Meckler A.P. September 11, 2001 and Things That Go Bump in the Night at Cheney’s Cave, by Paul Bedard, White House Weekly December 4, 2001, this is where Vice President Cheney and House Speaker Dennis Hastert were rushed off to after the September 11th attacks as were several other top members of Congress. Most of us have at least a little knowledge about these “secret” places, but this one, unlike it’s 96 or so counterparts, is the FEMA command and control center designed to protect the most elite individuals. It also houses an alternate government-in-waiting for the specific purpose of guaranteeing continuity of government.

Mount Weather has been described as a self-sustaining, underground city complete with it’s own mass transit/subway system, apartments for the President and other high ranking officials, a 90,000 gallon-a-day sewage treatment facility, 250,000 gallons of stored water along with a pond supplied by natural springs, a crematorium, office buildings and several other amenities. It also houses replicas of several Federal offices and agencies, a Post Office and a branch of the Federal Reserve. It has also been reported that there is a division of the World Bank located there. It seems as though they have gone to extraordinary measures to ensure the security of not only the federally run programs, but private ones as well.

The fact that our government officials have places they can be rushed off to for safety in the event of a national emergency isn’t the problem, although, seeing as how they are preserving evil, it is rather bothersome. It’s the fact that billions of dollars have been spent on this and similar shelters and nothing has been done for the people who foot the bill - the American citizen.

Another disturbing aspect of FEMA and their underground lair is the fact that they keep a list of 10,000 or so people of “great importance” that get to share in the comfort of these safe-havens and again, American citizens are of no importance. We just participate in the slave labor that funds these hide-a-ways. In 1975 a Senate Sub Committee, led by Senator John Tunney, discovered the facility held dossiers on at least 100,000 American citizens. It was also alleged that the super computers at the facility could acquire millions of pieces of information about the private lives of citizens by simply accessing the massive databases throughout the underground network of FEMA facilities across the US. If that were the case in 1975, think about the possibilities now. With the new Total Information Awareness system and the numerous methods of information gathering that is at the disposal of these degenerates, God only knows what kind of constitutional violations they are up to. Of course this is all for our own good.

One thing is for sure, while they are down there playing their little war games and preparing for a smooth transition into full blown tyranny, we are stuck in the real world dealing with the problems they create and preparing for the next wave of terror that is sure to be released on us. When the time comes and a “national emergency” is declared, our leaders will run and hide and FEMA will send out it’s henchmen, the Multi Jurisdictional Task Force (MJTF), and they will begin to do their job, which is to take control of the population, disarm us and destroy any sort of rebellion or anti-government opposition. They will also, for the good of the people, go door to door and according to Title 50 War and National Defense, section 2072, come for our stored supplies. Title 50 was suppose to expire in 1998, but when Bill Clinton implemented Executive Order #13083 the “Federalist Order”, which give the Federal Government power over the states during national emergencies, and #12919, Title 50 and it’s contents became part of these EOs. According to Executive Order #11051 during a time of National Emergency FEMA has the power to order the National Guard, military, police or whomever to confiscate “hoarded” food, water, medical supplies and anything else they deem to be unnecessarily stored or useful to the “needy”.

Other Executive Orders Clinton grouped together under EO #12919 are #s10995, 10997-11005 and as previously stated, 11051. Together these EOs list things to be confiscated, for instance; all communication media in the US, all electrical power, fuels, farms and farming equipment, airports and aircraft, houses, finances and of course, people for work forces under federal supervision who also can be relocated to anywhere our government desires (this particular Executive Order, formerly EO #11004 seems to be the most frightening, but not by much), but remember, this is for the “good” of the people. Basically, FEMA’s henchmen, according to the Executive Orders, can come to our homes and take what they want, separate our families and “relocate” anyone they wish to anywhere they wish so long as a national emergency has been declared. Equally as frightening is that once FEMA takes over there are no documents that say the US Constitution will ever have to be restored, which leads to the conclusion that the US will most likely become a communist state once all the smoke has cleared. There is a lot more going on in these Executive Orders and I urge you to check it out for yourself. The more knowledgeable we are about what they are trying to do, the easier it will be to stop them when the time comes.
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When Disaster Strikes: Save the Rich, Feed on the American Citizens

By Cliff Patterson

About an hour west of Washington D.C. in the mountains of Virginia lies the underground government facility known as Mount Weather. This is one of many places set up for government officials to “relocate” to during a “national emergency”.

According to at least two reports;
Secret Service Takes Leaders to Secure Location as Government Responds to Attacks, by Laura
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