media has begun to pick up on the movement to restore our God given and Constitutionally enumerated rights. They have noticed that several cities across America have taken tough stances against the communistic Patriot Act. They have witnessed the resistance to the dilution of our American culture, and the reluctance of most to give up essential freedoms for the war on terror. Understanding this, and fearing the awakening of the American people, the media and political establishment of this country has decided to co-opt the blossoming movement to take back our country. They also tend to mix in their own disgusting agenda at the same time they pander to the public outcry for freedom. By so doing, they aim to deflect and dilute the significance of these ideals, while merging what remains into the two-party system.

A case in point is the movement to secure our borders by clamping down on illegal immigration. More than 300,000 immigrants cross into our nation illegally every year. The majority of Americans, regardless of ethnicity, feel that the borders should be tightened, not only for economic reasons, but for security concerns as well. Seeing this groundswell of support for the logical need to secure our nation, the “conservative” hosts of radio and television have begun to carry the banner to clamp down on the borders (even though their political counterparts refuse to lift a finger to stop illegal immigration). While doing this, they succeed with reeling in a significant proportion of the population, and begin to establish trust with their audience. It is at this point that the host introduces ideas that are actually anti-freedom, anti-Constitution, and anti-American.

A perfect example of this is provided by a so-called conservative mainstream radio talk show host who proclaims that the US is in danger of losing it’s culture to runaway illegal immigration. He balances this truth by calling for anybody who protests the war on terror to be placed in forced labor camps, and even a return of the Sedition Act, which punishes those who simply disagree with the government with several years of jail time and fines. This happens to satisfy two desired results of the globalist cadre. First, the population that is generally interested in securing the borders is lured into following a script-reading scum bag who won’t ever actually accomplish a thing, but will occupy their minds with trivialities and assure that the border question remains unanswered. Second, to those who are undecided, this strategy associates the need to secure our borders with the horror of concentration camps, making a logical border policy seem like something from the mind of Joseph Stalin. So, by mixing the true need for a sane border policy with Soviet style tirades about the need for work camps for war protesters, the border question is thus viewed as illegitimate, and the globalists can claim another victory.

This is why we must be vigilant about anything that spews forth from the mainstream media. We must not allow ourselves to be segmented away from each other, with each camp getting a watered down version of a single issue. As Americans, we must begin uniting behind our heritage, our Constitution, and our unalienable rights, given to us by God. As Jesus Christ said, a family divided against itself falls apart (Lk 11.17). Therefore, we must stick together, and not be led astray by script readers from the establishment left or right. Look for examples of these dirty tricks in the news and talk shows you follow, and be careful not to fall into the trap of being a useful idiot of the mainstream! Visit sites like and for the latest news and commentary. Find out who is saying what, and decide for yourself. Freedom is knowledge. Knowledge is power.

Next week, I’ll dissect the origin of the current administration’s defense policy, including the birthplace of the idea of the axis of evil, and what may be the next stop on the war on terror.

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Stopping Weapons of Mass Distraction: Understanding the Latest Lies & Dirty Tricks

By Kevin Newsom

Watching the latest news from the mainstream broadcast and cable outlets this weekend, I was amazed by the subtle and multi-layered globalist propaganda that slithers over the airwaves. A clever mix of truth, lies, and psychological ploys, the radio/television reports and talk shows continue to confuse and muddle the very issues that they claim to define. By laying out the “liberal” and “conservative” sides as the only legitimate viewpoints, the media has done a wonderful job of silencing the voices of countless Americans who seek alternative solutions to today’s problems. Instead, the only solutions offered originate within the so-called think tanks of the Democrats and Republicans. This results in a nicely divided public, who, while arguing amongst themselves, fails to notice that the very American freedoms and liberties we are alleged to be fighting for abroad are being stripped away at home.

The truly interesting fact about all of this, however, is that the mainstream