And if the misdirection from the media weren't bad enough there's the networks bombarding us with the new "must see" reality TV and the sitcom's season premiers or season finales. The channels are full of immoral, eye candy designed for the sole purpose of keeping our attention for as long as possible.

Then there are the morning shows on the radio and TV talking about the episode of Survival Island from the night before, creating the perception that we've missed some great event if we failed to tune in, reinforcing the "must see" aspect of these low quality, brain numbing, mind control TV shows. Of course there's nothing wrong with entertainment in moderation (which is the case with most things in life) but, when those shows start to replace real life adventure and give us the satisfying  feeling that true living once gave us, therein lies the problem.

Why would anyone want to risk speaking their mind, confronting the bad guys or putting their comfortable lives in jeopardy for something they believe in when they have ready made heroes to do it for them? Just the way the elitists, new world order fascists  want it, turning us into mindless slaves who only think the thoughts they give us. This is their way of conditioning us.

Alex Jones has said it time and time again, when a policy, agenda or a so-called ďterroristĒ act is about to be put into play, hints or even entire plots start popping up in sitcoms, prime time dramas, movies, books and so on.
They love rubbing our noses in it. Itís the only way they can brag because once these things happen they have to start the cover-up or put the ďitís for the safety of the peopleĒ spin on the new freedom robbing policies. The tactics of the globalists are forever evolving. The media and networks are just one way they ease us into the new world order.

Aside from understanding their use of communication outlets we must get people to pay attention to the workings of government and learn the Bill of Rights, the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. Our forefathers had good reason for writing these documents, they were meant to be used as tools for the people to keep the government in line and representing us and our beliefs. Somewhere along the way people forgot this and the belief that the
government ( being a trustworthy entity) would run itself and keep American's best interests at heart. Weíve learned that this isnít the case and that the only interests being looked out for are the interests accumulating in the bank accounts of our so called leaders but, thatís another rant for another day.

The situation at hand is this: now is the time to wake up from our long slumber, itís time to start questioning our government and holding them to their promises as well as calling them on their wrong doings and the spin that seems to forever keep us confused to the point of throwing our hands up in the air and saying to hell with it, it doesnít matter anymore. It does matter, these elitist, power mongers are constantly up to no good and it is imperative that we know this and understand that our country - and world for that matter - is being taken over by them and only we the people can stop them.

We may have to turn off the TV for a while and maybe even give up some of the luxuries and comforts we have grown to love. It will definitely take sacrifices, discipline and a commitment to a better way of life for us, our children and our grandchildren but, if we make that commitment, it will be well worth it, that I can guarantee . So, wake up, wake your friends and neighbors up, spread the word. Letís make a stand and send these evil, luciferian creeps packing, take our country back and create a beautiful place worth living in just as our forefathers had envisioned.

Cliff Petterson has been a freelance writer for music magazines and newsletters for many years. Cliff can be reached at:
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Less TV, More Activism

By Cliff Patterson

It doesn't make sense to me why with all thatís going on in this crazy world there aren't more of us that understand what's happening to our country. It may be because the powers that be keep the blinders pulled tight. It seems like just when things start to make sense we get inundated with some new information about some new situation that we're all supposed to be worried with.

We're in what seems to be a perpetual state of confusion
brought on by sound bites, graphic imagery and a sort of bait and switch of enemies.