Documents have been released recently that describe how the Israeli Likud administration privately funded Hamas in order to destabilize the Palestinian situation, and cause unrest to create an excuse for assuming greater control of the occupied territories. This exacerbated the racial unrest between the Israeli and Palestinians. Many people now believe that the attacks on September 11 were instigated partially for similar reasons. Mass media is now preaching the evils of Arabs and the Islamic religion, and how they created the terrorists. Will this propaganda succeed in convincing the average American to hate Muslims as the Israelis hate the Arabs, thus giving our government the support they require to proceed with their planned attacks? Hegelian philosophy of Problem, Reaction, Solution is a favorite tool of the Globalists. Create terrorists attacks so that the government is able to pose as the saviors while implementing a draconian Police State, all in the name of protecting the citizens. Terrorist attacks will also allow the military hawks to proceed to move against their created enemies with the full support of the voters. The Israelis attacks against the Middle Eastern Arabs are eerily similar to the Bush Administrations planned attack on Iraq. In addition, terrorist attacks will cause the population to focus on the war headlines, and not apply their attentions to important domestic problems such as the economy that the government is attempting to shield from public view. One of the most flagrant examples of successful psychological warfare propagated against the American people is the successful dissemination of the merging of Osama Bin laden and Saddam Hussein. There are now many Americans who believe Osama and Saddam are the same person! This method of mind control has been perfected in Israel with various Arab enemies.

Mainstream media in Israel is completely controlled by the government by their own admission, supposedly for security purposes. The official government censors must approve all political articles. They allow the normal discourse between the Labor and Likud parties, but not the complete facts concerning the actions of the government to be disseminated by the press. Does this sound familiar? All we hear on the news are the Republicans and Democrats arguing over trivial issues. Condoleeza Rice is in constant contact with the media controlling the distribution of news for "National Security" purposes. Does Fox News, CNN, or MSNBC present us with a true picture of what our government is really doing to its people any more than the Israeli press?

The Israel Defense Forces now routinely perform assassinations and torture of prisoners with the full knowledge of their people. These abominations must be performed for your security, states the government and media. Daily incursions into the West Bank and Gaza Strip report murders of children with hardly a complaint by either the press or the citizenry. The US military has begun performing similar assassination operations throughout the world. How long will it be before we begin to see military operations in our “Homeland” become commonplace, in the name of security? There are frequent editorials in American media claiming justification for torture of enemy combatants, and removal of their civil rights. It appears that we are learning the lessons of Israel quickly.

The Intifada, instigated in part by the Israeli government sponsored Hamas, has resulted in extreme security measures being enacted in Israel. A true police state requires that the population be traumatized into allowing their government to take complete control of their lives. This is what has happened in Israel. Under the guise of security from Palestinian terrorists, the daily routine for an average Israeli citizen has to assume the presence of the military on almost every corner and at the entrance to shopping malls. Countless searches and innumerable delays are commonplace. Apparently, the citizens of Israel have gladly accepted these draconian controls under the guise of security; will Americans react the same way? Highway checkpoints and the Total Information Awareness program are now an accepted part of our culture. These are the initial steps to complete government control of our every movement, just as the Israeli citizens have succumbed to similar impositions of personal liberty.

Recently I read an editorial in the Israeli newspaper Ha'aretz entitled "Giving us the willies". This editorial discussed how the Israeli government is distributing multiple warnings regarding the possibility of Iraq attacking Israel with weapons of mass destruction. The statements conclude with reassurances that their military was prepared, and would protect their citizens against these future attacks. You may need to give up more your liberties, but it is all for your own good.  It struck me that this author could easily be talking about our current situation in the US. Is it possible that the Globalists have been using the state of Israel as a proving ground to test their plans for implementation of Orwellian population control? The result of these premeditated actions by the Israeli government and military has been the complete control of the civilian population inside Israel. Friends of mine who have traveled to Israel have told me horror stories about military checkpoints. Being stopped by officials and enduring demands for identification are an hourly occurrence. It is next to impossible to travel over five miles inside Israel without being confronted by the military demanding to know where you are going, and the purpose of your visit. The Israelis now accept these impositions on their privacy as a part of their normal existence, blaming it on the hated Arabs. The blame should be placed directly on their own government who carefully crafted the situation to fulfill their goal of complete control of their citizenry. Do not be surprised to observe the same impositions on our privacy when the Globalists are confident of their success in Israel.

The recent reelection of Ariel Sharon to the post of Prime Minister is another example of just how far the Globalists have proceeded with their psychological takeover of Israel. Despite rampant corruption uncovered during the elections, Sharon won handily on the premise that he is the only candidate able to guarantee the safety of the population. Interviews with voters are consistently skeptical and downbeat. Typical statements include, “There is no longer any hope for peace”, “I do not agree with the policies of Sharon, but what other choice do we have”. Maybe this explains why the new Shinui secular party won a surprising large number of seats in the Knesset. The voters are aware that their votes did not truly matter as far as the Palestinian situation is concerned, so why not vote for a new political party with a radical platform that promotes popular domestic issues. The recent election recorded the lowest voter turnout in Israeli history. Political apathy is rampant. This may just be what the Likud party and Sharon was hoping to accomplish. Keep the citizenry intimidated and afraid, and the politicians are able to complete their takeover of the country. The past presidential elections in the United States began to resemble Israeli elections. Apathy was rampant. Most voters realized that the choice was between the lesser of two evils. Is the Bush administration planning to implement additional psychological warfare against the American people in time for the reelection campaign in 2004? I shutter to think what their plans may entail!

Will the Globalist successes in testing their imposition of a Police State in Israel give them the assurances they require to continue with similar steps here in the US? The media constantly reports suspicions of possible horrific attacks with weapons of mass destruction. This  fear-mongering succeeds in keeping everyone uneasy regarding their personal safety. A few more terrorist attacks on our soil, and more false reports on the news channels, may create enough fear in the general population to empower the Globalists to continue with their plans for further tyranny here in the US. Will the American people stand up for their rights any more than the Israelis have?

What psychological warfare tactic will be experimented with next in Israel as further testing of the public reaction? Maybe a biological or chemical attack? Israel has already instigated a smallpox vaccine program for their entire population. Citizens are being instructed to prepare for a possible future attack by stockpiling water, food staples, medicine and even gas masks! Will the IDF respond to Iraq with an atomic bomb as has been hinted by their media? Whatever befalls Israel next may very well be repeated in America shortly afterwards, once the Globalists experiment with the reaction of the population, and determine the successful methodology, in their chosen proving ground. Will Americans future daily lives be lived in the same atmosphere of fear and oppression as that accepted by the average Israeli citizen today?

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Israel as Globalist Proving Ground

By Mike Schelstrate

Growing up in the Midwest, we used to prophesy, “The current lifestyle and culture in California will be popular in our region in a few years”. This proved to be true the majority of the time. I believe this same analogy can now be applied to Israel. What has been happening in Israel over the last decade is what our life in the US will be like in the near future. Significant portions of the population of Israel are immigrants from Europe and America. What better place to test the Globalist Police State implementation procedures than a "western democracy" with a similar melting pot of people?