Red Mercury WMD’s

By Kirt R. Poovey

Delmart Vreeland who claims to be a lieutenant with the Office of Naval Intelligence (denied by our government) is in a Canadian prison and accurately predicted Black Tuesday (9/11) in a letter he gave to prison authorities before 9/11.  According to Mr. Vreeland he and another agent (who is now dead) "retrieved" some documents from Russia.  One of them is shocking!

According to Jeff Nyquist (who reviewed one of the documents and interviewed Vreeland) the document, which is a communiqué from K. Hussaine of Iraq to V. Putin of Russia, says that 9/11 will be a diversionary strike "attributed to the work of 'our brothers'.  The real attack, says the Iraqi official, will involve the use of 'new s-megaton mini satellite [guided] rocket[s].'  This is a weapon that would be smuggled into the United States, and better resembles a small robot aircraft than a missile.  The striking power of this satellite guided toy rocket is listed as two megatons."  The document says, "The shock wave from the air burst of our two megaton mini combined with its own reflection from the ground will form a blast wave of such power that everything will be destroyed...within 8 to 13 U.S. miles of ground zero."

The document according to Nyquist also refers to "a top secret Russian stealth satellite termination system (called SSST).  According to Vreeland, this is a stealth orbital platform armed with clusters of electromagnetic pulse bombs capable of knocking out global communications and frying U.S. nuclear warheads leaving the Western Hemisphere."

If this information is true, then the U.S. is indeed in dire straits.  No wonder that President Bush and his administration is pushing so hard against Iraq and threatening Russia with nuclear strikes.  Because of our stupidity in previous years we may well have given the Russians and their terrorist friends the upper hand.  As Nyquist points out, by holding "Russia directly responsible for Russian-supported and Iraqi-directed nuclear terrorism against the American homeland...and by mopping up Iraq, the United States might re-establish that same 'balance of terror' that kept the peace during the Cold War."

Russian Atomic Energy Minister Viktor Mikhailov once spoke "of a new kind of bomb that could devastate 'foreign territory' while carrying no risk of retaliation... (and also) described the existence of 'little bombs' that 'could appear by the year 2000'."  Sounds like they have appeared!  Bali might be one.  Sounds like the U.S. got caught with its pants down.  Why else the hard-line push against Iraq and the claim that no matter what the 12,000 pages of documents say – the U.S. makes claim that there is evidence that proves Iraq has WMD's?

Could it be that Iraq has not yet finished the 2-megaton red mercury fusion bombs that will be smuggled in across our southern border with Mexico and used to target our cities; and that is why we are so desperately seeking Saddam's elimination, or are we trying to prevent the construction of additional bombs?  Is Bali evidence that red mercury micro nukes are in existence and being used by al Qaeda or other terrorists?  Have you watched the movie, The Sum of All Fears?  You should, and remember, the book used Islamic terrorists as the bad guys.

Or perhaps there are more sinister forces involved in Bali and Iraq.  Why is the U.S. reportedly editing 8,000 pages of the 12,000 pages submitted by Iraq?  What is team Bush fearful of – the truth?

Kirt Poovey, former gubernatorial candidate, firefighter, and business owner, is the author of Prophecy - 2024 - which can be purchased at He welcomes your comments at
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