get two Arabic speaking men to babble on about illegally hidden weapons. It wasn’t long before every pro-war phony conservative with a voice filled their shows with anti-war liberals to brow beat. The brown nosed bootlickers were filled with reverence as they praised the Bush administration for its excellent intelligence work. Fortunately their gloating was short lived. Shortly after the plagiarism incident that completely discredited the “evidence”, a sigh of relief seemed to come over the conservative opposition. Not to be made to look foolish the Bush cronies announce the convenient release of a new Osama tape on the CIA connected TV station Al Jazeera that will again provide the link between our two archenemies and give the go ahead for the empirical takeover of Iraq.

Along with the new Osama tape(s) came an overwhelming amount of fearmongering which led to the new terror alert system jumping up a level from “elevated” to “high”. It appeared as though we were about to be under full-scale attack by unseen terrorist forces that could be anywhere anytime. Actually the attack was coming from the very visible media sources, if we accept the governments definition of terrorism found in government documents such as the Patriot Act and what is being called the Patriot Act II. For the average person watching the news and reading the papers not only are they being conditioned to accept the globalist agenda, they are being terrorized and traumatized by the constant bombardment of threats and images of ski mask wearing Al Quaeda members which is in essence mind control tactics. These are common techniques used in MK Ultra and similar brainwashing programs that have been admitted in senate and congressional hearings. The networks know this and are using it to their advantage probably because they have been told to do so by the proverbial big brother.

Once their methods have been learned it’s rather easy to figure out what’s really going on in the news reports. It’s like hearing a good song for the fiftieth time, but hearing the bass player for the first time. It was always there, but you never heard it and then once you do you hear it everytime. While sorting through all the propaganda and fearmongering, a reporter on Fox mentioned the unusually high profits being made by companies like Johnson & Johnson and DuPont from the sales of first-aid kits and plastic products which was brought on by the scare tactics in the media. These companies (as well as others profiting from the fear) have strong ties to the government, skull & bones and according to our now imprisoned freedom fighter friend Fritz Springmeyer; the illuminati. Follow the money and the pieces start to fall into place.

Although the globalists are in overdrive with their world domination plans something isn’t quite right and I may know what it is (I stress that I MAY know). Lately I’ve been hearing some questions arise as to the good of NATO and the UN. Mr. Bootlicker himself Sean Hannity has said that if the US isn’t backed in this righteous crusade then how could these organizations ever be taken seriously in future dilemmas. We have seen how the globalists like to throw a little tidbit of information out to the masses before establishing it. It could be that there is some kind of turmoil developing among the inner circle. Maybe Bush (or the brains behind Bush) is/are using Iraq to cause this turmoil which will then be used to discredit the validity of both the UN and NATO. He (or they) can then make the ultimate power play to dismantle NATO and the UN in turn putting himself (Bush) in the position to set up the creation of a new global government that he will lead. It’s definite that the overall plan is world domination and as it stands the US is just an equal partner in the scheme of things. As close as we are to a global government it makes sense to imagine that certain power hungry players will start to make their moves to divide the ranks and perpetrate the ultimate coup de tat. This is the how they work, they’ve been doing it on a smaller scale for all of history, It will play out something to this effect for Bush (or whoever) to conquer the world and become the single supreme leader.

We already know they must be stopped and many of us are doing our part to stop them. So here’s what I propose: Do whatever it takes to peacefully win a battle against the globalists. Form groups; start up public access shows, put together informative fund- raisers and with the money put up billboards, write legislation/bills, get the information in the newspaper (in a positive light), whatever it takes. Here's a possibility: send us a story with some kind of verification and once a month we will pick a Freedom Fighter of the Month. We’ll post your picture (optional) and story on and you get a T-shirt or video of your choice. Lets see some action people, get organized and let’s take this fight to the next level!
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Efforts Doubled to Thwart Globalist's Plan

By Cliff Patterson

The conservative bootlickers were elated when Powell presented his “evidence” to the UN and showed a clear “link” between Saddam and Osama. For some unknown reason people were buying into the meaningless pictures of some obscure locations, but since there were little arrows pointing out the obvious WMD facilities I guess that cleared up any doubt. And of course the audio recordings of the two guys who were obviously Iraqi military showed us beyond the shadow of a doubt that Powell was telling us the bible truth. It’s not like the US or British governments have the ability to fraudulently label pictures and certainly they couldn’t
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