hundreds of potential clones running amuck in Iraq...and yet Dan Rather and scores of other journalists have had no trouble finding the man for interviews for the past 12 years. We are told that France is the biggest back stabber in recent history because of their alleged attitude about the upcoming war, but the angry propaganda stops short of Russia and China, who are taking similar stances. And of course, those of us who watch the news are subjected to celebrities marching in the street, protesting topics such as war, Republicans, or maybe even fur, and the mandatory retaliation from the collection of infobabes, script readers, and scum bags that pose as journalists on TV. All of this is a complete distraction, and at the time, didn’t help me find what I was looking for…the next move.

Anyone who wishes to gain any kind of insight into where the globalists want to go next is obviously not going to find it in the mainstream. After all, watching the news is the most efficient way for the state to teach what it wants you to know. Think of it as continuing public education for adults. Those who don’t believe this should go back in history and learn about Dr. Joseph Goebbels. If you don’t know who he is, type his name into any search engine on the net, or go to a library and browse through some history books concerning Nazi propaganda in World War II. This will help to provide a more clear foundation for the role of media in a modern state.

Knowing I couldn’t find anything solid on the tube or radio, I decided to go back to a great
article that appeared on in late February. The piece referenced a document that truly provides a blueprint for recent developments in foreign policy, and also outlines coming military maneuvers, both at home and abroad. This report is titled Rebuilding America’s Defenses, and, unlike most products of a bloated bureaucracy, is a fairly easy read.

The RAD piece, written in 2000, places special emphasis on increasing military funding and a more intelligent division of those funds, which is surprisingly logical. Of course, to do this, the writers of the document assumed that the Federal Government would be running a surplus for “the next decade”, which obviously turned out to be a poor assumption. But let’s get to the meat of the report.

The RAD document also displays in broad terms the strategic shifts needed to maintain both the federal military and political dominance in the world. Besides the necessary increases in funding mentioned above, the report also lists several key nations that present problems to the government. The three most prominent are Iraq, Iran, and North Korea. It is important to note that these nations are placed at the top of the list because they exist in regions that are vital in a geo-political sense: the Middle East and East Asia. Without capturing and subduing the above-mentioned trio, the regions that house these states would be extremely difficult to control. As has been said before, it is easier to understand this by thinking of a map of the world as one would in a game of Risk. Don’t worry yourself with the stories of “war for oil” or “war to disarm”. Certainly both oil and disarmament play a role in what we are watching on TV, but the real cause of this action is to capture and subdue strategic areas of landmasses.

Knowing this, I was extremely confused as to why such a blueprint for foreign policy would be so freely available on the Internet. Obviously countries that are hostile to our government surf the net too! It seems foolish to me to lay out one’s strategy before actually implementing it fully. Also knowing that we have the best military in the world, I don’t believe the higher ups in the armed forces would purposely give their playbook to the other team before the game.

It was only after I noticed that the world has been whipped into a frenzy of Anti-Americanism that I understood why this was occurring. The US is being positioned to be the world’s “bad guy”. While clearing the board of hostile powers, and calling shots months ahead of time, our government is doing the dirty work of a world empire, while leaving us vulnerable to further terrorist attacks at home. Because the territorial integrity of our nation is not being properly cared for, we are at a great risk. Once these attacks occur (and it is not if but when, says the government), America will be weakened, and the huge vacuum that results will be filled by another power, who will inherit the spoils of a conquered world, while those of us in the US will suffer. I hate the sound of that, but, if things continue as they are now, it’s what happens next.

If there is any doubt to this, one should look to a blatant example of how we are being sold out. Simply look at our wide-open borders. It has been nearly one and a half years since the tragedy of September 11th, and yet our boundaries still aren’t protected adequately. If we accept the media story of the hijackers crossing illegally over our borders before they murdered over 3000 human beings, then the logical next step would be to secure them! Instead, we see the same old, tired and failed solutions to a whole new set of problems. Any sane person would be able to see that if a robber has slipped into the open back door, it should be closed and locked next time. Instead of placing our excellent National Guard on the borders on a rotating basis, which would effectively close and lock them, we are told that the border patrol/ins can handle it. In reality, the border patrol has been overwhelmed for 2 decades. 300,000 illegal immigrants who cross over every year confirm that fact. The old cliché of Band-Aids for bullet holes comes to mind, and represents only one of a hundred examples of the deficiency of our lawmakers in effectively running the country! But you will never see this debate given even a fraction of the time one it deserves. No, instead of serious, immediate issues, we get jokes about France. What solid journalism.

The thought of our beloved country and our friends and family in the military being sold down the drain is a distressing one. I pray it is not true, that I am wrong. All the documents and all the new laws being passed that limit our freedoms keep happening. It’s not time to bury one’s head in the sand.

So, the question arises: What do we do? The first thing is to stop carrying the baggage of the left and right. If you are marching in the streets for peace, make sure you know all the facts first. If you are listening to a mainstream talk radio program, be sure to understand all the new laws that curtail freedom. Check out the Rebuilding America’s Defenses report and see for yourself. Make your own decisions. It doesn’t contain all the answers, but is simply a key to another door. It’s up to you to open it.
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The Next Move: After Iraq - Upcoming Global Strategy?

By Kevin Newsom

After carefully listening to dozens of mainstream radio shows, watching cable news, and observing the talk at the water cooler, I became dissatisfied with the constant discussion of Saddam’s body doubles, jokes about France, and the latest celebrity gossip. Actually, I was not only dissatisfied, but flat out bored as well. Why? Because the mainstream media is simply idiotic. We are led to believe that Saddam is a master of illusion, with possibly
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