On the first level are the mindless distractions, such as the continual soap operas of Trent Lott and Hans Blix’s gang of UN weapons inspectors. This layer, while thick in coverage, is paper thin in content. While actually having very little true meaning to the average American, these stories are always presented as the most pressing issues of our time. They are disseminated to occupy the minds of the people, to provide them with visible “allies” and “enemies” that operate within the government, and to give Joe and Jane something to argue about at the dinner table or water cooler. These “pressing issues” also have the strange ability to disappear completely after a few weeks or months (see Elian Gonzalez) at which time a new set of shockingly unimportant stories are unleashed. The level that lies beneath the distractions and gossip, however, is where the truth resides. Within this second layer of the media machine is contained the actual direction the current political establishment wishes to take America.

You’ll often find these stories buried in the back of the newspaper, or mentioned in 30-second sound bite format on television and radio. This is arranged to serve two purposes. The first is to assure that the American people do not focus on said stories to such an extent that they begin questioning the government. Why worry about your rights and freedoms? Wouldn’t you rather read about the boogieman of the month, or the latest celebrity gossip? By placing such unimportant garbage at the forefront of peoples’ minds and thoughts, the establishment media distracts us from the stories and issues that truly do effect every person in the country. If you don’t believe me, try asking anyone around you what the current administration is planning to do with the Fourth Amendment rights of ordinary Americans. The most likely response is a glazed expression, but if you ask the same person about Saddam’s latest evil deeds, they will regurgitate whatever was discussed on CNN or in the local paper. The second reason these stories are pushed to the back of the burner is for the media to maintain some semblance of credibility. If there is no mention at all of the latest restrictions of freedom in the papers or on TV, the people would rightly accuse those guardians of truth of misleading them, and would stop listening to the mainstream. Instead, these issues are glossed over as being “necessary”, and mentioned very briefly. By using these hit and run tactics, the major outlets both contain and manipulate the truth to suit the purposes of the American political machine.

An example of this can be found on
www.infowars.com, in an article from the Miami Herald. The piece mentions the newest approach to prosecuting suspected terrorists, foreign and domestic. Gone are the days of trial by jury. Now, to tackle the terrorists, we are being subjected to trial by military tribunal. Of course it’s never clearly defined who could be considered to be a terrorist by the defense department, or what kind of behavior would constitute such a charge. But there’s no need to worry, because the writer mentions that the first to go through such “trials” are the Al Qaeda fighters currently held in the concentration camp in Guantanamo Bay.

In these nefarious little military courts, it is stated that the “trials will not provide defendants with as much protection as in federal court… secondhand and hearsay evidence, for example, is allowed.” Also, the courts will be “using heavy secrecy and streamlined rules of evidence” to prosecute those suspected of being terrorists and collaborators of terrorists. The writer portrays this in a positive light, of course, comparing the legitimacy of this new American justice to that given to Nazis and Imperial Japanese in the 1940’s.

So the Constitutional guarantees of trial by jury are null and void. Now, American citizens are fair game for the tribunals, where it’s legal to not even reveal to the accused what they are being charged with. Why? To stop the terrorists. According to this article, we are all now going to be subjected to “indefinite detention” if accused before the military kangaroo court until all hostilities are over. So the whole basis of American trial by jury is being completely destroyed, as the current rulers in Washington continue to cut-and-paste the Constitution to fit their evil goals. Americans can now be charged as being terrorists and detained until the end of this war on terrorism, without even knowing of what it is that they did. The writer of the column makes no effort to even address these issues, much less answer the questions they inspire. Why not? Why is every talk show host and newspaper columnist in the country not discussing this?  How is it that a revolutionary change in American life receives less attention than the college football bowl season? Why don’t the Fox News “conservative” news hacks ever talk about this in-depth? Because the media wants to prevent us from discussing these issues of dire importance. By burying stories about our loss of freedom, and by spinning said losses as positive and necessary, the establishment media works to keep Americans in the dark about the truth.

The battle for the truth doesn’t always center on the jackals in Washington, however. Most of the time, its primary location is within you and those you spend the most time with. After writing last week’s column, I was eager to receive comments from readers. A recurring theme within the feedback was the discouragement that occurred from being laughed at when presenting the truth, specifically to friends and family. To those who find themselves being rejected and/or laughed at, it’s important to remember a few points. First, when people laugh at the truth, it is a sign of their fear. They are afraid to think about what is actually occurring in America today, and how worthless and crooked politicians are stealing our God-given rights from us. For these people, the natural self-defense to this frightening truth is to pretend it’s not happening.  For them, it is easier to bury their heads in the sand while striking a dismissive attitude. Psychologists call this cognitive dissonance, and to most it is known as denial.  In any case, recognize their laughter for what it is… fear. Don’t become angered when they laugh or smile at you, but instead ask them if they have seen the documentation showing our loss of freedom. Ask them if they know what the USA PATRIOT ACT means, if they understand the consequences of surrendering freedoms for temporary security, etc. Friends and family are often the most resistant to change…be patient with them, and keep challenging them to look at the facts themselves. It’s easy to get discouraged when they don’t believe us, but this is where we must gather ourselves and have patience. Remember how you acted before you came to understand? I surely remember my attitude. It was one of scoffing mockery. But I continued to listen, and by continuing to listen, I came to understand the truth.

The more people are exposed to the truth, the more receptive they are to it…and the closer they are to believing it. Think of it this way: if your parents, siblings, or spouse devoted as much time listening to Alex Jones and visiting sites like
www.infowars.com and www.propagandamatrix.com as they spend watching talking heads like Tom Brokaw and reading the daily newspapers, they would awaken to the truth. Much like love, the truth requires much attention and dedication to flourish. Does a man tell his wife that he loves her only once? Of course not. He reminds her everyday with words and thoughts and actions. Does a mother tell her child she loves him only one time in his life? Of course not. She tells him as much as possible, even when he doesn’t want to hear. The truth is like love. We must tell those around us as much as possible. We must show them the documents that serve as the blueprint for the vile forces that have overtaken our nation. Even if they don’t want to hear. Especially if they don’t want to hear. Victory in this information war requires understanding of the truth, but patience is just as important.  So be patient with yourselves and others, keep fighting the good fight, and we will all keep marching on to victory!

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Everything But The Truth: Mainstream Media’s Big Lies and the Patience Required to Defeat Them

By Kevin Newsom

While enjoying Christmas break with my family last week, I found myself in the unusual position of having several days of nothing to do but think. With no deadlines, no errands to run, and no appointments to set or keep, it was a good time to sit down and observe the mainstream media’s messages for the American people. After a few hours of watching the big news networks, I noticed these messages are arranged in layered form.