extend the Patriot Act into new spheres of control over the American people. And much like it’s predecessor, the government is working in the dark with this bill, busying itself with the tyrannical details while the American people are distracted with wars and rumors of wars.

The second Patriot Act, given the harmless title of the “Domestic Security Enhancement Act of 2003” (
high resolutionlow resolution) is currently in draft form, and is reported to have been sent to Speaker of The House Hastert and Vice President Cheney in early January. This act contains substantial cuts to civil liberties, personal privacy, and decimates several amendments listed in the Bill of Rights.

Some of the “protection” for the American people in this future bill includes further moves to eliminate The Freedom of Information Act in the name of national security, giving the government greater secrecy in detaining, jailing, holding, and arresting individuals branded as terrorists. Under this bill, the federal government wouldn’t need to release any material to the public about whom it has under arrest. Anyone who is thought to be a terrorist or who could become a terrorist can simply be taken from their homes, work, or off the street, and be imprisoned indefinitely, without the ability to notify friends or family. The fear of being hauled away in the middle of the night no longer belongs to the paranoid or “conspiracy theorists”, because if the Patriot Act II is signed into law, this fear will become reality. It will be a reality everyone will have to face. The fun continues when the draft later states that anyone who is detained/arrested and is suspected of being a terrorist will be locked away, without opportunity for bail, until their tribunal. He or she can also be hauled off to another country, where pesky rules and laws against such interrogation “techniques” as torture don’t exist. All without being formally charged with a crime.

There is much more to the bill than the creation of a de facto secret police, however. Section 301-306 of this draft designates the creation and maintenance of a DNA database of all suspected terrorists. Anyone who falls into this blurred category would be forced by the power of Washington D.C. to submit to a blood or hair sample when they are brought into the station. Imagine this for a few moments. A man or woman who hasn’t been found guilty of a single crime, forced at gunpoint to provide DNA for a national database of suspected terrorists. Welcome to the new America. You are guilty until proven innocent.

When news of this disgusting legislation-to-be was brought to the light Friday, the DOJ was quick to begin stifling any potential backlash by stating the bill was just a “rough draft”, and that nothing was finalized. Evidently, the bureaucrats were so worried that Barbara Comstock, Director of Public Affairs with the ironically named Justice Department, released a statement on Friday, February 7. In it, she states that “it would be premature to speculate on any future decisions, particularly ideas or proposals that are still being discussed at staff levels.” At the same time, she attempts to justify the government’s plotting against civil liberties by reasoning that “we are continuing considering anti-terrorism measures and would be derelict if we were not doing so.” That would be good for a laugh if it wasn’t so sick. Apparently, the DOJ believes that sacrificing all Constitutional rights in the name of stopping terrorists is the right thing to do. Instead of shutting the borders down, allowing only those who want to work hard and succeed to come to America, the government would rather punish those of us already living here.

From all of this insanity, one question and two frightening observations emerge. The question is this: by what standard will individuals be regarded as terrorists? With the stunning lack of accountability and transparency that is being imposed by these new laws, who is to insure that the rule of law is actually being followed? If mistakes can be made in modern death row cases with a relatively great deal of information available to the public, what assurance is there that similar mistakes won’t occur in this new, secret government? Even worse, who or what is going to make sure that this power won’t be abused? Human nature and history lessons state that men and women have butchered millions in order to maintain power. What kind of failsafe does the public have? None at all.

Also, one might wonder how such a Soviet style law could possibly pass in the US. Especially now that millions of people have access to the tyrannical plans of the bloated and corrupt federal government. The answer is painfully simple: another, larger, more destructive terrorist event. It would take such a catastrophe to shock people into the suicide pact that is The Patriot Act II. Therefore, it is up to each of us to speak up right now! Contact your city and state representatives, city halls, and governors. Let them know that, much like the first abomination, this Patriot Act doesn’t have to be followed, even if it is rubber stamped by those vultures in Washington! Also, contact your congressional representatives and give them an ear full about why the Domestic Security Enhancement Act of 2003 is horrible for America! If you don’t know who they are, now is a great time to find out. Go to
congress.org for a user-friendly directory. Don’t let up until you get an answer, and feel free to write in with any and all responses. Remind them who they are supposed to be working for! Every effort must be made to stop what could be a horrible act from happening.

If another terrorist event occurs, not only will the Patriot Act pass, but also those who fought against it will be blamed for allowing the terrorists to win. This is why the time has come to let it be known that freedom is not going to be sacrificed. Wake up your friends, neighbors, and family to the growing insanity that afflicts our leaders. Tell them to stop by
infowars.com and prisonplanet.com to get the latest news. Let them see the documents and judge for themselves. Don’t stop telling the truth, and don’t be afraid to fight this evil with every chance you get...because once this bill passes, freedom is truly dead, and it will be too late to talk about saving our country, or what is left of it.

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Patriot Act II: The Globalist Grab for Absolute Power

By Kevin Newsom

(Note: Due to the explosive news of a second Patriot Act being forced upon the American people, the Destruction of America series will return next week)

The USA Patriot Act, the landmark bill that stripped away several Constitutional privacy restraints and ushered in a new era of domestic spying, is about to be expanded. According to the Center for Public Integrity, the Justice Department is working feverishly to