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soldiers so that we can support our current military tempo of endless occupations and wars (God forbid they read the Constitution and decide to scale back on this nonsense).  For others it is being used to advance a socialist idea, a way of having even more Federal employees. 

But there is a way to make the draft not only Constitutional but affordable, workable and fair.  Bring back the militia. 

Currently we are told that the National Guard is the militia, an argument falsely advanced by the left to attempt yet another gun grab.  The National Guard, while local to each state, are actually nothing but Federalist puppets under the control of the Federal Government and hardly fulfill one of the major requirements of the militia.  The major requirement of course is that they stand as a force loyal to the people of their respective states against Federalist tyranny. 

I have been to many countries in the world to work with their military across the decades and believe though there is a way to make the draft not only possible but also much less a financial burden and of course to stay within the US Constitution.  It has to do primarily with command and control, as you read, imagine how this would be received in our socialist federal government. 

Every man between 17 and 50 will be required to serve in his local militia, he will do all his training locally.  Instead of being sent to a basic training camp, he will train at the local drill hall.  There will be a 2 week summer camp and all will be led by a professional soldier who is also local. 

The federal government will be required to provide professional training for the unit's professional soldier cadre and also to provide guidance on weaponry, caliber of ammunition and other details that will allow, voluntarily, the respective states to send their troops to the defense of the US Constitution from enemies foreign and domestic.

Soldiers will be required to take their weapons and ammunition home with them for safekeeping and maintenance.  Soldiers will be required to muster at a moments notice and have their gear ready for this. 

The Professional soldier will be a full time soldier and will receive a check from his state.  His performance will be evaluated against a high standard set at Federal level that will be based upon his soldiering ability, NOT upon his political views.  Every professional soldier will be required to be a Constitutional authority, capable of teaching his soldiers the US Constitution. 

A militia will or will not deploy based upon a democratically held vote by that militia.  Members who are desirous to deploy may form up with a unit that is and vice versa.  No man will be forced to go to war. 

On this last point especially I can hear people saying "but what if nobody wants to deploy".  I say good, this would have prevented Viet Nam or at least it being fought by the criminals MacNamara and Westmoreland with their idiotic "body count" that killed tens of thousands of our fine young men and a good number of young women too.  Conversely, after the Japanese invaded Pearl Harbor, you couldn't keep us out of the war, Americans are good about supporting a just cause. 

I wonder how this would have affected the current war in Iraq, especially if a unit, while in country decides to go home.  This would mean that unit commanders would actually have to lead by example, to inspire their men instead of coercing them by threat of imprisonment.  I doubt if we'd see the current spectacle of military commanders living in opulent splendor while their men exist in subhuman and filthy tent cities. 

In short, it would no doubt prevent America from turning into GloboCop, cost us less money and most importantly, less American blood.  It would also remove from socialist presidents and politicians the big stick they use to bully the rest of the world.  Why it would require them to use diplomacy instead of just sending in the Battleships. 

With an army loyal to the Constitution and not just the plaything and personal weapon of the federal government, I guarantee there would be no deployment of troops against citizens (unless of course they were hell bent on overthrowing the Constitution), send the troops from Washington DC down to Houston and they would be met in the field by the troops of Houston! 

Socialist utopians with their dreams of total subjugation of the masses would have no ability to threaten the people, instead, they would have to gain our support.  Tax increases would no doubt disappear and we might see the end of big government.  A local militia would simply ask the IRS where their "authority" to tax was being derived from and then send them back to DC (or to the morgue).  The same with any other Federal agency attempting to usurp the rights of the people. 

Bring back the militia!
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Al Lorentz is a Fundamentalist Christian, father and devoted husband, state chairman of the Constitution Party of Texas. Al has served as a Marine Sniper and later as an Airborne Ranger in the Texas National Guard.  He welcomes your comments at
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Al Lorentz November 2 2003

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