Within this wall-to-wall coverage, the debate about the so-called war on terrorism is being framed for popular consumption. Those who claim to be from the “left” rally against the upcoming rumble with Saddam, deeming it as an alarming action of an oil hungry President, hell bent on wreaking worldwide havoc outside of the confines UN. Of course, few if any of these people make mention of the crippling “oil for food” UN embargo placed upon the Iraqi people (supported by the Democrats as well as Republicans), which resulted with at least 500,000 Iraqi men, women, and children being wiped off the face of the planet.  These same puppets, who rally around anything with the word “international” also fail to mention the disgusting trail of genocide, rape, and slavery that the UN leaves in it’s other popular destinations, such as Rwanda and Kosovo.  Those who claim to be from the “right” typically yell and scream that Saddam is a clear and present danger to the US, and often name him as a mastermind of the September 11 tragedy. When it comes time for any solid and reliable evidence to be produced, these folks usually avoid the issue all together, and conveniently leave out the fact the Saddam received stockpiles of chemical weapons and tactical support from the CIA in the 1980s. Unfortunately, both “sides” of the political spectrum truly seem to talk about everything but the truth.

A closer look at today’s events reveals a more sinister and bold grab for power than a war for oil. The hostilities that appear to be upcoming are not independent or isolated incidents. The reality of the situation is that this latest Gulf War is merely a single maneuver on the board game known as planet Earth.

It has been said a person understands one’s enemy only by thinking like him or her. In order to understand the globalists, you must learn to think like them. Start by imagining the world as a giant game of Risk; a world in which nations are only impediments, where human lives are mere numbers to be erased at will, and where each move is calculated for effect. Now maintain this mindset while you look at the news of the day. You’ll notice that a definite pattern emerges. Ignore the noise and distractions of manufactured arguments of left and right, and you will see the tentacles of control wrapping themselves around our nation and our people, choking out the lifeblood of freedom.

So let’s examine the hot topic of the day: The second Gulf War. Brushing aside the dominant arguments of the mainstream pundits, the reason the government gives for sending our friends and family to fight Iraq is that Saddam is violating UN weapons agreements. So, we have established that violators of UN agreements will receive punitive military strikes and “regime change”, a euphemism for a coup. This  is a dangerous precedent to set. Any sovereign nation that doesn’t tow the line of those who control such loving institutions as the IMF, WTO, and Federal Reserve Banks is now subject to complete takeover (Of course, citizens of the former Yugoslavia would argue this is a long established fact). The whole situation becomes more volatile when one considers that the UN continues to attempt to “give itself teeth” by creating it’s own standing army and rapid reaction forces that answer only to the gang of criminals in blue berets.

Now, some say that if this were to happen, the US wouldn’t have anything to worry about, due to our enormous armed forces. I agree that our armed forces are the best in the world. But what if something horrible happened that seriously injured American forces, or hampered their ability to protect the 50 United States at home. Do you honestly believe that UN “peacekeepers” wouldn’t visit our shores? And when these minions arrived, do you believe that they would treat Americans any differently than they treat Rwandans, or Eastern European women? Do you believe that just because they would arrive on American shores that our laws and customs would mean anything to them? The only laws they would strive to keep would be those of the UN, and these include establishing freedom of speech with the exception of any speech that is against the UN (making this article a very punishable offense), and, of course, the total ban of private firearm ownership. That doesn’t sound very appealing to me.

The point is this: The Gulf War is another means of legitimizing the UN as THE governing body of the world…and no matter which “side” in the mainstream argument you take, the United Nations will be strengthened. After a close look at UN police actions around the world, you will understand the evil that this symbolizes. Not only the loss of national sovereignty, but the loss of individual freedoms that make America the great country it is. It is a horrible prospect, indeed.

Of course, there is much more going on than military adventures in the desert. The attack on our freedom comes from many directions at once. An example of this is the FTAA, the extension of NAFTA throughout the Western Hemisphere. Basically, this creates an area of “free trade” across all of North and South America, excluding Cuba. All countries would adopt the US dollar as legal tender (Panama, Ecuador, El Salvador, and Argentina have all either converted or tied their currency to the dollar). Knowing that such financial ties eventually lead to political ties (see the European Union), this would set up a situation where those of us living in the US now could be living in some abomination such as a North American republic.  (Isn’t it odd how every mention of America in geographic terms is now North America? It wasn’t that common ten years ago.) The FTAA is to be finalized and signed into law by 2005.

Let’s not forget the actions taking place at home, including the creation of the Information Awareness Office, which collects detailed info of your every financial transaction, web browsing, grocery habits, religious habits, etc. A convicted felon, John Poindexter, heads up this office. Then there is the creation of the Homeland Security Department, the enforcement arm of said information gathering. Not only can the federal government watch you, according to the
USA Patriot Act, the government can also hold you in jail indefinitely without charging you with a crime. Thought that the late night knock on the door was limited to history books or 1930s Germany? Welcome to the new Amerika! And while we are losing our freedoms, all the television news can talk about is some CIA stooge running around the desert in old Soviet tanks!

The strategists don’t just plan one move at time. They make many moves at once. Much like a magician, they will attempt to draw your attention to one area while they make quick moves to pull stunts in other areas. The media says to focus on Iraq, but we should also focus on what is going on here at home! Look at the Patriot Act, and discuss it with your family and friends. Ask them if they can live under a Nazi police state. By doing this, we will defeat those who wish to enslave us. By simply shedding the light of truth upon their dark souls, we will be victorious.

The good news is that people are waking up! Sites like
prisonplanet.com reveal that more people from all facets of life in America are coming to grips with the power grabs for our liberty. And just as the attacks for our freedom come from all corners of society, so does the resistance and awareness of the American people! Read the news articles, the analysis, and learn for yourself. While the mainstream teaches that you most subdue yourselves to the establishment, we ask that you have enough faith in yourself to come to your own conclusions. Isn’t that what freedom truly is?

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Gulf War Episode II: Attack of the Drones

By Kevin Newsom

As the dawn of war approaches, the focus of the entire world is now on the Middle East. News of “Saddam’s latest move” rules supreme over other newsworthy stories, such as the faltering economy, the creation of the Homeland Security Department, and the seemingly endless price increases at the fuel pump.  The average American is bombarded with coverage of the latest developments from the Persian Gulf whenever they turn on the television, open a newspaper, or jump online.