It seems those feisty Dutch had the rather un-civilized idea that they were not going to be subjects of the British crown but instead, free men.  To the pseudo-socialist Brits, the notion of anyone not bowing to the will of the crown was an unspeakable evil that had to be dealt with harshly. 

The British were having a tough time dealing with these Boers who were organized into “Kommando’s”, basically platoon sized (30 men or less) elements with little or no artillery.  Instead these brave men relied on their knowledge of the local terrain, their excellent horsemanship and of course their superb marksmanship.  Despite being outnumbered and outgunned, the Boer Kommando were winning the war until the “civilized” British resorted to a rather nasty tactic, the concentration camp.

In order to starve the Boer Kommando (a guerilla army MUST have the support of the people and the Boer Kommando did), the Brits resorted to burning farms, destroying crops in the field and starting a campaign of starvation against not just the Boer Kommando but the entire Boer population.  Accompanying this tactic, the Brits also rounded up any Boer citizen they suspected of collaboration and put them into penned enclosures much worse than any animal should have to endure much less a human being created in the image of God. 

The exact number of victims of this state sponsored terror is unknown but conservative estimates put the number of Boers put in the camps at 150,000.  Considering that the entire population of Boers was around 250,000 this is a significant number!  Of these, nearly 25,000.  The Brits obviously won and the lesson was not lost on history.  In WWII, Hitler used the same campaign against political “undesirables” most notably the Jews but also the true Christians as well as common criminals (the uncommon ones such as murderers were of course pressed into service in the brownshirts or SA). 

While such behavior is to be expected of socialists, aristocrats and elitists, a Constitutional Republic should not even broach the subject as an option.  Unfortunately, during WWII the United States government policy was to interr or imprison entire families of American citizens who happened to be of Japanese ancestry.  While their treatment was not barbaric, it was nonetheless a grotesque violation of the god given and Constitutionally guaranteed rights of these fellow citizens of ours. 

Nearly 50 years after the fact, the victims of this tyranny were given a small token amount of taxpayer money by way of an apology.  I of course object to such apologies because the perpetrators of the act are not being punished when money is stolen from other people (taxpayers) and doled out to the victims.  The same situation occurs routinely in every city of our Constitutional Republic on an all too frequent basis by way of police abuse.  The standard policy when a police officer, a public servant, abuses the Constitutionally guaranteed and God given rights of a citizen is to simply pay the citizen off with money stolen from the taxpayers.  Imagine if one of your children were to deliberately break the windshield on the family car and then after a lengthy period of arrogant denial finally agreed to pay for the damage by stealing money from their siblings! 

Remember that during all of these atrocities and inhuman events, the justification was “there’s a war on”. 

We have precisely the same situation today with this war on terror.  The president, via executive order (since the time of Nixon) have written for themselves the power to declare an emergency and then, under such an emergency to basically convert America into a dictatorship.  Do not deceive yourself for a minute, power hungry politicians all over the world as well as here at home covet power and would love nothing better than to rule for life over this nation. 

I have seen the pictures taken by patriots throughout this nation of concentration camps and some are fake, some are real and others are simply training facilities (which only serves to verify the danger).  The fact is, concentration camps are very easy to set up, require very little support and are easy to clean up once “business” has been concluded.  All that is needed are two elements, (1)security and (2) prisoners. 

Security for concentration camps consists of a method of containment such as concertina wire stacked 3 rows high, guards on each corner and a roving patrol.  A complement of about 30 men or a platoon can guard nearly 3,000 people without too much difficulty, especially if they are allowed to shoot anyone who comes within 30 feet of the wire or crosses the red line.  When I was a young Marine they had the “red line” brig.  No fences were needed, the guards in the towers were expert riflemen and were rewarded for each prisoner they shot that came near the line.  No Marine in his right mind would dare cross the red line because he KNEW that a reward hungry (and probably a little psychotic) Marine was in at least one of the towers and ready to zap him. 

Support for prisoners can be quite minimal, in fact during the Boer war it was so minimal that 1/5 of the prisoners died and nearly all of them were seriously ill at one point.  Speaking as a former soldier I can say qualitatively that the standards for treatment of political dissidents is not governed by the Geneva convention, and that executive orders have circumvented the Constitutional guarantees of the United States.  Support can range from tents, latrines, field showers and a military style mess tent down to an open field with nothing overhead but the trees. 

Empty military barracks can be used but are not necessary, an empty or abandoned warehouse will do.  While the evidence of concentration camps is instructive and I do thoroughly appreciate those folks who go to the immense difficulty and risk to gather such evidence, let us not be deceived into believing that the absence of such facilities equates in any way an absence of the political despotism and cruelty to march a segment of society into them.  Let us not be deceived into believing that, simply because the true purpose of such facilities may be currently disguised as perhaps an abandoned military facility, an airport hanger (with chains cemented into the floor!) or a security fence with the top barbed wire angled inward is explained away that the danger does not exist. 

So long as there are evil men in power and good men do nothing about it, concentration camps will be part of the equation in the final solution.  The way we shall help retain our Constitutional form of government and prevent the oncoming globalist tyranny will not only be in exposing the evil, it will also be in teaching our fellow citizens the truth about our system of government and the history of our nation.  Alexis de Tocqueville said that the strength of our nation was to be found in the fact that seemingly every citizen here  knew thoroughly his rights, his system of government and how things were supposed to be. 

Knowing the truth about evil is good but it must coincide with knowing and understanding precisely the way things are supposed to be.  If you have not yet read the Constitution of The United States, may I cordially invite you to do so today.  May I humbly suggest to you also that you read the Federalist and anti-Federalist papers, all of which are contained on my website at

Al Lorentz is a Fundamentalist Christian, father and devoted husband, state chairman of the
Constitution Party of Texas.  Al has served as a Marine Sniper and later as an Airborne Ranger in the Texas National Guard.  He welcomes your comments at
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The Police State:  Gulags, concentration camps and other state sponsored terror

By Al Lorentz

This week I would like to share with you some information on the American version of the concentration camp.  To begin our discussion, concentration camps were not begun by the Nazis in WWII although they did somewhat perfect them into instruments of terror.  The first concentration camps however were introduced by the “civilized” British during the Boer wars over 100 years ago.

The British were involved in a war of occupation of formerly Dutch colonies in Africa, a war that the Dutch citizens obviously opposed.