glimpse of it was on Dec. 16, when I happened to catch the single sentence, "FEMA Director Joe Allbaugh resigns," scrolling across the bottom of the screen.  That's it.  So, it was out of natural curiosity to find out more about Allbaugh and possible reasons why he may have stepped down, that this article was written.  This turns out to be a rather complicated journey through the maze of corruption and deception, therefore it is necessary to backtrack to see how things are connected and continue to be relevant.  Please bear with me, as this endeavor will be lengthy.  The main strategy these vermin depend on, is keeping themselves concealed and shielded from scrutiny and the light of day.

It is interesting to note, that on Dec. 17 there was a meeting with Tom Ridge and future Homeland Security employees, shown on C-Span with Frank Sesno as moderator.  Ridge actually informed everyone that "Yours Truly" suggested creating the new Homeland Security Dept. to the president.  And guess who was sitting smack dab in the middle of the front row with his cowboy boots?  None other than Joe "Big Country" Allbaugh, who looked very serious while occasionally nodding in agreement with Ridge.  This was particularly nauseating to me after learning what will be discussed in the following paragraphs.  A very short article in the London Morning Paper on Dec.18, summarized Allbaugh's official resignation in a meeting with Bush on Monday.  He will leave on March 1, 2003 when FEMA is scheduled to merge into Homeland Security.  Allbaugh has stated, "There's opportunities in Oklahoma, several in Texas, several here (Washington D.C.) and I want to take my time and make a decision that's in the best interest of my family with a clear mind."  He wants what is best for his family when he knows what is planned for the rest of us.  Ask me if I care what he wants.

In case you are wondering how Joe Allbaugh came to be FEMA Director, we need to briefly review his past credentials.  He has been a very busy critter indeed. Prior to his appointment as Director of the Federal Emergency Management Agency, he served as Chief of Staff to then-Governor Bush.  He was the point person for nine presidential disaster declarations and more than 20 state level emergencies.  He also happened to serve as National Campaign Manager for the Bush-Cheney 2000 campaign, with the responsibility and oversight for all related activities.  He had a lot of experience having already served as Campaign Manager for Bush's first run for governor of Texas and also worked on the Reagan-Bush campaign in 1984.  Allbaugh is obviously well-connected and quoted as saying, "There isn't anything more important than protecting Governor Bush and the first lady.  I'm the heavy in the literal sense of the word."

So why in the world did Allbaugh resign?  Here's where it starts to get interesting, tangled, and quite disturbing.  Judge for yourself and I will reserve my comments until the end.  The Austin Chronicle broke new ground about Bush's involvement in an influence-buying scandal regarding SCI, Service Corporation International, the world's largest cemetery company based in Houston.  Reporter Robert Bryce said, "Bush got $35,000 in contributions from SCI.  It appears Bush then helped them thwart an investigation by the Texas Funeral Commission.  The former director of the Commission, Eliza May, was pressured by Bush's Chief of Staff and Campaign Manager Joe Allbaugh.  She has filed a whistle-blower lawsuit."   May said she was fired after resisting pressure from the governor's staff to end her investigation, which resulted in a $445,000 fine against the company for a range of offences including using unlicensed embalmers.

Bush was subpoenaed in 1999, but refused to testify as to what his involvement was in halting an investigation into SCI's embalming practices, among other things.  A Texas judge put everything right for Bush just in time to campaign for the presidency, ruling that he could not be forced to testify by an ousted regulatory official, who had not produced enough evidence or that Bush had "unique and superior personal knowledge."  Bush had filed an affidavit claiming he had no conversations with SCI officials, agents, or representatives concerning the investigation or any disputes arising from it, although by his own admission he said he dropped in on a meeting between Waltrip and Allbaugh, for a quick social visit and couldn't remember what he said.  May's lawsuit claimed they did talk about the investigation and asked the judge to hold Bush in contempt of court and compel him to testify.  In a news conference (held in August, '99) dominated by tough questions, the issue that really irritated Bush concerned funeral homes.  His remarks were,  "It's frivolous.  It is frivolous."

In November of 2001, Governor Rick Perry approved a settlement of $210,000 in May's lawsuit.  SCI was to pay $55,000 and the balance by the state of Texas. May's attorney, Derek Howard, said any terms of agreement were to be confidential and he could not elaborate under the terms in which the state did not admit to any wrongdoings.  This took place only weeks before the gruesome discovery was made at two Florida cemeteries catching the brief attention of the media.  Fox News reported on Dec.20, 2001 that Fort Lauderdale attorneys were suing a cemetery company (SCI, also known as "Dignity" Memorial) accused of "recycling" graves, removing bodies and throwing them in the woods at Menorah Gardens and Funeral Chapels in West Palm Beach, of which SCI is owner and said they have no knowledge of any wrongdoing.  The attorneys showed grisly photos and video footage of crushed burial vaults and scattered human remains and also presented documents they say show SCI and aforementioned cemeteries were aware of grave desecrations.  Ten families are represented in the class action lawsuit that more than 1,000 people could become part of.  The families say their loved ones were dug up, dumped in the woods, buried in the wrong vaults, or in vaults on top of each other instead of side by side as had been paid for.  Co-counsel Neal Hirschfeld said, "There are several hundred people who purchased premium contracts years ago, that do not have a place to rest.  We've investigated allegations that we thought were too heinous to be accurate and too horrible to be true, over the last several years."  The general manager of Menorah Gardens Cemetery chain, Peter Hartmann, who was a central figure in the investigation is dead at 45 yrs. of carbon monoxide poisoning, treated as an apparent suicide by police.

"Funeralgate" is the continuation of an old scandal involving a Bush contributor and longtime family friend, Robert L. Waltrip, founder of SCI and owner of over 3,700 funeral homes, cemeteries, and crematoriums worldwide.  This time it's the desecration of the deceased and George W. Bush is directly linked, as is Joe Allbaugh.  Had the investigation been allowed to go on unencumbered, the corruption and mismanagement of SCI might have been stopped sooner, but with Bush refusing to testify while his administration was obstructing an investigation, more bodies were being desecrated.  Rep. Mark Foley asked the Justice Dept. and Federal Trade Commission to investigate claims against SCI, that caused such shock and despair in his district, asking them to determine whether Menorah Gardens and SCI had violated federal laws (in December 2001).  In March of 2002, two Florida state agencies and Attorney General Bob Butterworth sued Menorah Gardens and parent company, SCI.  Butterworth said, "This is a crime against the human soul and heart."

Is it any wonder that Bush family patron SCI, is also linked to the Georgia crematorium scandal?  Wasn't it strange that after two weeks of constant media attention, this story was dropped like a hot potato?  Several of the funeral homes being sued for using the Tri-state Crematory, serving Georgia, Tennessee, and Alabama were owned by SCI.  The Georgia House passed a bill to make it a felony to abandon a body intended for burial or cremation, in response to the hundreds of corpses found mistreated at the crematory in Walker County (Noble, Georgia).  Incidentally, officials found pictures on the crematory operator's computer, of bodies in various stages of decomposition and seized a large quantity of pornography from Ray Brent Marsh's office.  Governor Roy Barnes asked President Bush to declare an emergency for the state of Georgia, saying the bodies have caused "significant environmental degradation" and is a threat to public health, although public health officials say otherwise.  FEMA turned down the request for financial assistance in dealing with the cleanup and removal of bodies, estimated to be upwards of $10 million that is now in the laps of taxpayers.  Joe Allbaugh said the situation in Georgia did not meet the agency's definition of an emergency and thus it could not provide funds.  Quoting Allbaugh, "An emergency declaration is neither appropriate nor warranted."  He also said other agencies such as the Dept. of Justice and Health and Human Services are better suited to handle the situation.  Senators Zell Miller and Max Cleland expressed frustration by saying, "The failure of the administration to declare Georgia a disaster area, is a disaster in itself."  In July of 2002 it was reported that SCI announced the resignation of Jerald L. Pullins, President and Chief Operating Officer of SCI.  Pullins suspected things weren't quite right during his first visit to the Georgia facility, way back in 1985, but did business with them anyway.

In conclusion, here are my comments for whatever they are worth.  Though this story goes on and on depending on how much one wants to know, it is quite apparent there is a cover-up of "monumental" proportion.  Many sites and pages have been pulled off the internet or made inaccessible.  Truth is stranger than fiction and this is beyond bizarre and appalling, it is a horror story in the first degree.  Can you imagine how it would feel, if one of our loved ones were thrown aside, deprived of dignity, and denied a proper burial that was bought and paid for?  How about taking a stroll through the woods and stumbling over the remains of a human being.   Adding insult to injury, people are constantly being lied to and ripped off, as if we were all nothing more than a bunch of idiots.  This demented depravity and blatant disregard for human beings, alive or deceased, must not be allowed to continue.  It should not come as a surprise to us that the Brotherhood of Death is behind it, since they have been part of the plot to instill the mindset of embracing death in our society.  It is logical to assume, that Skull and Bonesman Bush may find some sort of sadistic pleasure in all of this, even if he does not want it to become common knowledge.  And Bush calls others evil.  He has a tendency to distance himself from any controversy and it appears to me that Joe Allbaugh needed to get out of the limelight and disassociate himself from the president before something else happened.  There are also other shady things Allbaugh has been involved in, but they pale in comparison.  What a tangled web they weave, when they practice to deceive!

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FEMA Director Joe Allbaugh Resigns: Skeletons Here, There, and Everywhere......Literally

By Mary Louise

Hurray!  The list grows longer of high level bureaucrats who have recently resigned, with Joe Allbaugh following on the heels of O'Neil, Lindsey, Kissinger, and Mitchell.  His announcement has not been publicized and since his position is a significant one, it certainly merits an explanation.  For some reason this story is being kept very low profile, so low in fact, it is practically non-existent.  My first