but you do Mr. Bush. I think you owe all of us an explanation. I think we all want to know why you are destroying our country and driving us all into a state of total tyranny. I think you need to explain why our youth are being sent off to some far away place to fight a war that is at best unjust. Explain why our streets are being overrun by militarized police and our cities becoming a place described in Orwellís 1984? Explain to me why you feel the need to turn our once great America into Nazi Germany and also, explain why you sir, are robbing us of our freedom, civil liberties and our God given rights that are not yours to take?

Iím no historian, but I am most certain that George Washington and the revolutionary gang didnít ask good men to put their lives at risk, and for some to give their lives, while fighting the Red Coats just so a bunch of evil, war mongers like the Bush clan could take over and wreck the wonderful nation they fought to create. If any one of our forefathers were here today I believe they would be screaming for another revolution and scum like the Bushes, Rumsfields and Poindexters would be dancing at the end of a rope for the crime of treason. I realize I may be reserving my suite at the FEMA Camp Inn for stating this opinion, but it must be said, and said over and over until everyone gets it. As Alex Jones has said, this our chance to get the word out, our Paul Revereís ride and I donít think I could live with myself if I just sat back and did nothing.

Iím of the opinion that all of the poor folks that lived through the Third Reich were wishing they had spoken up and told Hitler where to go. Furthermore, Iím willing to bet Hitler also believed that he didnít owe anyone any explanations. The similarities between these two misfits are astounding. As a matter of fact, it almost seems as though Bush Jr. has patterned his presidency after Germanyís most evil dictator, possibly with the thought that he has learned from Hitlerís mistakes and can actually dominate the world with some adjustments to Adolphís plan. If Fuhrer Bush gets his way and we let him keep up his evil ways, weíll all be slaves in the Fourth Reich, standing in line for a loaf of bread or a roll of toilet paper. This is a very real possibility, it all begins with the little things; like our president operating in the shadows and not keeping the citizens informed. If the leaders of this nation arenít obligated to answer to the people, then we should just go ahead and call it what it is - a dictatorship.
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Commander Bush Says: ďI Ainít Gotta Tell You NuthinĒ

By Cliff Patterson

Since when does our President not have to explain himself to the American public? It has always been my belief that ALL of our government officials have to answer to or explain themselves to us, the citizens. Isnít that why we call America a democracy? I recently read a quote from Fuhrer Bush that came during an interview with Bob Woodward. He said: ď Iím the commander. See, I donít have to explain why I say things. Thatís the interesting thing about being the president. Maybe somebody needs to explain to me why they say something, but I donít feel like I owe anybody an explanation.Ē Ah,
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