way of life. Come on! Donít you think that if Saddam were such a threat he would have already been on the attack instead of waiting for all of the forces to build up in his neck of the woods? How long has Commander Bush been telling the world we are coming? It seems more like a movie trailer for the summer blockbuster than a forthcoming war. So much for the element of surprise.

Bushís cronies keep pushing the fear buttons with this weapons of mass destruction rhetoric as if it would make a difference if Saddam used them or not. Saddam knows they are coming no matter what he does. The Bush clan is simply telling him to lay down so the American military can come in to his country and take it over with ease. What do you think is going to happen when the US soldiers start invading? I donít think Saddam is going to all of a sudden do the right thing and not try to kill every living thing he can. Our elite government officials know what our troops are in for and they have been preparing us for months with their fear mongering ways. Right hand man in the Bush camp Donald Rumsfield said just the other day ďanyone who uses weapons of mass destruction will wish they hadnítĒ like we havenít heard this a thousand times already and as if there were other psychotic leaders out there thinking about dumping anthrax and small pox on the US. The servants of evil have made their decision and the plan is in motion, they are going after Saddam no matter what the cost is and somehow it will be worse for Iraq if they fight back.

All this time false hopes have been riding on the shoulders of the UN inspectors who have basically been led on a wild goose chase, seeing as how Saddam has all his chemical production facilities built in the back of RVs or some other mode mobile transport. This information conveniently making itís way to the public after inspectors found nothing. Bush said recently the inspectors werenít sent to search the entire country, changing things around to fit his agenda, Saddam has to declare his weapons and he has yet to do that. Could it be another act in the New World Order Theater? Sending the inspectors in to create the image that every option has been exhausted. Along with many, many others I have known from day one America, or the American military, was going to Iraq and that we were coming to take them over FOR THE OIL. Saddam Hussein has nothing to do with it. There are numerous countries being ruled by evil dictators like him, but they donít have the oil so their human rights violations and other evil deeds are of no concern to our government. The Bushes have used Saddam up and now he must be disposed of, heís been marked by the evil forces that be and now he is a dead man.

There are a lot of things that donít make sense about this war, but the first thing that tipped me off that things werenít right was the fact that for thirty plus years the world lived under the threat of nuclear annihilation otherwise known as the cold war, but did it ever come to blows? No, it ended peacefully without incident and Russia was much more of a threat than Iraq, but we are suppose to believe that this one little country of limited resources and a leader that would be absolutely suicidal to take on America, as was proven in the Gulf War part one, is so dangerous and unpredictable that we must go in with all of our military might and overthrow the present government and instill one of our liking. No matter how you dress that up itís ugly and it reeks of crookedness.

There are some really bad people running our country and itís their belief that they can get away with anything they wish and we canít do anything about it. I say we can. Itís we the people who have always made the difference in the past and it will be you the good men and women out there reading this right now who will make the difference in our very near future. As apocalyptic as it sounds, the time is coming and who knows what they have in store for us?
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More Lies and Fear Mongering from the Bush Administration

By Cliff Patterson

With the exception of Saddam Hussein sneaking out of Iraq in the middle of the night there is no hope for him at this point. The leader of the Forth Reich, George W. Bush, has his black little heart set on destroying Mr. Hussein and anyone that stands with him. They call this a war, but donít be fooled, this is a hostile corporate takeover just as we see in business; only this is disguised in a patriotic act of protecting America from an insane dictator set on destroying our
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