Although there are obvious differences between the Pearl Harbor and World Trade Center catastrophic attacks, there are also astounding similarities that have become more evident, such as having prior knowledge and failing to issue a warning.  Like FDR, Bush needed an excuse to get us into a war and both were aware beforehand of an impending attack, yet did nothing to warn the people and both have gone to great lengths to halt or thwart any real investigations or meaningful discussions of it.  It is despicable and unforgivable.

It is especially repugnant the U.S. dropped atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki and to see Bush worried about other countries having weapons of mass destruction is downright laughable.  Oh, I get it, it's O.K. if we have them (or China and Russia), just not smaller countries.  The movie "Fat Man and Little Boy" showed how they were feverishly working on and testing, the bombs that would soon cause unbelievable devastation, depicted in the movie "Hiroshima". Our leaders would like to totally rewrite history if possible, but unfortunately for them there have always been brave souls who would not simply shut up and go away, thereby paving the way for others who would eventually follow.  George Morgenstern was one such individual, to whom we owe a debt of gratitude.  This article is dedicated to him and those who lost their lives in the attacks on Pearl Harbor and the World Trade Center.

Finding an old book at a garage sale about five years ago, copyrighted and printed in January 1947 entitled "Pearl Harbor: Story of the Secret War", was a thrilling moment that sparked a renewed interest in the subject.  It is always exciting to get the inside scoop on something, as opposed to boring propaganda rhetoric and hearsay.  This review will focus on the author himself, the tremendous opposition he encountered in revealing what he knew, and information about his important book.  George Morgenstern (1906-1988) has accomplished an amazing work that is relevant today and worthy of our attention.  It was published in New York by Devin - Adair Garrity.  There are a few copies available through Barnes and Noble or

Professor of history and author, James J. Martin, had a lot to say in regard to George Morgenstern.  In order to highlight and condense the key points made in his signigicant review, when not quoting or making a few remarks I will be paraphrasing Dr. Martin who writes, "Morgenstern's book is still the best about the Dec. 7, 1941, Pearl Harbor attack (Day of Infamy), despite a formidable volume of subsequent writings by many others on the subject."  He also said, "It has sparked a volcano of both criticism and praise.  Everyone writing on the subject has either consciously or unconsciously followed the scenario first laid down by George Morgenstern."

The editorial pages of the Tribune and sister newspapers, the Daily News and Times-Herald, were the most prominent, persistent, and bothersome thorns in the side of the war-bound Roosevelt regime.  During the war, Morgenstern was absent from the paper to serve as captain and later lieutenant colonel in the U.S. Marine Corps, as a director of Marine combat correspondents.  After returning to civilian life and resuming editorial duties at the Tribune in 1945, he apparently started writing this controversial book.

Mr. Morgenstern commented on the book prior to its review to the New York Times on January 15, 1947, anticipating the howling storm it would raise because he had declared that Pearl Harbor was not just a disaster, it was what got the U.S.A. into the Second World War and to explain it away as Japanese perfidy was not satisfactory or sufficient.  The Roosevelt Administration's explanation permitted them to "manage national policy as if it were a private show" from that time forward, which led to increasing secrecy and the invention of a new category of hush-hush information described in the phrase "Top Secret".  As a war correspondent, George Morgenstern was in a strategic position to know that wartime censors had closed in even more tightly in the field of public policy and that FDR's decisions were routinely announced to the people after the fact or event, from the back door entry into the war and thereafter.

As expected, the first reviews followed in just a few days after the publication, including blockbuster attacks by two "Establishment" New York newspapers, which had already co-opted both "liberals" and "conservatives".  Neither paper disputed a single fact presented in the book, but took the "how-dare-you" approach to establish an out-of-bounds territory for such productions, on the basis of being beyond the grounds of civilized debate or intellectual discussion.  However, in trying to suffocate and stifle curiosity, it backfired on them by arousing even more interest.  The Establishment retaliated through repeated endeavors to intimidate readers, investigators, and a naturally curious public. 

It is my observation there are influential people, who think certain people and organizations should be "above-the-law" and not subject to the normal procedures of investigation that regular people are. 

Dr. Martin mentioned in his article on Morgenstern that in spite of the smear campaign, this book was warmly received across the ideological spectrum and the Christian Century journal concluded it was an "orderly and carefully documented record of the events" of the Pearl Harbor incident, leaving no doubt that the Administration was preparing for war while the public was made to believe it was preparing for peace. 

The first wave of critics were appalled by what they interpreted as a grave slander of FDR, for truthfully describing how he talked of peace while steadily and forcefully leading the march to war and still others argued that all should have been edified by the President's skill at deceiving everyone, since it was for their own good.  Doesn't this sound familiar?

It is amazing to me (the writer of this article) that the enraged critics didn't resort to the Hitlerian practice of burning books that were not in agreement with the views or dogma of the state.  Considering at that time we had fought a war supposedly against fascism, you would think freedom of speech would have rated higher on the scale instead of lower, if only because our own forefathers fought and died for it.

Admiral Harry Yarnell was repelled and angered by the FDR Administration's tactics of scapegoating the military for the Pearl Harbor disaster, particularly the naval commander.  Adm.Yarnell had taken on the role of chief of attacking forces in war games in Hawaii.  He had set all the fleet aside except for two aircraft carriers and three destroyers and on Feb. 17, 1932, he launched 153 fighters, bombers, and torpedo-bomber planes that proceeded to Pearl Harbor catching everyone by surprise, to theoretically destroy land-based planes and installations and "sink" every ship in the harbor.  The sensational success of this war game certainly impressed Japanese observers and very possibly was the inspiration for the attack on Oahu. 

This same Admiral Yarnell forthrightly declared "Mr. Morgenstern is to be congratulated on marshaling the available facts of this tragedy in such a manner, as to make it clear to every reader where lies the responsibility."   

The Establishment's efforts to discredit Morgenstern's important work was going beyond malicious and venomous to no reviews at all, in the new "blackout" strategy of smothering the whole subject.  During a rising curve of critical literature, Establishment momentum nevertheless mobilized hostility toward the growing body of critics.  The combination of abuse and silent treatment of Pearl Harbor, played a part in Harry Barnes deciding to write the famed essay "The Struggle Against the Historical Blackout".  Again we find striking resemblance to December 7th, in the deafening silence of the mainstream media as to where the actual responsiblity lies for September 11th.  

In spite of the opposition, George Morgenstern won two coveted internal Tribune prizes, was a dynamo in his thirty years on the editorial staff of the Chicago Tribune, a superb craftsman able to write with considerable force, and a vastly skilled journalist and historian.  For more indepth information see  Dr. Martin has written informative books and a number of periodicals printed by the Journal for Historical Review that are worth reading, which can be accessed on the above link by typing his name in the site's search engine.  The Memory Hole archives also include his writings, such as     

The foreword of "Pearl Harbor: Story of the Secret War" states that the book is intended to give the facts and examine the meaning of Pearl Harbor, as a chapter in history that historians cannot escape the implications of.  The assault which brought America into the war was the greatest naval disaster in American history and as more and more facts came to light, it became quite clear that any balanced study of the events of December 7th could not be restricted to merely investigating the failure of the commanders of the fleet.  Of some dozen investigations and studies, most were plainly partisan in defense of Roosevelt and his Administration, certain members of civil government, or Army and Navy high command. 

Although Congress was supposed to make its own impartial and fearless inquiry into the facts, circumstances, and conditions preceding and following the Pearl Harbor attack, the record of the hearings is filled with shabby and transparent evasions, special pleadings, changes in sworn testimony, and lapses of memory which failed to satisfy the general standards of credibility.  Any show of independence in searching out the facts provoked outbursts from New Deal spokesmen and the pushbutton press.  There was an evident fear that someone might pursue the facts to their logical conclusions. 

A campaign was launched to intimidate the minority with the argument that if they gave an exact description of the methods and motives of FDR and his administration in following the road to war, they could be properly labeled as defenders of Hitler and Tojo.  The investigators were exposed to the threat that they would be depicted as blaming the U.S. for starting the war, by imputing censure to the wartime leadership.  This defense was mercilessly exploited by the Roosevelt-Truman administration and rubbed in even more by Sen. Tunnell of Delaware who said, "Mr. Roosevelt's opponents have in effect put on Japanese kimonos."
The record of diplomacy which so vitally influenced the Pearl Harbor tragedy is admittedly incomplete, but enough of the truth is now known to form judgments and offer conclusions.

Table of Contents of "Pearl Harbor: Story of the Secret War";
1.War   2 Mount Niitaka   3.The Rising Sun   4.The Scapegoats   5.The Basing of the Fleet   6.Blueprint for Defeat   7.Back Door to War   8.A, B, C, D's   9.Meeting at Sea   10.The Last of the Japanese Moderates   11.Diplomacy for D-Day  12.Magic   13.The Writing on the Wall   14.East Wind Rain   15."Imprison'd in the Viewless Winds"   16."Do-Don't" Warnings   17."Known Impending War"   18.The Light That Failed   19.Japan Solves the Dilemma   20.Who Was Guilty? 
By the way, just a few hours after the attack on Pearl Harbor, Gen. MacArthur gave conflicting orders that kept B-17s at Clark Field on the ground at a critical moment and he admitted, "At 11:45 a report came in of an overpowering enemy formation closing in at Clark Field."   He was awarded a Congressional Medal of Honor for "gallantry and intrepidity" at Bataan, after he had fled with his family and deserted his troops, who were subjected to the deadly brutality of the Bataan Death March.  I encourage you to read more about this astonishing story that claimed the lives of over 31,000 Americans and 80,000 Filipino troops at

There have been many sex scandals by presidents that are really disgusting but should not be forgotten, as their extremely low morals have disgraced the highest office in the land and reflects upon all other decisions made in their position of power.  Honestly, how can such conduct be so greatly rewarded?  Please take a look for yourself at just how sickening the private lives of FDR and JFK actually were and make Clinton look like a saint, and
In regard to FDR, at the Brooklyn Academy of Music in 1920, he actually boasted to the audience that he had "committed enough illegal acts to be impeached and jailed for 999 years".  

In bringing this review to a close, there is another book that merits recognition on this subject.  Mark Emerson Willey wrote "Pearl Harbor: Mother of All Conspiracies" that many of you are probably familiar with, which presents proof that the U.S. read the main Japanese fleet code JN-25 prior to Pearl Harbor.  It  contains more recent documents including important secret documents that were not supposed to be released, than any other book written on the event that got us into WWII, which resulted in the loss of thirty million lives, cost more than 15 trillion dollars, caused incredible suffering, and enabled a military-scientific-technological-industrial aftermath which may wipe out the human race.

In his work, Willey shows how FDR provoked the attack, knew about it in advance, and covered up his failure to warn the commanders in Hawaii.  He denied intelligence to Hawaii, misled the commanders into thinking negotiations were continuing with Japan to prevent them from realizing the war was on (Nov. 27), and had false information sent to them about the location of the Japanese carrier fleet.  He needed the attack to get Hitler to declare war, since the public and Congress were overwhelmingly against entering the war in Europe.

We are currently experiencing heightened alarmism promoted by war-mongering criminals, who intend to carry out their plan of oppression and destruction to the bitter end, unless they are stopped.  I'm sure most will agree there are many similarites in the way September 11th is being handled to the way the event of December 7th was treated.  We must not allow this Administration to succeed. 

As a non-partisan, non-sectarian, and non-denominational person my only motive for writing is to offer thoughtful commentary backed up by credible information.  It is my reward to know that those who are not already informed, will become more informed and interested in history and how it relates to current events.  We must learn from history or we are destined to repeat the mistakes of the past.  "The Secrets of History" and "Unseen Hand" by Ralph Epperson are indispensable in gaining correct knowledge of historical events.  The truth is there if one seeks it which is our duty to do so and there is no honor in believing and obeying liars and betrayers, of which there are many.  Let us seek and defend truth.

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Review of "Pearl Harbor: Story of the Secret War"

By Mary Louise

The first thing that came to mind when seeing the planes flying into the WTC was, "Oh my God!  How terrible!  This reminds me of the attack on Pearl Harbor", which was reiterated to everyone around me.  Immediately I knew the horrors of that day would be used to strip Americans of whatever shreds of freedom we still had, that our government was involved somehow, and that the truth would gradually unfold in spite of the media's attempts to conceal it.  The events that followed up to the present have confirmed what Alex Jones and many others have dared to say.