return to similar political and economic circumstances for the majority of people.  Has this regression been planned, or is it a natural phenomenon?

During the Middle Ages, a serf was born merely the property of the upper class.  A serf had no rights, personal property or any real expectation of obtaining either one.  The lord at the manor house or castle held life and death authority over their serfs, and frequently exercised those options.  The interests of serfs were not protected or represented in any way, and they were thought to be little more than farm animals.  The gentry, in exchange for hard physical labor, provided crude, inadequate housing and physical security for every serf.  Sanitary conditions were deplorable and diseases constantly claimed many lives.  Education and upward mobility for serfs was unthinkable, and only the Church offered any hope for improvement in the afterlife.  That hope was a critical element used to ensure the serfs remained a complacent, docile and productive part of the feudal system.

This totalitarianism could not be maintained indefinitely, and succumbed to more enlightened ideas that espoused personal freedoms and the opportunity of economic gain for everyone.  The desire for freedom is inherent in human nature, and many people struggled their entire lives to gain the most basic rights.  The antithesis of feudalism was fluently expressed in the United States Constitution and Bill of Rights.  The foundational concepts in these documents of government were considered radical and unlikely to succeed in the long term, but were soon proven to be highly effective and desirable.  With the
Constitution and Bill of Rights as the basis of law, the United States founding fathers tried to restrict the possibility of any group having complete control over any other, while guaranteeing basic personal freedoms.  This system became a catalyst for change worldwide, but tyranny was allowed to circumvent these protective laws and the descent back into feudalism began.

The basic laws the founding fathers provided us have now become almost completely ignored with the implementation of numerous illegal statutes and executive orders.  The average person now has a similar level of freedom as the serfs of the Middle Ages, but is being conditioned to believe that greater freedom and opportunity exist now, than at any other point in the history of mankind.  A global cartel has stealthily gained control over most aspects of our daily lives, and now rapidly continues to more openly strengthen their power.  In the weeks and months following September 11, 2001, the orchestrated tragedies have been used as an excuse to strip away even more of our liberties under the guise of safety and security for all.  Legislation such as the
USA Patriot Act and Homeland Security Act have completely decimated and obliterated the Bill of Rights.

A comparison of freedoms between the serfs of the Middle Ages and the average person of today reveals striking similarities.  Personal freedoms once taken for granted have been so thoroughly negated by those in command they are now increasingly meaningless.  Life and death control over humanity has been refined with the advancement of technologies promoting disease and destruction, as well as the willingness of governments to use these technologies, as they deem necessary to maintain superiority or instill fear.  Our system of elected representation has now become so corrupted; it no longer serves the needs of people, but has instead furthered the erosion of the basic rights it is sworn to protect.  The once free market economic system has been manipulated to become profitable only for those already holding power and wealth, while offering a lifetime of labor without appreciable gain for the vast majority of participants.  Our educational systems have ceased to teach the skills necessary for success and individual thought, but are now serving as mind control training camps for the next generation of slaves.

Under the new feudal system, the masses are placated using numerous methods.  Television, video games, popular music, and professional sports provide mind-numbing distractions.  Alcohol, drugs and gross immorality further numb the general population to the harsh reality of our condition.  Subtle, as well as overt forms of mind control are also used to discourage any resistance that would otherwise instinctively occur.  Fear has been used to cement controls and implement greater restraints of freedom.  Now that we have arrived at this new serfdom, few individuals actually recognize it exists, since they have been controlled, misled or distracted.

While the current situation may seem overwhelmingly bleak, it is not impossible to reverse.  After all, we do not have to create a new system to protect our freedoms as our ancestors did.  We need only to enforce what has already been provided.  If we can collectively reject the numbing distractions and mind control techniques used by this global “nobility” to keep us enslaved, we could form an overwhelming resistance to regain our God given rights.  The precedent for personal freedom has already been set, but the responsibility to maintain that freedom belongs to each individual.  The rights and freedom of generations to come may depend upon what we do to protect them today.  What course of action will you decide to take?

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The New Serfdom

By Rob Ronning

The Middle or Dark Ages is commonly recognized by historians to have started sometime after the fall of the Western Roman Empire and to have ended around the time of the Renaissance.  This period of human history was marked by the evolution of feudalism as the predominate form of government in many portions of the world.  In feudalistic society, the serfs (also known as peasants) were regulated to the very bottom of the socio-economic and political spectrum by a relatively small number of people holding land and power.  During modern times, serfdom has technically been abolished for centuries, but alarming trends are exposing a