government the servant of the people.  Further, the government was to be severely restricted and regardless of what the popular sentiments of the populace were, a system of laws were set in place.  These laws or rights were recognized as given by God and were to be guaranteed by the law and protected by the public servants. 

Unfortunately, America has slipped from a Constitutional Republic into a “democracy” which is more accurately referred to by historians as a “mobocracy”. A great deal of hype and propaganda has been put forth by Hollywood and the media to advance the utterly false notion that democracy is good because the majority gets to decide.  Ask yourself what is proper about 51% of the people being able to tyrannize, rob and murder the other 49%? 

Under a democracy, a slim majority of ignorant and selfish individuals are determining that their “right” to be secure from not only present dangers but the notion of anything in the future supersedes the rights of the rest of us.  While the cowardly majority who will gladly exchange their freedom and liberty for a little temporary security deserve neither, because of the principles of our subversively established democracy, all of us are being fitted for the same slave chains. 

It is no secret to our would be masters and controllers that there are some of us who understand our rights under the Constitution and believe in them.  Many, like myself who took an oath in the military to uphold and defend the Constitution, realize that this may have to be done at the force of arms.  While such a statement may seem to be radical or even seditious, let me assure you, it is neither. 

The aristocracy and their camp followers realize that there will need to be some method of dealing with dissidents.  As Waco, the deliberate murder by incineration of a handful of carefully selected dissidents (if these people had been black or Hispanic and holding to the ideas of liberty, do you think they would have dared such brutality?) backfired on the federal government.  While the cowards and thugs responsible, and in my book that is every single agent involved or  who has information but refuses to come forward to tell the truth, have gotten away with it for the moment the operation actually was counter-productive.  Because of the overtly brutal nature of the extermination of the dissidents at Waco, a near uprising occurred.  Only by helping orchestrate the Oklahoma City bombings were the aristocracy able to quell the populist uprising.

Solutions, final and otherwise. 

To deal with the dissidents who are undeceived and see quite clearly the machinations and plans of the New World Order and their tyrant lackeys, there need be a mechanism to deal with such dissidence.  Concentration camps have been documented around the nation but let me say from experience, such facilities can easily be torn down and erected, often utilizing existing structures.  All that is required to imprison a large number of people are a sufficient quantity of concertina wire and enough brainwashed or thuggish guards willing to machine gun anyone who climbs over the wire.

Al Lorentz is a Fundamentalist Christian, father and devoted husband, state chairman of the
Constitution Party of Texas.  Al has served as a Marine Sniper and later as an Airborne Ranger in the Texas National Guard.  He welcomes your comments at
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The Police State: Masters of Genocide

By Al Lorentz

Historically, governments have killed more of their own people than disease, war, famine or pestilence combined.  The State has always been very effective in tyrannizing and bullying it’s own people, bureaucrats preferring to lord their authority over people who can not resist or thwart them.  As a government grows, so do its methods of controlling, robbing and generally enslaving the populace.

Our Founding Fathers gave us a Constitutional Republic that, in light of the behavior of governments in the past, sought to make the