CIA/ONI agents Robert Hunt, Trenton Parker, Michael Maholy and Gunther Russenbacher have provided massive amounts of information that is documented in this book. Contract agent and pilot for the CIA, Richard Brenneke has given sworn testimony to Congressman Bill Alexander stating that on every flight he made he carried upwards of 600 pounds of cocaine into the US. When asked if the CIA was involved he said, “Yes sir, That’s exactly what I’m saying.”Another contract agent, Terry Reed, in his Guadalajara warehouse, discovered a large container full of cocaine being sent to the US by the CIA. Upon finding this, he took a small amount and turned it in as evidence, only to find out that the people he turned it over to already knew what was happening and again, nothing was done.

During an Embassy cocktail party, an agent for the DEA approached then Vice President George Bush and proceeded to inform him of CIA drug smuggling, he was met with a grin as Bush walked away. There are several photographs of George Bush (Sr.) with the murderer of Che Guevara and known drug smuggler, Felix Rodriguez (Nice choice of company for a Vice President huh?). In the now well known Operation Whale Watch, drugs were offloaded by ship onto offshore oilrigs being used as a cover for smuggling ops and then flown into the US by helicopter. Several of these oilrigs belonged to Zapata Petroleum, Zapata Corporation and Zapata Offshore, all of which are owned, at least partly, by George Bush.

Evidence of Executive knowledge about these illegal activities doesn’t stop there. Bill Clinton was told numerous times about smuggling operations and murders related to them while he was Governor of Arkansas and nothing was ever done. Near one of the “drop zones” two boys were killed, allegedly for stumbling upon the operation. There were six witnesses, all of which were either murdered savagely or were involved in “accidents” and never made it to trial. State police investigator Russell Welch and IRS agent Bill Duncan have had their investigations into the Arkansas connections thwarted by high level members of Government. Implicated in stonewalling their investigation was Senator Pryor(D,AR.) and another Arkansas senator who I have been unable to identify at this point. According to Terry Reed, Bill Clinton took a ten- percent cut of all money that was laundered through his Arkansas Development Finance Authority. It has also been said that Mena, Arkansas was some sort of training ground for guerillas as well as a major port of entry for weapons and drugs and that Bill Clinton not only knew of these activities, but also condoned them. During the 1980s, Clinton had received financial support from Dan Lancaster who is a convicted cocaine dealer and is said to be a wealthy businessman (well duh, most cocaine dealers do become wealthy).

Also hiding in the media shadows is a Venezuelan general, former head of the anti-drug squad and CIA employee that is wanted on charges of bringing millions of dollars into the US and God only knows what else. He has said the DEA and CIA knew exactly what he was doing. From 1986-1989 US Senate Kerry Committee found ample evidence of ties between government agencies and the Contra supply network that had been used for weapons and drug smuggling and yet again, not one single thing has been done. In Costa Rica, several CIA officers and the famous (or infamous) Oliver North are still wanted on cocaine trafficking charges, but has Ollie or any of these agents been extradited? No, as a matter of fact, Ollie now has his own show on the Fox News Network, War Stories with Oliver North. See people, it pays to be a corrupt weapons and drug smuggling criminal in this day and age.

This sort of information/evidence is near infinite. You could read on for days, but rather than have you do that, I’ll leave you with some links and let you investigate further for yourselves. Hopefully we can bring an end to this atrocious behavior, the amount of decadence and decay these slimeballs have thrust onto our society is immeasurable to say the least, they must be stopped and apparently it’s going to be left up to good Americans like us to do it. Keep the truth flowing and we will win this fight!
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America: The Real Dopeman

By Cliff Patterson

For years now there has been overwhelming evidence of governmental drug smuggling. Time and time again there have been whistleblowers, witnesses, senate committees to look into it and enough evidence presented to write ten books, but still nothing is done. Rodney Stich, in his book Defrauding America, goes into great detail about all of these things as well as how the years of corruption and drug smuggling are closely connected to September 11th and other terrorist activities.