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Born to a working class family in Pittsburgh's Steel Valley, Tom Ridge attended Harvard Law School on a scholarship and graduated with honors in 1967.  He is a decorated Vietnam veteran, who served as a Congressman for twelve years before becoming governor of Pennsylvania in 1994.  As governor, he introduced a conservative agenda of tax cuts and tight spending.  He is a Roman Catholic and Member of the Knights of Columbus, although he supports abortion "rights" for women.  The Knights of Columbus are Catholic "gentlemen" committed to the exemplification of charity, unity, fraternity, patriotism, and defense of the priesthood for the purpose of developing the ideals of the Order world-wide.  Has anyone been following the endless scandals of the shameful and self- indulging perversions of priests that have become commonplace, ruined so many lives, and received so little criticism or correction?

As the newly appointed Director of Homeland Security (still to be confirmed on Jan. 24, 2003), he has been handed tremendous power and authority to do as he desires, which will become more and more apparent as to just how treacherous his intentions are.    Sherman Skolnick, the renowned court reformer, researcher, and author in his series "Overthrow of the American Republic, Pt. 4", has referred to Ridge as the "American Gestapo Chief".  Skolnick also informs us that Ridge is tightly aligned with Charles Zogby and his cousin James Zogby, President of the Arab American Institute, that is considered by some to be a militant pro-Arab lobby to manipulate Mid-Eastern affairs while enriching and empowering the oil cartel, by putting Arabs against Israeli's and vice versa.  By the way, both Ridge and Transportation Secretary Norman Mineta have previously indicated opposition to arming pilots and according to the Pentagon if reinforcing cockpit doors, inspecting all bags for explosives, and improving passenger screening at checkpoints don't foil a hijacking, military fighters acting on orders of two Air Force Generals can order a plane shot down.   Ridge is also calling for the abolition of the "Posse Comitatus Act", putting the U.S. under a military dictatorship.  How convenient.......for him, that is!

"Homeland" is a neuter word that is translated in German as "Vaterland" (Fatherland) and the actual name of the Office of Homeland Security is very reminiscent of German/Fascist and Russian/Communist secret police agencies.  Every proper police state has a head supervisor and secret police to monitor and oppress ordinary people.  Hitler had Himmler, Stalin had Beria, and Bush has Ridge to fill the position.  Who better to spy on and oppress Americans than Tom "The Merciless" Ridge, who craves power and will do anything to reach his presidential goal, even if that means getting there over a heap of dead bodies.  His job as Director of Homeland Security or American Gestapo Chief is very similar to that of Heinrich Himmler, head of the dreaded SS and Chief of the Gestapo in Nazi Germany.  The burning of the Reichstag Parliament Building in 1938, was blamed on the opposition giving Hitler an excuse to seize power and hand the Gestapo Carte Blanche, to begin their Reign of Terror that didn't end until 1945.  Sound familiar?  The events manifesting right before our very eyes are nothing less than a coup d'tat, the forcible takeover of the government of a country by elements within that country, generally carried out by violent or illegal means, typically by a small group to install its leader as head of government.  It is the ultimate transfer of power with no checks or balances.  America has fallen, and in her place the phoenix has risen out of the ashes.  Homeland = Fourth Reich.

Going back to his earlier years, Tom "T-Bone" Ridge has been widely hailed as a hero of the Vietnam era.  A man who served under Ridge (I am quoting excerpts) said, "The last several months I participated in the Pacification program along with the Red Ball.  I was not impressed with Ridge either.  He was the squad leader of my squad before I became a sergeant.  The pathetic s.o.b. would have caused us all to get killed if we hadn't taken care of him.  I was glad when he no longer led us."   Ridge was stationed in a coastal village where his company was involved with the Army's "pacification" campaign.  Pacification was the CIA'S reader-friendly word for its extermination of civilian opposition, to the U.S. War Machine in South Vietnam.  Another alias for pacification was the "Phoenix Program", which routinely involved sweeps through hamlets to make mass arrests, brutal interrogations, destruction of villages, napalming of rice fields, and widespread assassinations.  He won a Bronze Star for an operation that seems to have been little more than outright murder by ambush and immediately sanitized as an act of heroism.  So, as a veteran of the CIA controlled terror program in Vietnam, Ridge now steps into the top counter-terrorism job here on the domestic front, with an office in the White House and the distinct prospect of replacing Dick Cheney.   How nice, doesn’t that make you feel cozy and safe?

But wait, there's more folks!  I would be remiss if I didn't mention that Tom Ridge is considered by some to be the worst governor Pennsylvania has ever had.  Some people think he is morally and personally reprehensible, an enemy of the poor and disadvantaged, and a dangerous, loathsome man who must be stopped and barred from office.   Pennsylvania state police officer, Paul Brian Roy, who was accused and finally charged with rape, assault, stalking, burglary, false imprisonment, harassment, and trespassing was not prosecuted and beat the rap.  It seems this officer had a point to prove to his buddies by brutally ravaging his former girlfriend, then leaving her to die or as dead.  She managed to survive, as some friends who knew she was having trouble stopped in to check on her. Though she appeared in court to identify Officer Roy, the "honorable" District Judge Charles A. Clement, Jr. (a Republican) acquitted Roy.   What has this got to do with Ridge you ask?  Well for one thing, it could have something to do with the fact that Roy was Governor Ridge's personal bodyguard.  Although there is a federal law prohibiting officers involved with domestic violence from carrying guns, he continued to be Ridge's high paid bodyguard.  Such kind and generous people deserve special treatment, don't you agree?  Just kidding of course.

Now that we have a more detailed and accurate picture of the real character (or lack thereof) and true nature of Chief Ridge, we can begin to see him for who he really is beneath the slick veneer or facade.  Once again we are reminded, that things and people are not always what they appear to be and perhaps we should learn to read the body language of public figures more intently.  When you see them all lined up on the podium in their Masonic uniform of white shirt, red tie, and black suit which has become so fashionable and popular, notice their arrogant attitudes and strange behaviors.  Recognize and acknowledge their cold shifty eyes, frowning expressions, insincere smiles, intimidating gestures, nervous little coughs, and stuttering or groping for the right words to form a sentence as if they were hiding something.  They know that many people are aware of their shenanigans, even if they try to act as though it is business as usual.  They hate to answer questions and their arrogance intensifies with every question they do not think they should have to address.  Watch them as they pat each other on the back, how they can't compliment one another enough, their secret handshakes and signals, and the way they whisper in the ears of "fellow travelers" when entering or leaving.  Finally, observe the "Insiders" pointing their crooked fingers, accusing and labeling others of what they are guilty of themselves and then ask yourself, who do they want us to think they are and who are they, really?

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A Closer Look at Tom Ridge
Or Should I say Heinrich Himmler?
By Mary Louise

Who is the real Tom Ridge, really?  At first glance, he appears to be an upstanding individual free of blemishes, wrinkles, and a tainted track record.  However, as we examine the facts more carefully we will discover that this is not his true character.  The puppet pressfakers and image-makers would have us believe that he is worthy of our loyalty, trust, and admiration, but their idealized portrait of him is far from the truth.  Leaders under oath, have a duty and obligation to uphold our beloved