needs reform or better yet, re-writing.  Politicians are without a doubt overstepping their boundaries when they take it upon themselves to tinker with historical documents.  The hubris of these arrogant little fascists is astonishing if they actually believe they know better than the original drafters of these words how to look out for the good of the people.

During the press conference that consisted of Governor Riley’s Constitution reform idea there was one phrase that had a particularly eerie ring to it and that was when he said he wanted to find a way to keep big business out of our new constitution. What he really meant was that he wanted to find a way to include big business and give the appearance that he was keeping them out. Why else would anyone want to re-write a historical document? If it contains an outdated or racist section, as they have said, then you amend it. That’s the whole purpose of amendments, right? As a matter of fact, the sections the elitists are whining about have already, for the most part, been amended, but for some reason that’s not good enough, they say the whole document reflects poorly on the state of Alabama and needs to be gotten rid of. It would seem they want us to believe that they are ashamed of the state’s history. I say too bad, we all come from somewhere and it’s not always the perfect place, but do we try and erase our past? No, we work that much harder to better our future while always remembering where we came from.

Along with Governor Riley, and a few other “voices” for reform, there’s The Center for Constitutional Studies, one of the principal driving forces behind constitutional reform. Supported by a grant from the Ford Foundation they have put forth the State Constitutions for the 21st Century initiative. This initiative encourages citizens to reconsider whether their state’s constitution is adequate to meet the demands of the 21st century and to produce a nationwide movement calling for reform of outdated state constitutions. Other than Alabama, Texas and Oklahoma have also shown interest in this plan and the CFCS hopes other states will follow their lead. If these states are unfortunate enough to have a New World Order minion in the Governors Mansion as Alabama does, their constitution’s days could be numbered as well.

This points to one thing, the takeover. It’s more of the same old NWO garbage. They re-write this and re-phrase that so it fits nicely with their world domination plans all the while giving it a “for the good of the people” spin so everybody goes along without question and then we all wake up one morning and instead of baseball, apple pie and good old America we’ve got the new Amerika with gigantic paintings of George Bush’s face on the side of buildings, armed Gestapo on every street corner and the new music and literary underground where we go to get illegal CDs and books.

Our way of life is under constant attack by the modern day Nazis. On a daily basis we are being told that we need to give up this right or this document needs to be changed and we’re always told it’ll be better this way, it’s an improvement or it’s because it needs to be updated. I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of being told what I need or what to do for the good of my life. This is gone way too far and has gotten way out of control. What we all really need is to take our way of life back and tell the government to quit making decisions for us.  The best thing to do right now, and everyone can do it, is get Alex Jones’ Save the Bill of Rights resolution and get it out to all of your government officials, news media and friends. If your state has a constitutional reform plan say No to it and stop all these seemingly insignificant changes that will eventually lead to a victory for the Globalists and enslavement for the citizens.
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Another Step in the Government's Incremental Takeover

By Cliff Patterson

In the great state of Alabama newly sworn in governor Bob Riley (R) has suggested that the state take a step towards tyranny. Fueled by cries of the elite money folk, Governor Riley has set in motion the state constitution reform plan. Not only do they want reform; they want the whole “racist, outdated” document re-written. This is one of those slippery slope situations that we all hear about so frequently in this day and age. Today it’s Bama tomorrow Jersey the next day it’s Ohio and so on until finally it’s the US Constitution that
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