Those same 19 terrorists all had photo ID’s.  (The photo ID is the most forged document!)

What about those National Guard troops with their M-16’s?  Have you ever noticed how close you can get to them?  Anyone trained in hand combat could easily take them out and then have their weapons.  Besides, has anyone seen the movie, The Matrix?  If someone wanted to get past the security gates it would not be a difficult task.  In The Matrix the alarms are set off, but before the security personnel can react they are dead.

So why do they ask for photo ID’s and post the military at our airports?  Anyone ever heard of a National ID card that would be required for everyone?  Or better yet, how about an injectible microchip that has all of your biometric data encoded on it?

A scanner reads it and you are immediately identified. The scanner can be tied into a national (international) database that instantly provides your whole history.  Science fiction?  No. The technology is there and is being developed.  It is only a matter of convincing the public that this system is needed for protection and security.

As for the National Guard troops, it is a conditioning process to get the public used to seeing military personnel in the public domain, and not just on the military bases.

So how do we insure that 9/11 won’t happen again?  How about leaving the little, grey-haired ladies alone?  Why don’t we – I know this is going to be politically incorrect, but – why not use profiling to determine who a real threat might be?

The 19 terrorists of 9/11 have been identified as all of Mid-East descent.  Most are reported to be from Saudi Arabia (a supposed friend).  Since we know where the terrorists are coming from, we should ban from the United States all non-U.S. citizens fitting the terrorist profile until this “war on terrorism” is over.  Virtually all of the terrorists are young males and all of them profess the Muslim faith.

Real security would entail identifying the nationality of the person – if they are from the Mid-East, what country?  What is their religious belief?  Are they male or female?  What is their age?  Discriminatory?  We’re at war, right? (At least so we’re told).

If they are a young, male Muslim of Mid-East descent, then go through their luggage (carry-on and checked) with a fine-tooth comb.  For those that believe Israel is involved and is using men who pose as young, male Muslims of Mid-East descent, this procedure will find them, too.

When the “war on terrorism” is over, then we can stop using this type of security measure, but in the meantime let’s use common sense security measures and let the rest of us go through security easily and rapidly.  Air travel would increase, the airlines might be able to stop declaring bankruptcy and we might actually find the skies are safer.

Will 9/11 happen again?  Doubtful.  The passengers would act to stop any terrorist hijackers just as they have in several instances since 9/11.

One thing is for certain, 9/11 was a victory for the terrorists and the government.

Kirt Poovey, former gubernatorial candidate, firefighter, and business owner, is the author of Prophecy - 2024 - which can be purchased at He welcomes your comments at
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Airport Security: Rational Solutions In An Irrational Climate

By Kirt R. Poovey

In the wake of September 11, 2001, is there anything that we can do that would really make our airports and flights more secure? We know the formerly stupid questions asked at the ticket counter did no good – all of those questions were asked the 19 terrorists and they passed easily.

How about photo ID’s?  Do they work to help security at our airports?