During these times, there were in effect two sets of law in existence and both were entirely based upon an evil doctrine of Rex Lex or the Ruler over the Law, sometimes interpreted also as The Ruler Is The Law.  Under Rex Lex, might made right and the heretical and satanic doctrine of “divine right of kings” was used to justify the idea that a king could do as he pleased and any dissenter was somehow defying God himself.  It is no wonder under this system that injustice, cruelty, depravity and endless wars became the order of the day.

This was the earliest form of socialism, i.e. the transfer of wealth and power to a small ruling class that “distributed” the wealth for the good of the society.  In the case of the Monarchy’s and Oligarchy’s, the peasants were mere slaves, the middle class, or those who were granted the “privilege” of a small dose of freedom, were taxpayers and the ruling class were the recipients of the wealth from all.  As all elitist societies do, the wealth was spent in three primary areas (1) securing the power of the ruling class, (2) advancing the power of the ruling class and (3) providing the ruling class to opulent and lavish lifestyle “befitting their status”.

As with all socialist systems, wealth is not the only commodity that is hoarded by the privileged classes and their friends, liberty, freedom and justice were seen as the sole property of the ruling class to be dispensed as they saw fit.  In reading the Bible we see that this system of government scarcely worked even when the king did fear God and seek to please him and it was a disaster to the entire nation when the king did not fear God.  Small wonder that God warned Israel when it sought to have kings that they would steal their property and kill their children.

Today in America we have a return of this horrible system of domination masquerading as government, specifically as global government.  Un-elected despots, common thieves and self-serving politicians alike have aligned themselves to this age-old tyranny and small wonder why.  Under the new Globalist police state, these new world aristocrats will be at the top of the pecking order, acting and living like kings with sweeping authority.  The New World Order will not be bad for everyone however; it will only be death and slavery for some of us, a limited amount of freedom for others and sweeping power and opulent living for a small elitist clique.

In order to secure this New World Order, a Police State must be enacted to deal with dissenters who cling to the idea that God grants inalienable rights, not man, and that those who tamper with such rights are not just tyrants but are haters and revilers of God himself.  History has proven that just as there are those who love freedom and are willing to give their lives to secure it, there are also thuggish brutes in seemingly equal number.  These thugs, nothing more than criminals with a sadistic nature operating behind the color of law make excellent foot soldiers for the police state’s Praetorian Guard which I will discuss in later articles.

But the Police State relies on support from the populace in general, else there would be a revolt that the limited numbers of Jackbooted Storm troopers cannot quell.  To secure this support, the ruling classes dispense privileges, power and wealth in small doses to gain the appeasement of the masses.  Combining this obvious payoff (often secured with the very money and privileges first stolen from the recipients thereof) with the tendency of the masses to grovel in the face of draconian authority, the masses are often brought into a neutral or even supportive state.  Usually the masses adore the slave chains they wear finding them to be quite fashionable, and thus adorned, they will angrily shout down those of us who refuse to comply with their Orwellian fashion statement.

Under this system, the renegades who will not comply with the status quo of a disparate two-class system will be imprisoned, robbed and put to death.  The elite are comfortable in the knowledge that they are protected first by their Praetorian Guard, the jackbooted thugs who take delight in wielding the sword or tear gas (especially on the unarmed) and then (they hope) by the overwhelming masses of willfully ignorant and complacent slaves.  The aristocracy though have one fatal flaw, they believe that they can undo the pattern of history wherein aristocracies always fall under the weight of their own corruption, sin and arrogance.

The renegades (a term I have borrowed from Steve Vaus' excellent song of the same title) have always been a minority, mark that down if you are one and feel discouraged that because we do not have a majority on election day, we cannot possibly win.  Jesus Christ had a small following by comparison, whittled down at one point to just twelve men and a handful of others huddling in an upper room.  When given the vision of their mission from God however these twelve started a blaze of freedom that swept the world and is still in existence today.

The Founding Fathers were at one time whittled down to a few thousand men with no equipment, barefoot in the snow but because they were true renegades and believed that God was leading them, they went on to victory.  They never had the popular support of the masses, in fact they were opposed by not only the aristocracy of England but also the Tories, a class of political grovelers.  For the most part though the huddling masses quivered in fear or at times offered a modicum of support.

There are other examples of Renegades who heeded Gods call for freedom and justice from Oliver Cromwell through Stonewall Jackson, indomitable, God fearing men who followed the Lord and spared not for their own lives or safety.  Renegades have never 4been concerned with convincing the masses, rather they make an appeal to the masses to call out others of their kind, men and women of principle and courage, self-sacrificing individuals, and ignore the cries of the perpetually enslaved masses who cry out for bread, circuses and security.

These Renegades understand that just as God grants liberty and has said “If the son of man has made you free, you are free indeed” that anyone who would take this God given freedom is in the enemies camp.  The picture of honor and character these renegades painted is indelible, just as they never wavered in their struggle for Gods freedom, they also led by the example of virtue, strength and commitment.  With this clear understanding that the battle was then between good and evil, these renegades pushed forward, sometimes to the point of giving their own lives and gave millions of others liberty and freedom, just as God intended.

Today I call on you, my fellow Renegades (and I pray to God that I am worthy of that title), to continue to put out the call to the masses, to help educate and inform one another of the truth and to ignore those who refuse this call.  I call on you also to speak the truth against this evil aristocracy that approaches us yet again and to prepare yourselves for the day.  Let us conduct ourselves with honor, with purpose and never stoop to the level or tactics used by our enemies for God will not honor such behavior as theirs.

Al Lorentz is a Fundamentalist Christian, father and devoted husband, state chairman of the
Constitution Party of Texas. Al has served as a Marine Sniper and later as an Airborne Ranger in the Texas National Guard.  He welcomes your comments at alorentz@truevine.net.
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The Police State: It’s Also About a Two Class Society

By Al Lorentz

In Medieval times, before the Magna Carta was signed (at sword point no less), there existed a two-tier system of justice.  Peasants were treated to harsh and often draconian punishment, subjects to every whim of the ruling class who granted “privileges” and also rescinded them by nothing more than their word.  Nobility and the privileged did have a modicum of protection under the law, and so long as they stayed in the good graces of those one step above them in the pecking order, they kept their heads attached to their bodies.