lacking the self-respect, morality or social grace to constrain behavior within civilized boundaries.

Alex Jones wrote an excellent
article recently describing an experience he had in a movie theatre. He described the actions of the people he encountered as extremely rude and impolite, with no regard for their fellow moviegoers. This type of experience is growing more and more common. The American public appears to be reverting to a form of barbarism. Rather than becoming more civilized, as may be expected of a mature civilization, we appear to be descending into a culture lacking in morality, common decency, and respect for our fellow citizens.
As a member of the sixties generation, I find myself yearning for the simpler and gentler times of my youth, and wondering how we have arrived at our current decadent lifestyle. During my youth, the AIDS virus was still residing in a test tube somewhere waiting to be unleashed on an unsuspecting world. Cocaine was not yet a socially accepted drug, and most of my generation truly cared about making this world a better place. Playboy and Penthouse magazines were the hardest pornography easily available. Graphic violence and sex were censored from network television. This lifestyle is not available to our children unfortunately.

Every day I find myself inundated by constant examples of previously unknown depths of decadence. Let me assure you that I have not led a sheltered life, and hold no inhibitions against enjoying all that life has to offer within the boundaries of Christian morality and common sense. Watching the football playoffs last weekend, I was shocked by the commercials bordering on pornography. A Miller beer commercial displayed two women ripping each other’s clothes off and mud wrestling on network television. Millions of children throughout the world watched this atrocious display. Teenage girls are commonly dressed as provocatively as prostitutes. Lewd tattoos and body piercing are covering the bodies of today’s youth.  Heterosexual, homosexual, and lesbian sex is publicly exposed in every sector of society. Our youth are being taught that this behavior is normal and accepted. Self-respect and respect for the rights of others has diminished to the point of being almost non-existent in America.

The majority of Americans are so obsessed with wringing every available pleasure out of life that they have lost all sense of morality. The primary goal of most Americans today is to accumulate as much money as possible using any means necessary, with absolutely no compassion for anyone less fortunate. Paganism is the fastest growing belief system in western civilization. The sex slave trade is flourishing. New reports of pedophilia are reported daily. Pornography and Gambling are legal and commonplace in most areas of the country. Marriage is a failed institution. Changing partners occurs as often as changing clothes. Traditional family life is old fashioned and unusual in this day and age. Trust in neighbors and acquaintances are virtually unknown. Workplaces have been transformed into mercenary environments with a complete lack of social conscience. Darwinism is the cornerstone of the twenty-first century. Instant gratification is demanded and expected. Our political and financial ruling elites, including Bill Clinton (Monica Lewinsky) and Kenneth Lay (Enron), have displayed their true lack of moral responsibility and provide typical role models for this new era. Aleister Crowley’s aphorism “Do what thou wilt” has become the guiding theme in America.

How could American culture change so dramatically in thirty years? Are we to believe that this is accidental, or the natural progression of a mature civilization? Why are organized religions accepting, and in some cases, quietly condoning this behavior? This is where I part ways with Mr. Brzezinski. He states that our current societal ills are a result of being victims of our own success. This is what happens when our lives are too easy, he says.

You would be foolish to accept that this transformation is anything less that an organized conspiracy to destroy the very structure of American society. There is a sophisticated plot being brought to fruition to transform America from a society of strong moral patriots into a herd of instinctive animals scrambling for whatever crumbs the government decides are necessary to appease and placate. Our current society is the result of a concerted effort by the international elite Globalists intent upon destroying America utilizing associates from every area of the media, education, and government to further their desire for world domination.

To understand how we arrived at this state, it is necessary to analyze where the influences on our behavior originate. In retrospect, the changes wrought in sixties revolution appears to be the opening salvo in the war for our morality. After John F. Kennedy’s assassination, people became disillusioned. The dream of greatness was somehow dissipated by this tragic loss. The legalization of birth control and abortions allowed that generation’s youth to experiment with non-marital sex secure in the knowledge that they could avoid having children as a result. The drug revolution of this era was another field of attack. The Beatles, Grateful Dead, and other rock bands made the proliferation and public acceptance of the drug culture popular. Added to the mix were the atrocities of the Vietnam War, and the ensuing anti-war protests that caused serious dissention among the American people.  This resulted in a revolution against the mores of previous generations. Was the introduction of these behavior modifications a strategy devised to achieve their desired goal of decimation of the culture that made America the most powerful nation in the world? The implementation of these changes required political assistance, control over education, and coordination with major financial interests.
As an active participant of the sixties revolution, I believed that I was exploring new cultural territory and changing the world. Imagine my disappointment when I discovered that my actions and beliefs were playing directly into the hands of the Globalists! We have become victims of diabolical social engineering in an attempt to convert us into characters from George Orwell’s“1984” and Aldous Huxley’s “Future Shock”.

The primary disseminators of corrupt hedonistic propaganda are Hollywood and the media. Very few members of the current generation read classic and quality literature for entertainment. They are obtaining their moral underpinnings through cinema and television. Movies of the past consisted of stories of heroes and heroines with strong nationalistic patriotism and moral character, and contained little graphic violence or pornography. Today this is no longer the norm. Action movies contain horrific scenes of unimaginable violence. Late night cable television is permeated with every perversion imaginable. Monogamous heterosexual relationships are derided and ridiculed. The current generation is growing insensitive to this behavior. They are being indoctrinated into accepting violence and perversion as normal. Video games are a prime example of how the entertainment industry is corrupting our youth by providing games championing violence, crime, and pornography.

We are told that the entertainment industry is only satisfying the desires of their audiences. This is not the case. Producers and screenwriters are following guidelines from their financial investors and political leaders when creating their productions that display hedonistic and immoral attitudes as the preferred attitudes of society. Forget about leading patriotic morally responsible lives, that is no fun. The line between reality and fantasy is growing faint. It appears that news programs and television shows are using the same material. No longer is the American public able to rely on the media to portray strong moral values.

The National Education Association (NEA) is the driving force behind transforming the American education system into a training camp for New World Order minions. Globalists have been pouring funds into the tax-free NEA Foundation and major Universities for decades, thereby guiding the higher education curriculum to meet their requirements. By controlling the leaders of educational institutions, it is not necessary to control the majority of teachers. By indoctrinating the leaders of education, then the teachers and the students will follow the path charted for them.  Acknowledged communists have been appointed to leading educational positions, with the intention of molding our youth into model citizens of the state. Herbert Marcuse, an avowed Marxist with deep ties to the Eastern Establishment, is one of the original leaders of this movement. His novel “One Dimensional Man”, a blueprint for behavior modification through education, is evidence of their plan to mold our youth through education. That infiltration is now almost complete and the successful results are apparent. This phenomenon has been described as the “Dumbing down of America”. An ignorant population is much easier to control. God and the Ten Commandments are no longer allowed in the classroom. This lack of knowledge of moral responsibility has had the desired effect of instilling few genuine values in the students. They are taught, “If it feels good, do it”. Humanism is the prevailing value of our educators. Political correctness has become synonymous with Atheism, and is enforced in all public schools.

These coordinated actions could not be successful without the assistance of our Government. The Executive, Legislative, and Judicial branches have worked in concert to further this complex many-faceted attack on our culture. The past is replete with examples of favorable judgments that assisted this steady progression towards destruction of what made America great.

From Roe vs. Wade to the recent pronouncement of the ninth circuit court of appeals disallowing the pledge of allegiance in schools, this complicity is well documented.

Why are the Globalists intent on destroying the moral fiber of America? Subjugating a population can be accomplished either overtly or covertly. An overt takeover would require bloodshed, and generate negative reactions that would reverberate throughout the world. A covert takeover, by the shadow government executing an agenda hidden from public view, is a much more desirable methodology. Adolph Hitler and Joseph Stalin learned this lesson well. Using cultural and economic weapons, an uneducated population spoiled by hedonistic pleasures and a luxurious lifestyle will succumb to tyranny gladly if convinced that this acquiescence will restore a semblance of their former way of life. By destroying self-respect, moral beliefs, education, and strong family cohesion, you are removing the underlying strength of character necessary to stand up to tyranny and anarchy. Historically, decadence precedes the destruction of an empire. The Globalists are exerting every effort to enhance the process of decay in America in preparation for their upcoming worldwide tyrannical dictatorship.

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Hedonistic Cornucopia: The Destruction of America

By Mike Schelstrate

Zbigniew Brzezinski coined the term Hedonistic Cornucopia in his book “Out of Control”. Believe me, I am no fan of this infamous Globalist and founding member of the Trilateral Commission. In fact, I study his literary works in the spirit of “Know thy Enemies”. To my amazement, after filtering out typical New World Order propaganda, the specific hypothesis he proposed has struck a chord with me as a valuable prognosis of many problems facing our society today. The theory depicts the obsession of Americans to obtain an overflowing cup of possessions and excessive pleasurable entertainment, while