attempt to destroy everything that opposes it’s evil machinations and schemes; it lacks the numbers of high quality storm troopers necessary to quell the inevitable uprising that will occur when they push for their final solution.  At some point, the people of this nation in particular might become undeceived in sufficient numbers and (it won’t take that many, believe me) seek to put an end to this despotic UN sponsored globalist agenda.  When this happens, they will need a superior breed of professional warriors who, although small in number, will be ruthless, fully controllable and possess superhuman qualities. 

I served nearly 20 years in the military and have seen the scenarios, know the numbers and can attest that there are not enough soldiers, police officers and armed federal employees to quell even a minor uprising.  The problem is that while there are a number of individuals who are thoroughly ruthless, fully controllable and are willing to follow any orders given by their superiors, they are so miniscule in number that they can only be effective in highly controlled situations such as the massacre at Waco of the Branch Davidians.  Further, these individuals tend to be a bit sadistic and their methods have a tendency to go beyond the scope of the mission causing public outrage. 

Another problem the globalist planners have is that there are an equally large number of dedicated patriots and Constitutionalists within the ranks of their proposed enforcers, including highly trained units such as the US Army Special Forces.  I have talked with many high ranking officers who have stated unequivocally that when given the order to fire upon US citizens who are exercising their Constitutional rights (such as keeping and bearing of arms), they will either arrest the individual giving the order or “shoot the bastard”.  There are also a lot of old Non Commissioned Officers such as myself who take time to train their soldiers carefully to NEVER obey an unlawful order and to arrest the individual who gives such an order using “whatever force is necessary to achieve the mission” (privately I tell them that this means shoot to kill as they were trained to do). 

But by and large, the willfully ignorant masses that comprise not only the bulk the ranks of the armed federal forces (military and otherwise) will not be as effective as is needed to enact total control of the people.  While it is true that the New World Order will always have stooges who will drive tanks into crowds of civilians as gleefully as they would drown a bag of kittens, the intellectual capacity of these goons make them marginal troopers at best.  The really bright ones are just as liable to decide that an order is un-Constitutional and unlawful and go to “the other side” as to obey that illegal order. 

Enter the Extended Performance War Fighter. 

When I first heard of the Extended Performance War Fighter or EPWF, I thought it was the raving of some science fiction buff having seen one too many showings of Universal Soldier.  Sadly, I think that it is the Pentagon who watched this movie too many times and have decided to have a go at it despite the obviously immoral and subhuman idea. 

Speaking as one who has been in the military, servicemen and women are considered “the property of the United States Government”.  I had a buddy who was tried in a military court and found guilty of defacing government property for getting a tattoo that someone in his chain of command found offensive.  I also knew two young Marines who got a bad sunburn (ostensibly to get out of a boring field exercise and attend a party) and were given similar treatment. 

Jan Walker, the spokesman for the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency or DARPA, who gave us such super technology as “stealth aircraft” confirmed that the Pentagon is “working out ways to resist the effects of sleep deprivation”.  DARPA went on to say that they will be concentrating on advanced genetics and neurological science to do this, rather than drugs.  Think about that for a moment, they are going to tamper with the brain and the human DNA!  Sure, technically every soldier is government property but what happened to the concept of the “citizen soldier”? 

When I was a LRRP, there were “go pills” also known as “bank robbers, felony pellets, speed, uppers or amphetamines”.  This dope was to be dispensed by the medic in times of extreme urgency, such as when the team had to go day and night to escape from behind enemy lines and make it’s way back to the friendly side.  The problem with these pills is that they cause dementia and insanity after a relatively short period of use and cause extreme aggressiveness immediately.  While the short term advantage would be desirable at times, the long term effect can be a disaster for the mission, sleep deprivation causes insanity and making armed men insane is equally insane. 

Sleep deprivation is also a necessary portion of brainwashing. 

When we went through R to I training (Resistance to Interrogation), the predominant method used to make us talk was sleep deprivation.  In Gulag Archipelago, Alexander Solzhenitsyn details how sleep deprivation was used to break men down and make them confess to anything their captors desired.  If I can make you stay awake for a week, I can make you believe anything, tell me anything and do whatever I want you to do and you will honestly believe that what you are doing is not only good, it is the most important thing ever conceived. 

One of DARPA’s plans is to “zap” the brains of the new Orcs with an electro-magnetic energy called TMS.  The neurological science department of Columbia University in New York is helping in this area.  Dr. Yaakov Stern has made statements that the program could be on line as early as 2005.

By zapping a portion of the human brain with a powerful electro-magnetic field, the brain can be stimulated into alertness for up to a week.  The portion of the brain to be zapped is just above the left ear, an area determined after week long experiments with “volunteers” whose brains were scanned as they performed routine tasks.  DARPA has handed out the first research contracts and expects results back in early 2004.  Knowing what I do about how the government treats it’s soldiers (we are considered government property) and having seen them experiment on them with everything from dangerous levels of radiation to untested drugs, I have a good idea where that this program will be put into effect long before it is proven to be “safe”.

The University of Wisconsin with the help of Dr. Rattenborg, are probing the brains of sparrows by caging them during migration season when they do not sleep for a week or more.  Comparisons are then being made with a close non-flying avian cousin that does not migrate.  Dr. Rattenborg states that if they can identify the area which causes this behavior they will know what area of the human brain to target. 
The US Navy’s Marine Mammals program, the unit who trained dolphins to place mines against the hulls of enemy ships is now studying how the animals brains work and are controlled, specifically how they stay alert even during slumber.

The entire plan hinges on the ability of these mad scientists and their Saruman like controllers to identify human “junk” or un-necessary DNA and then altering those portions of human DNA to elevate the physique of the soldiers so their now altered brains can force the body to perform the feats needed.  The problem is, there are no un-necessary pieces of DNA in the human code (or any other for that matter).  This is typical thinking of know it all scientists who believe that “if they don’t understand it, it must be wrong”.

Al Lorentz is a Fundamentalist Christian, father and devoted husband, state chairman of the
Constitution Party of Texas.  Al has served as a Marine Sniper and later as an Airborne Ranger in the Texas National Guard.  He welcomes your comments at
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The Police State: Developing the High Orc

By Al Lorentz

Those familiar with JRR Tolkien’s famous Trilogy, The Lord of The Rings, no doubt recall that the footsoldiers of the armies of the evil one (Sauron) were Orcs; horribly evil beings rumored to once have been elves (a good people) but not terribly bright or brave and thus insufficient to defeat the forces of good on earth.  An evil sorcerer named Saruman came up with a solution, he created “High Orcs” or the Uruk-Hai which were much stronger, ferocious and intelligent.

The coming New World Order has a problem on its hands in its