disarmament of Iraq, one would think that it is the most powerful nation on earth, and the largest threat to peaceful existence in the world.  Every day, Americans are reminded that Iraq most certainly has weapons of mass destruction, but is trying to hide them from United Nations weapons inspectors.  Our government, in conjunction with the United Kingdom, struggles to offer proof of their concerns to reluctant United Nations Security Council members.  The latest ‘facts’ from the government suggest that al-Qaida is allied with Iraq in the struggle against U.S. aggression, and yet another bin Laden message has emerged to support this stance, as well as urging the Iraqi people and Moslems in general to fight against the West. 

NATO appears bitterly divided concerning the appropriate action to take against the rogue state of Iraq, and the U.N. Security Council voting process may also be deadlocked.  France, Germany and Belgium are offering an opposing solution to achieve the disarmament of the Iraqis, much to the consternation of the U.K. and the U.S., who seem determined to disarm Saddam Hussein using brute force.  Few other countries are willing to fight against Iraq’s terrorist regime, but Israel is encouraging an attack against Saddam since they are reportedly under the greatest threat of Iraqi scud missile and biological attacks, and are struggling against continual terrorism in their own homeland.

North Korea’s nuclear program and direct threats against the United States are now gravely discussed.  North Korea was listed by GW Bush as part of the ‘axis of evil’ and certainly seems to be living up to his accusation.  This country is a Stalinist-style holdout where mass starvation is common, but its leader, Kim Jong Il, appears determined to instigate a nuclear showdown with the U.S.  This issue is also being directed to the U.N. Security Council for resolution.  China and Russia, the major powers in that region, are concerned about this potentially volatile situation, but offer little real assistance to end this developing crisis.

Fear of terrorism throughout this uncertain world is increasing daily.  Inside the United States, the Homeland Security terror threat level has been raised to high (orange color code) after the analysis of suspected and known terrorist communications caused increased alarm. U.S. citizens are now being urged to have a 3-day supply of food and water on hand, along with duct tape and plastic sheeting in case of terror-induced crisis.  Missile launchers now ring the nation’s capital, while Americans brace for attack.  In the
United Kingdom, troops and tanks could soon patrol the streets of London, and the main international airport is all but locked down in preparation for massive terrorist attacks.

What is the underlying reality behind world events?  How do we sort the lies from the truth?  What is really occurring? 

Iraq is most likely not the largest threat facing the Western world.  This country has been severely weakened by over 10 years of economic sanctions and constant bombing of critical infrastructure by the British and Americans.  Iraq is not even half the adversary it was in 1991.  If Saddam still maintains weapons of mass destruction, it is compliments of those who supplied this technology.  Many Western nations and companies (America included) are on the
list of sources, but those facts are commonly ignored.  The ‘evidence’ of these weapons provided to Colin Powell by British intelligence and reported to the U.N. as reason for war has been revealed to be plagiarized material from an academic article!  Control of oil supplies in the Middle Eastern region may in reality be a major factor motivating the war against Iraq.

The connection reported between al-Qaida and Saddam Hussein is almost ludicrous.  Al-Qaida is highly motivated by religious ideology, but Saddam’s ruling party in Iraq is most definitely a secular entity.  Osama bin Laden would probably consider Saddam Hussein an infidel.  There has been absolutely no proof of weapons sharing between Iraq and al-Qaida.  Even the Moslem world
understands this rhetoric for the lie it is.  This latest bin-Laden tape is suspect, as some of the other tapes that surfaced have been proven fraudulent.

NATO and the U.N. Security Council’s reticence to unanimously back a US-led war against Iraq is little more than a theater event.  The same cabal devoted to the implementation of worldwide government ultimately controls all of the major players in this game.  Israel claims to be the ultimate victim of terrorism, while they enthusiastically support the war against Iraq.  Israel has far more weapons of mass destruction than most other countries, and is more than capable of defending its national interests.  It is now
reported that Israel provided support to terrorist organizations operating on their own soil.  The Israeli government stands to gain added influence in the Middle East should the US and Britain administer control over Iraq after the hostilities cease.  This ‘war on terrorism’ also gives Israel an excuse to continue the grossly unfair war against the Palestinian people.  Unfortunately, the rank-and-file Israeli citizen has been programmed to believe they are victims of anti-Semitism while the hard-core Zionists in control continue to manufacture the terror. 

North Korean nuclear capability is frightening since it is now widely reported they have the technology to deliver warheads to the U.S. West Coast and have indicated they could
strike American targets around the world.  Of course, the U.S. helped to arm this country, as is the case with Iraq.  Why is an attack against Iraq such a priority when we face a definite threat from North Korea?  One possible answer: North Korea has no oil and is a nation of slaves.  The global elite’s agenda is to enslave the majority of humanity they graciously allow to survive.  North Korea is a shining example of this plan in action.  Chinese society is also structured similarly.  China has become little more than a large slave factory used to flood the world with cheap products and destroy industry in nations less cooperative to elitist agendas (like the U.S.).  Check the labels on most of the products you purchase today; most likely they are made in China.

The heightened terror alerts are being used to incite panic and increase dependence on all-powerful governments.  You only need to review the
legislation passed or proposed since 9-11 in the United States alone to discover the true intent of complete control and the termination of personal liberties.  When the governments claiming to protect you from terrorist attacks are proven to be complicit in the attacks, their sinister plan becomes crystal clear.  This knowledge shatters the labyrinth of lies and allows the search for truth to progress.  Those who break free have a duty to assist others.  Spread the word.

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Living Within the Labyrinth of Lies and Searching For Truth

By Rob Ronning

Humanity exists deep within a matrix of deceit.  The perceived realities of the world are usually not connected to the real truth.  The search for this truth is a constant struggle against the backdrop of lies and distractions.  Exposing what lies directly beneath the surface of world events is the key to understanding the true nature of our condition.

With all the endless discussions concerning the necessary