faster than an Olympic figure skater in the midst of a perfect scratch spin. The term
snowballing is by far too inadequate to describe the build-up of the fear inducing propaganda that is continuously bombarding our lives. The threat of nuclear war and the creation of a domestic enemy is proven to be a very effective way of keeping the masses under control. If you think back to the seventies and eighties the population was considerably more docile. This was the time in our history when the use of CIA distributed cocaine and heroin rocketed, political protesting all but vanished and the every man for himself attitude became a prominent way of living.

Geraldo helped to bring us a domestic enemy known as Satanism which, according to media sources, was invading our children’s minds with the help of subliminal messages strategically placed in the heavy metal music causing them to kill and mutilate their own family members and as rumor had it, sacrifice blonde hair and blue eyed youngsters. The globalists were hard at work using the fear of nukes from Russia and fear of ritualistic murder by our kids to keep
us in line. Of course it wasn’t that simple, but that’s it in a nutshell.

Then the nineties came around, we were given a new hope with what was being sold to us as a J.F.K. like presidential nominee who truly cared for the people (yeah right) and who was determined to make a positive change in America. And the American people bought that lemon with no questions asked. With our new president leading the way and the promise of a better tomorrow we headed into the last years of the millennium. The fear of nuclear annihilation had basically vanished and the brainwashing, heavy metal music that was taking over the minds of our children morphed into violent, gangster rap and with their evil plan in motion the globalists were regrouping for the next round.

Well the next round is now here and aside from being better dressed we're no better off than we were during the previous cold war. The only change has been the scenery and as for the president that promised us a better day, well, we all know what happened there. The crack epidemic hit, gang bangers were killing each other, there were quiet little wars going on in every country the Clinton administration could bully around and the rest of us got pretty comfortable. Our youth started to rally for political change and a few of us who were a little older and a little wiser started to realize the true nature of our government. Which brings us up to the new millennium.

Never in the wildest realms of the imagination could anyone have drudged up the images we’ve seen in the few years since the turn of the century. The production team over at the New World Order Studios proved that they were alive and well (even though there were a few who knew this all along) and that they were playing for keeps. No more subtleties in this takeover.

We are now under full scale attack and with the next episode due to be released soon it would appear that we are in for one ferocious ride. The first rule in any sequel is to make bigger and better than the first and from what we’ve seen so far it certainly leads me to believe that will be true about this one. Make no mistakes about it folks, there is tyranny on a scale never seen before in store for us. The curtains have been drawn and the show is about to begin, the only hope we have now is an awakening of epic proportions on our behalf. We can not take this lightly, our enemy sure isn’t. They are counting on us to huddle up in a corner and pray for it to be over, but we can’t do that. They have to know their predictions of an impending disaster do not scare us anymore, we are tired of being their slaves and that we will not accept the fear they try to instill in us.

There are more of us than there are of them and as long as we keep the factual information coming we will gather more like-minded individuals to help out in this fight. Ignore the propaganda, don’t buy into the fear they’re pushing, that only helps them to beat us back and that is unacceptable. This is the revolution and it will not be televised.

Cliff Petterson has been a freelance writer for music magazines and newsletters for many years. Cliff can be reached at:
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New World Order Theater Presents: Fear For The Next Generation

By Cliff Patterson

With all the focus directed towards Iraq, the globalists are free to set up the next act in the New World Order Theater. Now that Bush is set to deploy the new missile defense system (similar to Reagan’s Star Wars program) and Vladimir Putin is working to set up the anti-U.S.A. axis the next phase of fear is ready to be implemented. The threats are everywhere - Iraq, North Korea, Al Qaeda and of course the Constitutionalists of America - or militia members as the media would describe us. They’re coming at us from every angle on a minute by minute basis, the news anchors, right wing conservatives and reporters alike are spinning