next. These are only the mainstream distractions. If you live in the same world as most of us fighting the globalists then you know thereís a whole lot more going on that never sees the light of day.

Never in the wildest realms of the imagination could I have thought I would be living in a nation where the citizens had to be worried about their government grabbing them and whisking them off to internment camps or to some foreign land to be imprisoned for crimes that are only considered crimes in a communist society. Unfortunately a communist society is what our government is wanting and with the Patriot Act and Patriot Act II that is what we will get.

We have to stand tall as Americans. We have an obligation to freedom to take this country back from those who wish to destroy it. I have heard some people say they are ashamed to be an American in these times. Iím certainly not ashamed to be an American, but I am ashamed of what the politicians and the globalists have let America become. The globalists have fooled us all with their false promises and their liberty robbing policies and while they were doing this they made sure to keep our attention diverted with scandals, terrorist acts, 24 hour news and must see TV.

Most of us were too easily distracted, which is an attribute that has been engrained in us since we were children and therefor we canít really be totally to blame for not noticing the reality we were told didnít exist. And of course we canít be blamed for believing the people we voted for unless we voted for them with foreknowledge of their crookedness. We can, however, be blamed if we let our beautiful America shrivel up and die. There has been an awakening of the people to the truth and we no longer have to put up with those distractions and as long as we keep the spirit of the true America alive by exercising the fundamental beliefs it was built on, the country our forefathers envisioned for us and the country a great many men gave their lives for will always be here. The powermad leaders can do a lot of things, but they can never rob us of the things we hold sacred within ourselves and that is where the true America exists.
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America: A Nation in Distress

By Cliff Patterson

Never before in the history of this nation have we seen so many different scams being pulled off at one time. Just as we start to get a grasp on one thing, BAM! thereís something else to worry with. One day itís Furher Bush giving a speech in front of phony Made in the USA boxes (which is a crime), then itís the completely outlandish State of the Union address, then Powellís plagiarized ďevidenceĒ, the terror alert jumps up a notch and we need to keep a three day supply of food and water as well as needing to get plastic sheets for our windows (next theyíll tell us to duck and cover), then we get hit with the shuttle disaster and who knows what will be
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