media for the latest news, and are often fearful of the threats to personal and national security reported daily.  A few people even attempt to uncover the truth behind all the events of the past year, and if successful, are sometimes overwhelmed by their discoveries.  All three groups, but especially those who seek to know the complete truth, are highly susceptible to fear.

My own experience in attempting to address the uncertainty of a world seemingly gone mad led me towards an intense search for answers.  The closer I came to the truth, the more fearful I became.  An overwhelming sense of hopelessness set in, and I wondered how any one person could possibly have an effect against the evil actions of our criminal government.  Almost daily, I would review reports of new terror threats, mass erosions of freedoms, increasingly stringent travel restrictions and the history of the global elite.  While I was developing a clearer insight into current events, I was almost totally paralyzed by this newly acquired knowledge and was unsure how to react.  It seemed I was the only person in my immediate circle with this information, and I even began to doubt the truth I recently discovered.  This paralysis continued for almost an entire year before I learned to use my fear in a constructive way.

At the height of my fear-induced inaction, an almost forgotten passage in the Bible suddenly came back into remembrance.  II Timothy 1:7 states: “For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.”  This statement concerning fear, power and a sound mind was a revelation to me.  I realized that instead of allowing the knowledge I possessed to increase my fear, I should allow the truth to be a source of power and strength.  Once I changed my approach to the situation in this manner, I received multiple confirmations of the truth that cleared any doubts I may have retained.  Even if you discount the Bible as a source or application of knowledge, the message of fear versus power and truth is still valid.

I began to discover that my struggle with fear was not exceptional.  Once I started discussing my findings with those closest to me, I learned that many people understood the truth, but were struggling with the same feelings of fear and hopelessness I experienced.  This fear is a conditioned reaction used by those in control to keep the majority of humanity in a passive state and resigned to the completion of their evil agendas.  The results of this fear campaign have allowed the global elite to quickly implement many of their plans.  Worldwide, private gun owners are now an endangered species.  Sensitive personal information can be electronically gathered and used against anyone deemed to be a terror threat without any protection of law.  Detailed plans have been drafted to mass inoculate and quarantine entire areas in case of biological contaminations, and unlawful roadside checkpoints are now commonplace.  All of these various instruments of control are forced upon a generally unwitting public under the guise of protection from terrorism.

Just this week, the former Colorado Senator, Council on Foreign Relations member and possible 2004 presidential candidate, Gary Hart, was quoted on the Fox News program, Hannity and Colmes, stating that Denver, Cleveland and Dallas were likely targets of an imminent Smallpox biological attack.  This is another obvious attempt to instill fear and promote the agenda of control the Council released in October of 2002.  Remember, that analysis suggests that the loss of life in a biological incident could be reduced from 80% to only 20% if we allow the implementation of the most stringent control mechanisms and give up all our rights.

The dissemination of truthful information is the most powerful counteractive tool we possess against the elite’s sinister plans.  If enough people are mobilized to expose the conspiracy against humanity, we can regain our freedoms before it is too late.  We cannot allow ourselves to be intimidated by the events and threats unfolding around us.  Our actions at this crucial juncture will likely determine our fate.  Begin sharing this knowledge now.  It is abundantly clear that fearful paralysis is not an option!

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Fearful Paralysis Is Not An Option

By Rob Ronning

The equilibrium of the Western world suffered a devastating blow as soon as the second airplane crashed into the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001.  While a resemblance of normal living has returned, an underlying sense of uncertainty constantly remains.  Some individuals cope with this new reality by completely ignoring the major events since this tragedy; choosing rather to place their focus onto family, career, or various mediums of entertainment.

Others, who choose to face this reality, faithfully monitor the mainstream