taught to look at the world. Not too many teenagers grew up realizing the true nature of the Federal Reserve and the widespread corruption posing as our legitimate government. No doubt, I was an extreme minority and was regarded as “weird” by nearly all of my classmates. In other words, my career as a thought criminal was well underway.

By the time I graduated high school, with high honors, I was so disillusioned with school that the prospect of going to college seemed worthless to me. After all, I no longer valued academic knowledge, as I once had. Instead, I concluded that I had been an unwitting prisoner in an educational system that had very little to offer me. I desperately wanted to expose the truth to the millions of people manipulated each day by our so-called leaders and their big-business accomplices. However, I would soon learn that many, if not most, strongly preferred “the system,” that is, they wanted to be manipulated. Still, as evidenced by the popularity of this web page, and others like it, millions have since awakened from their slumber and are beginning to realize that the price of liberty truly is eternal vigilance.

Today I am in my late 30s, have significant military experience, a graduate degree, and perhaps more importantly, have traveled a great deal and read many, many more books since that fateful day over 20 years ago when I read Senator Allen’s book. I continue to absorb all the knowledge I can and to practically apply it, and have come to terms with the corrupt nature of our society (not that I approve, mind you). On the bright side, understanding some of the ways of the world, and having still managed to remain honest, I have also become somewhat financially independent. Although I am not at all wealthy, I am fortunate enough to not have to work for anyone. This is not meant to be a prideful statement. I only mention this because I have none other than the New World Order and their long list of sycophants to thank for the bit of independence I enjoy! At first, this seems a strange observation. Please permit me  to explain.

Simply put, if it had not been for what I (and many others) have deduced to be nothing less than a diabolical plot to subjugate the entire world in the ultimate hegemonic chess game; had it not been for an ability to watch and read the so-called news with a new level of perception; and had it not been for the generously detailed writings on the subject by so many of the “experts” of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), Trilateral Commission, and others, I may have never come to understand the importance of developing intense knowledge of human nature, finance, politics, and most importantly, faith in Jesus Christ!

So, when September 2001 rolled around, like countless others, I will never forget exactly where I was—although my reaction to the horrible events was not one of surprise, merely disgust and sadness for those lost, left behind, and injured. By chance, I had no access to any source of information, other than word of mouth and what I heard from a small, portable radio. When it happened, my calm observation (which I voiced to my frightened girlfriend) was that “This has all been planned and not by the people that, undoubtedly, the media will be blaming in short order.” I went on to warn her that this was only one event that would lead to many others (and, in fact, had not been the first), but that it was a most key event that would provide an excuse for unprecedented curtailment of civil liberties. I told her then that if she did not know the real history of America, and that of Imperial Rome and Nazi Germany, that she would be wise to “bone up.” After praying for those who had been murdered, I simply forced myself to go about my normal business. But none of us will ever forget.

A year and a half later, we have all seen the predictable and highly offensive results. Although Congress has been busy passing cleverly worded, albeit clearly unconstitutional legislation for many, many years, the elephant has now emerged from our living rooms and is running loose in the streets. (Still, most refuse to see it.) Conspiring legislative and executive branches created, passed, and signed so-called “laws” in clear defiance of the Constitution, and I refer to the sick acronym USA PATRIOT Act. Subsequently, the same “leaders” created, passed, and signed “laws” combining countless agencies into a new agency, a de-facto federal police force, squarely aimed at enforcing numerous unconstitutional laws; and herein I refer to the Homeland Security Act. Folks, there is one word for this: Tyranny. Congress continues to attempt to introduce bills that would require that all handguns be registered, no matter the state laws. Time and again it has been proven that registration leads to confiscation—and  frankly, to mass murder. Ask folks in China, Russia, Cambodia, Hungary, and countless others. For shame! The writing is on the wall. Destroy the Constitution. Get the guns. It is a formula that really works—for dictators that is. Remember this famous quote from 1933? "This year will go down in history. For the first time, a civilized nation has full gun registration. Our streets will be safer, our police more efficient, and the world will follow our lead into the future!" Adolph Hitler said that. Do we want to follow Hitler into the future? How sickening is it to realize that the words of Adolph Hitler appear nearly indistinguishable from so many of our current “leaders?”

While the Second Amendment has suffered mightily, our Founding Fathers also warned us to stay very knowledgeable about the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Instead, the media has distracted the majority to the point where we know more about Hollywood stars, their sex lives, and, well, sports teams. Witness countless thousands of American football fans assembling in the middle of the night outside of Raymond James Stadium, home of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers football team (some reports say as many as 30,000), after the Bucs won the National Football Conference championship—and now, the Super Bowl. Nothing wrong with cheering the Bucs! But I also think we should cheer the Constitution! Can you imagine how much different things would be in this country if that many people took to the streets in cities across America to demand restoration of the Fourth Amendment to the American Constitution, a key portion of the Bill of Rights recently crippled by an out-of-control federal government? Or how about if people started protesting the wide-open border situation—what amounts to an invasion of illegal immigrants—particularly in the southern portion of America and the government’s absolute refusal to assist American citizens. Tax-paying, law abiding, property owners are facing the destruction of their very livelihoods and way of life, while our government refuses to take the matter seriously. Or how about if we demanded that our “leaders” not belong to any organizations whose very own publications clearly outline a determination to eliminate American Sovereignty and to create a world government (such as the seditious/treasonous CFR)? Of course, half of the key players in the federal government might be forced to resign. And gosh, what if people actually demanded that US notes and US coins be issued, instead of fiat Federal Reserve money? Guess that would be a “radical and extremist” viewpoint. Of course, then we better label Andrew Jackson, Thomas Jefferson and others for what they were: Extremists! It is, indeed, a sad and unacceptable situation. I venture to say that the uproar would be monumental if a football team were to trade a star player and the silence just as deafening if a CFR-Congressman proposed to further curtail what is left of The Bill of Rights! What is the answer? Education about our Constitution, such as
Alex Jones’ Save the Bill of Rights Campaign, is an excellent start. Why is the Constitution, the very law of our land, not vigorously taught in public schools? How dire is the reality concerning our precious Constitution and Bill of Rights?

It has been said that a picture is worth a thousand words. So, picture this: If the Constitution were a woman and The Bill of Rights a small child, picture this woman, clutching her child and hiding around a corner in an American city with fear in their eyes—both of them in torn clothing and wounded. Then envision, right behind them, top figures of the current administration, guns brandished, hunting the woman and child with wild-eyed mania. Is this image really much of an exaggeration? History is rife with those nations who became powerful, super-rich, and decadent beyond their wildest dreams—and the punishment that ultimately awaited them. Is America to be relegated to the dustbin of history? Are the values we once espoused ever to return? Or does the USA house “Babylon the Great” or the “Great Harlot” foretold in New Testament Revelation? As we murder millions of unborn children, drop radioactive munitions with a half life of over four billion years (so-called “depleted” uranium) all over the world, move towards a culture that fully condones torture, sexual perversion, and every imaginable abomination, and impose our questionable will upon the rest of the world...do we not need to ask “at what cost?” Exactly what kind of world do you want your children to inherit?

What world they will inherit seems to be a frightening proposition, indeed. Everyone has heard of the Bronze Age, the Iron Age, and so on. These are the different stages of civilization, which reflect our growing development over countless years and the growth of advanced technology. It might be said that we are in the Petroleum Age right now. Some say we have already used half of the world’s oil supply in a little over 100 years. What does that mean? It may mean that some very powerful men are going to continue to control the remaining supplies of oil, ensuring we pay more for what is left than we might currently imagine, with crushing economic ramifications. They shall also seek control of the next viable source of energy—whatever that may be. The fate of the world lies before us—indeed the face of the world as we know it is changing. Evidence of the effect of such a transition, from the Petroleum Age to the next unknown age, and the meaning of this to our way of life, may already be before our eyes. Are you and your family ready to consider this harsh possibility? Is America ready? Will there be an America in a hundred years? Inch by inch, line by line...the world we know is ending before our very eyes. We must righteously face the changes which lie ahead. So, stand up for your rights—given to you by God, not by man!

As I conclude, consider this: The leaders of the world do not grant you rights; the people grant the government limited authority to protect our rights. We all sense that the real leaders are not the people portrayed via the controlled media. Those we supposedly elect are mere minions. Powerful minions, indeed. But still, minions. Arm yourself, your family, your friends, and your community with the truth. Do not be intimidated by those who seek to mock you for speaking the truth. (I recommend being kind and persistent.) But, remember this about the truth: According to Arthur Schopenhauer, the truth goes through three stages. At first the truth is ridiculed, then it is violently opposed, and finally it is accepted as self-evident. So do not give up! Even though most people are content to “go with the flow” (for example, only a small minority supported the American Revolution), increasingly Americans are becoming aware of the extent to which they are being personally and financially exploited—and internationally ridiculed!

I have observed more and more hard working, average Americans, both men and women, who I have never heard make any political observations whatsoever say things like “Why is it that we are going to war?” Or “I’m not comfortable with the government’s new powers.” I know people who will no longer use the public libraries, due to the provisions of the USA PATRIOT Act! Many people appear to be giving serious consideration to moving to more rural environments where they may feel safer. People are sick of dealing with excessive taxes and too much government interference in their lives—including increasingly “militarized” police tactics. Parents are hoping that there are still public schools in America where their elementary grade children will not be indoctrinated into accepting that “alternative lifestyle” choices or “alternative families” are merely normal. In sum, folks are clamoring for basic decency and traditional American values. How about you? What do you think? Is now the time for you to speak out? You might be surprised how many of your neighbors share your opinions. Now is the time for all “thought criminals” to think aloud!

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Thinking Like A Wolf: A Thirty-Something Thought Criminal Speaks Out

By Christopher Mark

When I was 13, I happened upon a book entitled “None Dare Call It Conspiracy,” by the late Senator Gary Allen. As many readers may be aware, the book was a good primer regarding the incestuous relationship between international bankers and politicians throughout the world. Subsequently, I have learned to think like a wolf, when it comes to the world around me, carefully scanning the “media” horizon and scrutinizing the “information” meals to be found in the vast disinformation “forest.” Allen’s book began to change the way I looked at the world, at least the way I had been