responsibility. There is sufficient evidence today to proceed with impeachment procedures against this illegal ruling body. This organization should be disbanded, and all of its members charged with treason! Maybe we should propose that the members be brought up before one of their “achievements”, the new International Criminal Court.

The CFR was founded in 1921 as the demise of Woodrow Wilson’s brainchild, the League of Nations, became apparent with the failure of Congress to ratify the treaty. The Rockefeller dynasty and Colonel Mandel House, the power behind Wilson, were the driving force behind the creation of the Council on Foreign Relations. One needs only to study Colonel House’s novel “Phillip Dru, Administrator” to obtain a preview of the foundation this organization was built on, and the plan for the complete takeover of America by a socialist dictatorship. David Rockefeller continues to be involved with the direction of the organization today. Their mandate is to exert control over elected officials and official policy to further their ambitions of global economic and military domination. It now appears that they are very close to realizing this lofty goal. American intervention into the Second World War was crafted by this organization with the express purpose of creating their new International organizations; the United Nations, International Monetary Fund, and World Bank. Through these agencies, the CFR exerts their power and labor to fulfill their nefarious Global conquest.

One of the goals stated on their website is to “Identify and nurture the next generation of foreign policy leaders”. This goal can be interpreted to mean that the CFR searches out the best and brightest, indoctrinates them in the proscribed doctrine, and then supports their selection to important positions in government, media and educational institutions. By this method, the CFR is guaranteed the loyalty of future leaders to perform their required duties to further the private aims of the CFR.

Recently, I read the novel “Three Wise Men”. I must tell you that these three men did not appear to be very wise to me. In fact, their entire careers were complete disasters for our country. They stumbled through one bad decision after another beginning with the end of World War II, and continuing through the Vietnam conflict. At least this is what appears to have happened. The alternate view that they were actually working towards the goal of the destruction of America is a distinct possibility.  Of course, all three were members in good standing of the CFR. After absorbing this narrative and many others, I have grown increasingly concerned about the viability of our past and current government representatives. It appears that small, select groups of individuals from the “Eastern Establishment”, most graduates of Ivy League institutions and select private societies including Skull and Bones of Yale University, have held the reins of our government for the entire last century! It is not important which political party is in office, a quick perusal of administration staffs produce a proliferation of CFR members in the highest positions in both Democratic and Republican parties. Every president in recent history has been a member in good standing. America deserves better leadership than this. Our government has been purchased by the International Bankers of Wall Street, and the CFR is their chosen method of executing their commands. When I hear that the panderer and king of corruption Bill Clinton is addressing the Council on some new Globalist scheme, as he has quite frequently recently, this is more proof that we should not depend on this group of people to run our affairs!

For many years, the CFR had operated incognito, avoiding contact with the press, and attempted to suppress knowledge of their activities. Over the last century, loyal members of Congress have attempted many times to rid our government of this evil. Every attempt has failed. Now, they are so secure in their position, that influential leaders proudly proclaim their membership without fear of reprisal. I discovered recently that one of the first copies of their periodical, Foreign Affairs, signed by Vladimir Lenin, is on proud display in their hallway. Why would the infamous Soviet leader Lenin be hailed as a great member of this organization? Is it possible that the CFR is a proponent of the proliferation of Communism? I believe this to be true.

The CFR controlled media carefully prepared the public to perceive this organization as a benevolent group of patriarchs who selflessly devote their lives and fortunes to serve the government and have the best interests of America in mind at all times. Currently, active members are common guests on the cable news networks, portrayed as experts in governmental affairs. This is an understatement.  The members of the CFR are the designers of the policy of Washington, and the CIA is their private police force. The CFR publication Foreign Affairs is a precursor to future American Foreign policy. I have been reading this periodical for years. It is unbelievable how often our government enacts the policies shortly after their dissemination in their journal.

Careful examination of every disaster America has been involved in over the last century is sufficient proof to build the case against these Globalists that exert their power illegally and immorally. You will find their imprints on every single national disaster, normally to the profit of this elite insider group. A closer examination of the hidden goals will show that their achievements are not in the best interest of the America public. On the contrary, their obvious aims include the subjugation of America to a Global government controlled by the International bankers and Globalists. An example of their most influential membership is Henry Kissinger, the international criminal who is afraid to travel overseas out of fear that he will be arrested and charged with crimes against Humanity.

The Bush administration reads like a CFR all stars ballot. Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Colin Powell, Condoleeza Rice, and the list continue through every senior member of the staff running our government. The current administration is the crowning achievement of this organization. They now have more control over our government than they have ever had. The results are evident. The entire world is boiling over with the threat of war. We are just weeks away from a possible World War III. The CFR is creating worldwide chaos, just as they have planned for decades. Does anyone really believe that this group of criminals is concerned with the best interests of the America as they proudly proclaim in their literature? The rest of the world is painfully aware of the path to disaster the CFR is leading us towards; only our own citizens remain blissfully unaware of the great dangers facing the world today carefully put into place by the CFR.

The American people need to wake up, throw these people out of office by implementing impeachment procedures, and close down the CFR for the last time before it is too late! We do not need marches for peace; we need marches declaring our desire to root out this deep-seated corruption. Then peace will follow, and America can once again take its rightful place on the world stage secure in the knowledge that we are truly the land of the free and the home of the brave.

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Impeach the Council on Foreign Relations

By Mike Schelstrate

As many of us are undoubtedly aware, the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) is in control of the shadow government that is actually running our country. Their membership includes many of the elite of American government, financial, and educational institutions. The CFR’s complete control over the domestic and foreign policy of America being unquestionable, this organization needs to be confronted with the spectacular list of failures of their policy since they took over our government. With power comes