Nyquist "what the CIA director could not say, and perhaps what makes President George W. Bush so desperately eager to wipe out the regime of Saddam Hussein, is that Russia may have given red mercury fusion technology to Saddam."  According to one of Nyquist's sources, Iraq possesses "s-megaton" micro-nuclear war-heads.  "These are softball sized two-megaton fusion bombs triggered by an irradiated and compressed compound of mercury antimony oxide.  This device doubles the nuclear yield with a hundredfold reduction of weight.  Using heavy hydrogen instead of uranium or plutonium to fuel its explosive reaction, this hand-held nuclear weapon cannot be detected by U.S. sensors."

Russia has compression technology surpassing America's because we chose to abandon the research into this field back in the 50's.  Russia has been rumored to have developed the technology in the mid 60's and in the 90's perfected the perfect fusion bomb.  They have reportedly been selling the technology to other nations since then, but the U.S. maintains that the red mercury they have analyzed is fake. However as Nyquist reports, it would appear that "American intelligence has evidence of something dire, something they don't want to tell us."

An article from WorldNetDaily quotes STRATFOR, a private intelligence firm with inside connections, regarding this security crisis.  "Tenet delivered a blunt message to Putin: The United States believes that WMD proliferation is official Russian policy", and Russia "faces the distinct possibility of attacks on Russian weapons facilities and the potential elimination of (Russia's) nuclear capability."  THE U.S. IS THREATENING RUSSIA WITH A NUCLEAR STRIKE?! 

As Nyquist says, "Only a very desperate crisis would trigger such unthinkable verb-iage out of our bloodless bean counters."  Nyquist also mentions that "another respect-ed intelligence firm, DEBKA File, ...(says) the White House is seriously considering tactical nuclear strikes against Iraq.  This drastic approach can only be explained -- once again -- by a dire, immediate and frightening Iraqi potential.  If not for this, U.S. leaders would hardly expend precious political and (diplomatic) capital by pushing so aggressively for the eradication of Saddam's regime in Baghdad."  DEBKA also says that Vice President Cheney "received intelligence during his recent Middle East trip that Iraq had already transferred nuclear weapons to Al Qaeda, along with weaponized smallpox...(and that) some of these munitions may have been smuggled into the United States."

The Bush administration is also using this as a means to strengthen the U.N.  Wait until you hear what Delmart Vreeland has to say.  Stay tuned.

Kirt Poovey, former gubernatorial candidate, firefighter, and business owner, is the author of Prophecy - 2024 - which can be purchased at
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The Red Mercury Nightmare?

By Kirt R. Poovey

Why is the U.S. so adamant about taking out Saddam Hussein, and why now?  Why do they insist that no matter what is in the 12,000 page report that it is incomplete?  The U.S. claims to have incontrovertible evidence that Iraq has Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMDs), but refuses to release that information.  What are they hiding?

In March 19, 2002, testimony before the U.S. Senate Armed Services Committee, CIA Director George Tenet claimed (and rightly so) that Russia is "the first choice of proliferant states seeking the most advanced technology and training."  According to an article by Jeff