U.S. will control Iraq and its people, and oil (or drugs in the case of Afghanistan) will again flow uninterrupted, thus enabling large profits for a select few. Another similarity between the first operation in Afghanistan with its target of Osama bin Laden and the Iraqi regime change campaign is the fact that Saddam Hussein’s location or true status may most likely remain largely unknown. Will this regurgitated script ever change, and who will expose the ruse? How is it possible so many intelligent people either cannot or will not see the situation clearly?

While the ‘war on terrorism’ and the liberation of oppressed peoples are ongoing overseas, Western governments continue to strengthen their control over domestic populations. In the meantime, the majority of those affected by the loss of individual freedoms are preoccupied with endless war coverage, an ominous economic situation or banal entertainment pursuits. The blatant erosion of liberties continues at an unprecedented pace, and currently, many devoted servants of the elite are now proposing that changes in security laws crafted to purportedly counteract terrorism in the aftermath of September 11, 2001 remain permanent.

The latest focal points in the ‘War on Terror’ are already moving toward Syria and Iran. During the past three weeks of ‘Operation Iraqi Freedom’, Syria has been accused of aiding the regime of Saddam Hussein against the coalition forces, and has been warned to cease those activities by Donald Rumsfeld. Mr. Rumsfeld also issued a warning directed against Iran at the same time. This entire Iraqi operation has thrown an already volatile area of the world into further chaos. A Holy War (Jihad) has been declared against coalition forces by a Russian Islamic organization (previously declared last when Hitler attacked Russia during World War 2), Arab volunteers have reportedly been streaming into Iraq from bordering nations, and various Arab leaders have strongly condemned coalition activities. Now the latest ‘evidence’ indicates Syria may be helping supporters of the Iraqi regime to escape into that country. Sounds like the perfect pretext to move conveniently positioned coalition forces into Damascus and annihilate that regime as well!

The people of the Middle East, Moslems in particular, are beginning to view the policy of pre-emptive attacks as an assault on Islam itself. It is clear that unrest and more genuine terrorist acts against the West could become the end result partly due to the strategies fashioned by the coalition’s leaders. It is beyond any doubt that the ‘order out of chaos’ method is working precisely as intended!

Another issue of extreme importance is North Korea and its nuclear program. This country repeatedly threatens its neighbors (Japan and South Korea), and continues to demonstrate a willingness (it seems almost an eagerness) to engage the U.S. in a nuclear exchange. The war in Iraq appears to have convinced the North Korean government that their country is the next target in this unending war (against humanity). Not unexpectedly, the government of Kim Jong II communicates its intent to defend itself from aggression, even if it means mutually assured destruction. As this dangerous game of nuclear “truth or dare” plays out in the days, months or years to come, countless lives could be lost on both sides of the Pacific, and we can never allow ourselves or others to forget who helped arm North Korea and the rest of the ‘axis of evil’ in the first place!

Given the above information, it is truly surprising that a public outcry of an extreme magnitude is not heard around the world against this sheer madness, but only a few voices advocating true freedom are discernable (though rapidly growing in numbers). Those of us who have reviewed and understand the widely available and easily recognizable script of the elite’s plans should consistently and calmly point out the ludicrously obvious to anyone who will listen. The events and circumstances surrounding the phony war on terror are little more than recycled, repetitious lies used to coerce a complacent public into allowing the complete destruction of their freedoms, while at the same time destroying the world. We must immediately redouble our efforts to win the information war and expose the false paradigm before it is too late.

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The Script Has Not Changed: Here We Go Again

By Rob Ronning

Now that the outcome of the war with Iraq seems reasonably certain (was it ever really in question?), the global elite is preparing to move into the next phase of the ‘war on terrorism’. If the 2002 operation in Afghanistan and the outcome obtained there is any indication of future events, terrorism within the rest of the ‘axis of evil’ member nations will rapidly replace the media and governmental focus currently centered on Iraq and Saddam Hussein. A puppet government taking orders from the U.N. and the