might along with all of his Weapons of Mass Destruction. Though there is still the possibility that the Iraqis might use some sort of WMD against our troops, the chances are greatly diminished.

Does that mean that the Iraqis never had any WMD’s, or did they instead choose not to use them for fear of a more severe retaliatory strike from the invading armies? We have not yet found any evidence of WMD’s.

Is Saddam Hussein dead or alive? The U.S. says “dead”, Britain says “alive”, and interestingly al Jazeera is saying that he may be holed up in the Russian Embassy in Baghdad. The Russians aren’t talking. If the Russians have him, what will the United States do – storm the embassy and kill him? Remember – Russia is one of our great allies in this war on terrorism – which this Iraqi War is supposed to be about.

The talk now is that the lack of a satisfactory consensus on how to deal with Iraq shows that the UN is not able to lead the New World Order or a One World Government. Conservatives are hailing this as a great success in showing this inadequacy of the UN. However, that is exactly what the One Worlders are leading up to. The UN is too big and too wieldy to properly be managed. That is why they (those truly in charge) are working to a simpler, more workable solution. Look for the UN to fall out of favor in the next ten to twenty years and to be replaced by a leaner, more easily managed governmental system that will use many of the organizations and agencies already created and put in place by the UN.

The UN is simply a means to the end. It is not going to be the One World Government. I know that this is a shock to many who think that the UN is the long-feared OWG. As with the League of Nations, the United Nations will soon be deemed to be an unusable and ineffective relic. In its place will be the new seed of the OWG. It will be much leaner than the UN and without the bloated bureaucracy.

The purpose of the UN has been to get the nations of the world to accept and support a unified One World Government with all the trimmings of a World Court, a World Monetary Banking system, a World Trade organization, and a World Army and Police organization. The precursors to these are already well established and in place with the exception of the World Army and World Police.

The new OWG will incorporate these necessary functions along with a World Tax to fund all of the above. We have established with this war that no nation is sovereign if other nations deem them a threat and decide to preemptively remove that “threat”.

How long will it be before the U.S. is deemed to be a “threat” and must be preemptively disarmed? Remember, this war started out to “disarm” Iraq and soon became “regime change”.

The majority of Iraqis probably do not like Saddam Hussein, but they’re not really crazy about Americans either. Perhaps, in our establishment of the new Imperial American Iraqi state we can win some favor with them. Be forewarned that we must be constantly vigilant though for those “freedom fighter” terrorists who will undoubtedly attack our personnel in Iraq and elsewhere.

I am thankful for the relative ease with which we conquered Iraq because it means less loss of American and Iraqi lives, but I’m fearful that it may lead to a greater hunger of those in charge to do more “nation building”. We must continue to fight any and all unconstitutional actions on the part of our leaders.

Kirt Poovey, former gubernatorial candidate, firefighter, and business owner, is the author of
Prophecy - 2024 - which can be purchased at http://www.prophecy2024.com. Also visit http://www.christian-patriots.us Kirt welcomes your comments at ecoh2oks@juno.com.
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End of the Iraqi War

By Kirt R. Poovey

The war in Iraq appears to be essentially over. Baghdad has almost totally fallen to the American forces and there is celebration in the streets as the Iraqis realize that the brutal rule of Saddam Hussein is over or soon will be. We can be thankful that the war has been short and the loss of life has not been as bad as it could have been.

It is apparent that the United States and Britain have in three short weeks almost totally dispatched Saddam Hussein and his military