Many Christians feel that prayer can enable the accomplishment of the impossible.  If you believe in the power of prayer, it seems almost imperative to pray about the war with Iraq as well as the world in general.  In fact, the President, (being the good Christian he is), has asked that Americans pray for ‘his troops’.  I recently received an email urging every recipient to register and pray for one specific military person every day.  The Presidential Prayer Team allows non-confidential information to be collected about military members and their families so they can be “adopted” for prayer.  According to the email I received, a customized certificate is even offered to serve as a reminder to pray for this individual.

This email continues its plea by stating:

“Praying specifically for each member of the military by name is a wonderful way to support our military and our President during these difficult times.”

Since the “Christian” President of the United States is purported to have sanctioned these prayers, what could possibly be wrong with this setup?  Again, I must reiterate that I am not opposed to prayer, and am a Christian myself.  However, what does President Bush believe?  When he asks you to pray for ‘his troops’, to whom does he want you to pray?  The Bush’s (both Junior and Senior) are admitted members of the
Skull and Bones group and attendees of the Bohemian Grove rituals.  When you realize exactly what these groups espouse, you may wonder why any Christian would join President Bush in prayer for anything.  After all, Moloch is worshipped at Bohemian Grove, not the God of the Bible.  Both of these groups are steeped in occult practices and are in direct spiritual confrontation with the beliefs of Biblical Christians everywhere.

Another email and news story circulating is the
organized worldwide prayer planned at 3:33 PM on March 3, 2003 for at least 3 minutes.  (Again, it is important that you should be allowed to pray whenever you desire about anything.)  Why is it so important to pray at this time opposed to any other time?  Some explain the Christian reasoning behind this exact time pertains to the numerical sequence of 3’s and the Holy Trinity.  New Age groups are also placing significant emphasis on this date for experiments into global consciousness.  This date is equally important in to Muslims as the last day of the annual pilgrimage to Mecca and as the eve of the Islamic New Year.  Given all these reasons, this time for prayer almost seems a logical time to pray or wish for peace.

It is a known fact that freemasonry and the occult place a huge emphasis on symbols and numbers.  Note the numerical sequence carefully: 03-03-03 at 3:33 PM for at least 3 minutes.  Is it possible this sequence represents some sort of “power date” for these groups, and does it really matter?  Unless you are privy to the rituals of the freemasons and other occultist groups, you will not likely know the true significance of this day to them. (For the record, I do not!)  By joining this organized prayer for peace, are you somehow furthering the efforts of evil forces, or are you truly joining other Christians around the world in an earnest prayer for peace?  You will have to answer that question for yourself.

If you do believe, you probably already know that prayer is powerful and also that God hears every prayer genuinely offered.  The time and place do not matter.  The world and everyone in it certainly could use some prayer right about now!

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War and Prayer: A Spiritual Battle

By Rob Ronning

Many people feel compelled to pray about the situation unfolding in the Middle East and for our military forces as well.  Emails about prayer wheels, Presidential Prayer Teams, and even the exact date and time to pray are circulating around the globe.  If you are a Christian, these may all sound like wonderful ideas, but you may be offended if you do not believe.  Is organized prayer about the impending war with Iraq appropriate?  You should be allowed the freedom to pray (or not) whenever and to whomever you choose. The purpose of this commentary is not to debate the merits of prayer itself, but to more closely analyze the prayer events currently being organized.