mongering is turned higher on the society.

Just a few decades ago people lived a calm and serene life. In most of the areas the crime rate was very much lower than today. There was hardly any murder or rape in small towns and villages. The children could play outside late into the night and people could walk in a store and walk out with rifles.

Slowly but surely the Global Elite turned up the level of fear. They did not do it very quickly, because that would have led to a panic, but they maintained a steady increase in the amount of fear. Freedom is one of the dearest things to the people. However it is not THE MOST important thing to a vast majority of the people or "Sheeple" as known in Freedom Movement. The Global Elite exploited this fact. They know that by scaring people they can make people give up their freedom. In reality any one person's freedom is not for another person to give, but those who are scared for their life, willing sacrifice somebody else.

One can notice by reading the history that rise in the perception of the fear amongst the populace is proportional to the decline of freedoms. The fear of the people was first exploited by Marxists. Obviously ordinary people were worried about their food, shelter and clothing. Some of them would get laid off from the jobs and find themselves penniless. Marxists found a willing victim and started injecting their venomous propaganda scaring people that the capitalist was out to exploit them and to take away their livelihood. Objectively evaluating the situation gives another picture. The Industrial Age bought about a very high standard of living for the people. Yet in this case the Fear beat out the Hope.

Fear was used to inject the Trojan horse known as Gun Control in America. The politicians played off on the fear of the populace about the gangsters and got the NFA '34 passed. The entire history of Gun Control is the history of fear mongering. Before each gun-grabbing bill is passed the media is out scaring people with reports of shootings around the country. It is followed by hysterical cries by Gun Grabbers that play on the fear of people of their children. Objective reasonable debate is not permitted.

But the fear mongering is not restricted to a specific issue. Otherwise that would be an anomaly. The fear pervades the entire society. It is instilled early on in the children with a pressure to conform to the specific ideas. There is such a push now for compulsory pre-schooling. Children at a very early age are thrown in with others who have nothing in common with them except for age. Every child is afraid of what this new world will mean for him. Then the schoolteacher gives them some preconceived ideas about different things, and the child afraid to stand out all by himself receives them passively. This from early on leads to the child becoming afraid to voice his own opinion and ideas when such contradict the conventional attitudes. On the other hand if the child is with his parents, he is in a very friendly company. A child will openly talk to his mother about issues he won't with anybody else. This will build up his courage to express himself as an individual. Depriving him of his parent's company leads to him being isolated and thrown in of times in the hostile environment.

This is just the beginning. The morally bankrupt entertainment industry produces material aimed at children that is not healthy for their normal well-being. Gross scenes of blood and gore and disgusting monsters are very common in movies which children get their exposure to. Horror movies can send shivers down the spine of even adults, but for children who haven't yet learned to separate fantasy from reality, it can be detrimental to their emotional well-being.

The media acts as if it is its purpose to spread fear among people all the time. The reports of rape, child molestation, murder, robbery, assault are daily in mainstream media. The media does not take the time out to balance them appropriately by location or per population statistics. Daily diet of horror stories subliminally act on the psyche of the viewer and leave an impression that the world is a very dangerous place. The children in school are also filled with books and stories, which have horrible things happening to their characters, and very rarely, have happy endings. There are also no heroes in the children's stories, leaving an impression that the bad people rule all over the world and there is nobody good to stop them, or that good people cannot win.

So what does all of the fear do to the public? They want a savior. Aha! And who is this savior? Who else but the nanny-state. The Welfare-Warfare Big Government. When the public is conditioned from childhood to view the world as a dangerous and very fearful place they will willingly give up their freedom for the sake of "Safety."

But the fear mongering is not just aimed at the general public; it is also aimed at the freedom movement. The constant talk of surveillance, secret arrests and detentions, secret assassinations has a lot of people, who could otherwise be educating others, sit in their home in fear. This is nothing but fear mongering. Frankly nobody has the resources to monitor millions of people and billions of messages daily. A supercomputer can mainly store them, but it takes humans to analyze them. But the talk of 1984 type surveillance chills a lot of folks into inaction. And therein lies their victory. If only few people are active, itís easier for them to net those few. If millions of people are active it leaves them scratching their head because netting few out of millions will have no effect whatsoever.

Even if the Global Elite were to bring in the entire UN "Peacekeeping" contingent they would not be able to round up all the gun owners and liberty lovers. That is just not humanely possible. But on the other hand if only a few speak out then those few will easily be taken in.

The point being that each and every one of us who loves liberty needs to speak out. And by speaking out I don't mean preaching to the choir. We need to speak out in public. First we will be made fun of and ridiculed, but the more noise we make, the more "mainstream" our ideas start to become. The only thing stopping us, yes including me, from speaking out the truth in public of times is that old enemy of mankind: Fear.

And indeed their whole system is based on Fear. However powerful weapons they may have, their strongest one remains Fear. Imagine what kind of fear American Revolutionaries had to overcome in their struggle for Liberty. If We The People are to prove ourselves worthy of Liberty, then we must break out of this fear-based system.

We must be like Brave men and women working for the holy cause of liberty, not like an infant succumbing to his/her mother's bosom.

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Fear Based Control

By Liberty Rogue

I was shocked to read the news that came out of Houston, Texas. According to the Reuters, 48 misdemeanor criminal citations were issued to the parents of the students who failed to turn in their homework and who missed a mandatory after school program. It is just less than a year ago that I graduated from high school and reports from my younger friends have already started to come in about the lockdown drills incase a "berserk student brings a gun". Each year the level of fear