advertising campaign urging everyone to take a variety of shots for their “protection” without questioning the validity of the purported benefits or the possible adverse effects. 

This campaign starts with childhood immunizations, such as measles, mumps and etc.  I recently heard a local radio commercial advocating infant immunization.  The advertisement begins by listing both affluent and poorer sections of the city while describing how vulnerable and unsafe all areas are to “criminals”, regardless of location.  As the radio ad continues, it characterizes the criminal element as chicken pox, whooping cough, and other childhood diseases.  The commercial ends by advising all parents that the only way to ensure their children are protected from these “criminals” is through immunization.  It seems the purpose of this commercial is to convince reticent or uninformed parents using fear (I cannot imagine any parent who wants their child to be stricken with disease!) that immunization is the ultimate way to keep their children safe from harm.

What this commercial fails to mention are the possible side effects of immunizations.  It also neglects to inform the public of foreign substances, such as
cancer, which have, without any valid explanation, been found in some vaccines.  A number of children have such adverse reactions to commonly administered vaccinations they require hospitalization, and some even die.  In other extreme cases, there are reports of children developing autism after a series of vaccines are administered.  Since the purpose of advertising is to focus on the positive aspects of the product, it is a logical conclusion that the considerably negative side of the product is completely ignored.  According to this commercial, all responsible parents will undoubtedly have their children immunized!

Even adult immunizations are increasingly being recommended.  It is becoming almost as common for adults to have yearly influenza shots, as it is for infants and children to be routinely immunized.  Some experts feel that the “flu shot” is an integral part of health maintenance, while others doubt its benefits.  Since it is a reasonably well-known fact that the influenza virus
mutates continuously, how can anyone believe they are effectively immunized with just one yearly injection of last year’s virus strains?  In this case, subtle messaging suggests that whenever those with medical knowledge offer an immunization, everyone should take it regardless of any side effects or its real value to your health.   We are under constant pressure to take any immunization offered without question and are being trained that this is a normal and acceptable practice.  What does the average person really know about the composition of vaccines injected into our bodies? 

Now that the precedent of routine, universal vaccinations has been firmly established, the possibility of a bio-terrorist induced Smallpox outbreak is constantly being reported in all outlets of the mainstream media. The Smallpox vaccine is also being sold to the public as the best counteraction to this threat.  Like influenza, many strains of the Smallpox virus are in existence.  Several variations of this virus may have been converted into biological weapons and could possibly be released upon an unsuspecting public.  The Smallpox vaccine currently being produced and used for inoculation
may not even be effective for some weapons-grade variants.

If one single outbreak of Smallpox occurs anywhere in the Western hemisphere, our government has announced the incident will be treated as a biological terrorist attack, since Smallpox was eradicated from the world about 25 years ago.  Any outbreak would also trigger mass, required Smallpox
vaccinations and quarantines.  Since the incidence of death and extreme illness is markedly higher for the Smallpox vaccine than for any other vaccine currently available, (between 14 and 52 people per 1 million could become life threateningly ill and 1 or 2 may die) our government has relieved the manufacturers and healthcare professionals from liability for future complications caused by the vaccine with the recent passage of the Homeland Security Act!

This unfolding scenario appears to have become less about advertising a product, and more like blatant manipulation through force.  Not only will the demand be mandated, but also the manufacturer of the product and those who administer it will not be held liable for any malfunctions that occur.  Our government is setting the stage to inoculate us with any agent they choose, at any time without any benefit of legal recourse.  The mainstream media aids this endeavor by consistently re-enforcing public fears of terrorism and advocating a slavish obedience to the government as the answer to this fear.  It becomes increasingly clear that those who have mandated the Smallpox vaccination plans will stage an outbreak setting this scheme into motion to gain further control over us. 

Why would any sane, thoughtful person tolerate such blatant corruption and gross manipulation?  Do we allow those who are supposed be providing government for the people to take complete and total control of us in this manner?  Are we so blinded by fear and the belief in the benevolence of our government that we continue in our apathy, or do we take preventative action?  It is not too late to stand up and let everyone know the nature of this developing criminal scam.  We must awaken our friends and neighbors to the reality of this situation.  If we unite and resist together, we can quite possibly avert the disaster that the criminals in control have conspired to produce!

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Immunizations: The Advertising Campaign and the Smallpox Connection

By Rob Ronning

Advertising and rampant consumerism now bombard modern society to the point that many people barely recognize a commercial when they are subjected to it, but rather are led by the feelings experienced as they view, read or listen to advertising material. This development has allowed increased and unprecedented manipulation of the masses through various mediums. America and the rest of the Western world is being subjected to a concerted