash flow is their lifeblood and if we deprive them of the cash flow the system will weaken and develop a lot of cracks. We should let the advertisers also know that we will tell our family and friends to not buy their products.

We can't stop with the mainstream media. The surveillance and cashless control grid are also being put in use. Some corporations are going right along with it and are putting microchips in their products. We must boycott these corporations too. Looking at their revenue stream it might seem like freedom lovers won't be able to make a difference. But that is not true. The revenue can be in Billions of dollars, but the PROFIT and CASH FLOW are what makes the real difference. A few determined boycotters could drive a company into negative cash flow and loss. But there are millions of us. If all the millions of people who are fighting against the new world order were to simply pull out of the system and let them know about it, it would hit them in the pockets. Let the corporations that put microchips in the products go bankrupt. Let the corporations that control mainstream media also loose their revenue.

The Neo-Cons will obviously start their ranting and ravings about how we are being socialists. To them I say the people have a RIGHT to spend their money as they see fit. The people are under no duty to any corporation. The people are under no duty to ensure any corporation's profitability. Liberals will try to jump on the bandwagon but we must remind them that we are not against free-market. We are against those who betray freedom. The real Free-Market is when the People decide that they will only purchase that which benefits them. How is surveillance and the cashless control grid going to benefit us? At the same time we should support small shop owners, farmers and sponsors of pro freedom media like the Genesis Communication Network.

Individual boycotts however have a small effect on the establishment. If we are to pull out, then we must pull out together making an effect. For that purpose there should be an organized however leaderless effort to drive the NWO controlled corporations bankrupt. But just silently boycotting them would achieve half the result. The people must be vocal about it. We must let them know why we are not buying their products. It might not affect the very higher ups, but the middle management and employees will start waking up. The stockholders will put pressure on the higher ups to stop implementing the NWO policies.

The New World Order is very strong and it must be weakened on all sides. Depriving them of the support of the private sector will put a big crack in their diabolical plans to enslave humanity. Along with the Boycott raise a lot of noise. Let each and every corporation and media outlet (which support anti-freedom policies or donate to anti-freedom causes) know why you aren't going to buy their products. Let their advertisers know. That is very important. We have millions of people who want to get involved. If these corporations start getting hundreds of thousands of letters protesting and boycotting their products because of their support of anti-freedom policies, chances are a lot of them will pull out.

Those who won't, let them go bankrupt.

I have made a small list of people whom we might want to support and others whom we might want to boycott.

Duplicate this list and spread it around on your own websites. Improve upon it by adding more organizations, which we should support or boycott. Give the reasons and let the people see which corporations are working hand in hand with the new world order.

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Pulling Out: Boycotting the New World Order

By Liberty Rogue

The Globalist Elite have gained control of education, politics and mainstream media. There is no doubt about that anymore. The Globalist Elite have also infiltrated large corporations. Talking about it is not enough by itself; the people must do something about it.

I remember reading Ayn Rand's novel Atlas Shrugged. In the novel the tyrants were choking out the producers with socialistic laws and