When (or if) a legitimate newsworthy story makes it on to the anchor’s desk it either becomes a blip on the screen and is never heard about again or it gets brushed under the rug altogether. Late Saturday night there was a show on Fox News Network called Heartland and they had a guest named Stephen Pelletiere who had some very important first hand knowledge concerning Iraq and the impending empirical takeover. He was on the show so that he could share this information with the late night viewers.

This is a man that worked for the CIA as the “company’s” senior political analyst on Iraq for eight years and the only time slot he could get was at mid-night on a Saturday. And if that wasn’t bad enough; every time he opened his mouth the host would cut him off yelling about the horrors he (the host) witnessed while he was in Iraq and that this man who has knowledge of the inner workings of Iraq and the CIA didn’t know what he was talking about. The entire segment was basically the host going on about how right he was and telling the guest how wrong he was. Mr. Pelletiere never had a chance to make a point or even finish a sentence. All he could do was sit there and shake his head in disgust. At the end of the interview (if it could be called that) the host gave the name of Mr. Pelletiere’s book-Iraq and the International Oil System- with a condescending smirk and then shifted to the next story.

This is regular behavior in the new “all news networks”. There was a similar incident that happened between Jeremy Glick and Bill O’reilly on The O’reilly Factor. Jeremy Glick simply stated his opinion and Bill O’reilly flew off the handle and acted as if he was going fight Mr. Glick. Objectiveness was out the window. It has become near impossible to get a fair shake on any one of the “talk shows” if you have an opinion that differs from that of the host’s. The catch phrase for Fox is “Fair and Balanced” which has got to be a joke. If they were truly fair and balanced hosts like Bill O’reilly would be out of a job and people like Stephen Pelletiere could get their story out.

Guests on the talk shows aren’t the only ones having trouble getting their stories out. Now there will be reporters wandering around with the soldiers in the next war and it has been reported that their reports will have to go through an approval process or in other words will be censored. We are only allowed to know what they (the globalists) want us to know. They do whatever they can to control the stream of information to the mainstream media outlets. Journalistic integrity is a thing of the past and the only way to get real news is to seek it out on the Internet or through some other form of independent media.
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News Flash: The Mass Media are Nothing More than NWO Puppets

By Cliff Patterson

Turn on your television for a bit of news and what you will get are soulless robots giving the daily propaganda reports. The news anchors and reporters people turn to for an honest analysis of the happenings in the world are merely pimps for the New World Order. Their job is to sell you the lies and disinformation that the globalists need the general public to believe as fact. The “news” as we know it is nothing more than another scripted television event just like its sitcom partners.
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