"Democracy is two wolves and a sheep voting on what to have for dinner."- Often attributed to Thomas Jefferson

Democracy. The word is all around us. We are bombarded by its “virtuous” definition from every entertainment and information medium that exists. We are taught in schools that democratic philosophy and tradition is the only acceptable and workable system that functions in the world, and, most importantly, instructed that it is the American way. We are told by our news media that establishing democracy worldwide is the reason our armed forces are dispatched to the remotest parts of the globe. Yes, it is for this noble ideology that we send American troops to Serbia and Iraq, and all points between. But what does democracy really mean? What is the true definition of the word that is alleged to not only define the American political tradition, but also serves as a foundation for global military action? Furthermore, what is the true definition of the name many so-called leaders of today invoke as the sole basis of hope for the future of mankind? What is democracy?

Our founding fathers had a clear definition of the term. In
The Federalist Papers Essay NO. 10, James Madison states that it is human nature for people to separate into factions and groups. These groups operate for the benefit of their respected members, and typically place the good of the people and nation as a whole behind their own. Imagine a nation full of groups only concerned with their own well-being. Much like a family divided against itself, such a nation would not last very long. Segments of society would be at war with each other constantly, hoping to “capture” the majority vote, and with it the reigns of control of the country.  This would be a culture of convenience, where trust in others is non-existent, and people are peaceful only for fear of retribution from mightier factions. It would be a government always on the verge of collapse, a government so unstable that the slightest shift of alliances could send the whole structure tumbling down, only to be rebuilt on the same foundation of frailty that came before it. This is the definition of democracy.

In order to combat such an inefficient and destructive form of government, the founders of our nation sought to create a republic. In the NO. 10, Madison states that, “the CAUSES of faction cannot be removed, and that relief is only to be sought in the means of controlling its EFFECTS.”  So instead of creating a monarchy or dictatorship to control the presence of factions, the founding fathers created a system to filter the more base and selfish desires of human nature. This republican form of government relies on representatives, elected by the public, “whose wisdom may best discern the true interest of their country, and whose patriotism and love of justice will be least likely to sacrifice it to temporary or partial considerations.” In other words, the men and women whom the people elect are intended to not only carry the considerations of their particular constituents, but are also supposed to be among the greatest champions of liberty and freedom in the land. In this way, the republic utilizes the power of the people to determine the direction of the states and nation as a whole, while minimizing the extent of the undesirable instincts of people to divide into groups and battle each other, as happens in a democracy.

Unfortunately, the current political establishment would rather have you forget these important differences between a republic and a democracy. In fact, leaders of both the dominant parties continually scream to all whom listen that the country residing on the hit list of the month should be destroyed and remade into a democracy. Why? Because a country that becomes truly democratized will eventually split up along ethnic/religious lines, and the people who inhabit these areas will be absolutely powerless to stop a strong nation, or set of nations, from dominating them. Implementing democracy is truly the modern version of Caesar’s divide and conquer technique.

For an example of this strategy in action, consider Yugoslavia during NATO/UN intervention in the 1990’s. The pretext of the invasion and carpet bombing of this Sovereign State was to save the people from a dictator, and to restore human rights and democracy to the region. Looking at the current map of the area, one will notice that the Yugoslavia of today is but a shell of its former self. Not only is the country much smaller due to the secession of several key ethnic and religious factions, but it is also succumbing to all the lovely trappings of international democracy. Democratic Yugoslavia is now complete with a powerless population and, according to an article from the
UN Archives section of propagandamatrix.com, UN Prostitution houses. So why is it that the establishment leaders of our country--and also of many of our allies—continue to bomb and starve sovereign nations in order to remake them into democracies? Why would we seek to inflict that plague on anyone? The answer is simple: the establishment uses democracy as a tool of control, as a means of conquering. Sure, the residents of the Balkans can vote…but what for? Each side offers the same thing: death.

“You can’t put democracy and freedom back into a box.”
George W. Bush

The above quote by the President attempts to reinforce the idea that democracy is a means of peace on earth, that it somehow guarantees freedom. As we have seen, nothing could be further from the truth. Democracy is only good for dividing people and creating unstable government. Governments that are weak, corrupt, completely powerless, and always at the mercy of the majority of the moment are its subscribers, and entities like NATO and the UN are its enforcers. Unfortunately, the America of today is not immune from this disease.

Politicians of both major parties encourage and incite the people to factionalize against each other. It is black against white, immigrant against resident. Special interest groups galvanize support for respective causes, and hordes of servants blindly follow, thinking that particular road to be the path of salvation. Meanwhile, while we are so busy fighting amongst ourselves, the incumbent politicians laugh and snicker while they enslave us. This is the way of democracy. Think this to be an overstatement? Consider the following article from
infowars.com, written by the New York Times. In the article, the author describes the Administration’s attempt to keep an AMERICAN CITIZEN named Jose Padilla from seeing his lawyer. In fact, the author goes on to say that Mr. Padilla has been held for over six months in a military prison without being charged with a single crime! Why is this? Because the loving federal government believes that actually allowing this man to have due process would "set back his interrogations by months, if not derail the process permanently." Apparently, following the laws and Constitution of this country actually helps the terrorists now. Why, imagine if every suspect was able to see a lawyer! The terrorists would surely take over in a matter of days. Therefore, according to the current establishment of democrats and republicans, we must cleanse ourselves of the pesky US Constitution. To defeat Al Qaeda, Saddam, and Kim Jung Il, we must destroy the American tradition of trial by jury and rights to due process. I don’t recall seeing this highlighted on the local news. In fact, I don’t recall hearing much discussion, let alone outrage, at such affronts to American traditions and liberty. No, all we see is the need to stop the bad guys of the month…all the while our rights are being tossed away like yesterday’s garbage. And yet many are still distracted by OJ and Monica! Welcome to democracy.

Does this sound like the America we learned about as children? Did our troops go to war in the Gulf to defend a country where the government can lock you away indefinitely whenever they please? NO! Did our troops fight in Korea and Vietnam to defend a country where people have to watch what they say? Never!   Does this sound like the America that our fathers and grandfathers fought and died for in WWII? Of course not!  Our country has been hijacked, but there is a solution. It is now up to you and I to get the word out, and take back what belongs to us! Take comfort in the fact that you know the truth, and have the ability to tell it. Let all that have mouths speak it, and all that have ears listen. If we all do this, victory is assured! Don’t be enslaved by the lies, but let the truth set you free!

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Democracy Unleashed: How the Globalists Enslave Us in the Name of Freedom

By Kevin Newsom

"Those who hope that we shall move away from the socialist path will be greatly disappointed. Every part of our program of perestroika...is fully based on the principle of more socialism and more democracy."
Mikhail Gorbachev Perestroika - New Thinking for Our Country and the World 1988