The legacy of War for money by western civilization dates back to the early days of the East India Tea Company and the British South African Company. These chartered corporations established a trend of conquest for profit that has been adhered to by European and American interests over the last two centuries. The approval of the citizenry for this pillaging of foreign lands was managed by control over the media and bribing politicians. America is guilty of meddling in the domestic politics of many sovereign nations to enhance corporate profits in our hemisphere including Guatemala, Nicaragua, and Venezuela. Globalization is the term coined for the current wave of Imperialism that is willing to change regimes and instigate wars in order to increase profits and gain influence over financial matters. The game has remained the same; only the players and terminology has changed over time. The common citizen pays the price with his life throughout all of these capricious Imperialistic adventures.

The sinking of the Lusitania served at the impetus for our entering the First World War. Expedia clearly states that the Germans had attempted to warn Americans not to travel aboard this ship because it was illegally transporting arms to Britain. Unfortunately, the media controlled by the International Bankers did not allow these warnings to be distributed prior to departure to any newspapers except the St. Louis Post-Dispatch (which must have fell through the cracks), far away from the loading dock in New York City. Woodrow Wilson, who ran on a platform of “We will not go to War”, shortly after his inauguration promoted American involvement in the war. Further investigation will disclose that the Wall Street bankers demanded our entry into the War to secure their loans made to the British government to finance the War. Millions of American lives were sacrificed for the profits of Wall Street. The American economy expanded after the war by profiting in the war spoils, just as the financiers anticipated. The Roaring Twenties were financed with the blood of American soldiers. Another example of Imperialism at its finest!

The Great Depression followed this period of expansion. The Eastern Establishment determined that the best way to end the Depression was to enter another war. Pearl Harbor provided the provocation for America entering World War Two. Our intelligence organizations had prior knowledge of this Japanese attack, and suppressed this information. President Roosevelt was elected on an Isolationist ticket with prior knowledge that he intended to enter the war. The atrocity of Pearl Harbor gave FDR the public opinion necessary to involve the USA in this war. Sacrificing millions more American lives was not important to the Eastern Establishment. Their families were well protected from the horrors of the front line, their children instead being awarded medals while safely ensconced in Washington offices. The boom of the fifties and the sixties followed. Once again, the International bankers invested the lives of American citizens to expand the economy and increase their personal riches.

An even more disturbing trend (if that is possible) emerged in the conflicts following the two World Wars. The Vietnam, Balkans, and the Gulf War conflicts were rooted in trade and financial ambitions. Rather than generating expansions of the economy that eventually trickled down to the average citizen, these conflicts enriched a more select group in corporations and individuals. No longer did the booty from war trickle down to the general population. These conflicts barely maintained the current standard of living. The American economy has reached a point where the Financiers are required to either sacrifice their capital and profits, or create new conflicts to avoid financial collapse. The winners in these wars are the defense contractors and multinational corporations; with the losers being the brave soldiers whom selflessly gave their lives for their country.

The blowback from the American public caused by the Vietnam War taught our military and political leaders a valuable lesson. Americans will no longer accept huge loss of life from unnecessary conflicts to enrich the Military Industrial Complex currently in control of our government. That is why the Balkan and Gulf wars minimized the loss of life, and consisted primarily of safe bombing runs. This compassion apparently did not extend to the thousands of lives lost on the ground in these conflicts. Public support for the war continued as long as American lives were not sacrificed to fill the coffers of greedy imperialists. The Globalists answer to this has been to manufacture a new demon called “Terrorism” that will attack us on our own soil. Their plan is for this new threat to ensure Americans willingness to sacrifice their lives. The Military Industrial Complex now requires another major war to satisfy their ambitions, and many lives will be lost under the guise of fighting the faceless enemy named Terrorism.

Currently we are facing the latest endeavor by the Globalists to force regime change and seize control of the resources of a sovereign nation. Over 200,000 American soldiers have already been deployed to the Middle East, many of them Reservists and National Guard units. Like all sane people, I realize that Saddam Hussein is a malevolent dictator. This is not the issue. An examination of the true causes for the Bush Administrations attack on Iraq reveal that removing Saddam Hussein from power is not the true reason for this conflict. Oil and power are the primary underlying motivation for the planned invasion. The lofty goals behind this upcoming war include seizing control of the entire Middle East oil supply. How many American lives will be sacrificed this time to fill the pockets of greedy corporate leaders? The entire world is demonstrating against this war. It is clear that people are aware that this is an unjust war. Bush has absolutely no public or international support for his ambitious plans. Unfortunately, public opinion is not important to these bloodthirsty imperialists. They are so blinded by their greed and ambitions that nothing will be able to stop this incessant drive towards war. How far will they go to energize the necessary public opinion into approving of this war? The nauseating blatant propaganda on the cable news stations is not working. Will we be required to experience further terrorist attacks to secure public approval? Sacrifice your freedom and your children to protect your neighborhood is the new rallying cry.

The entire world is coalescing together in a last ditch attempt to stop this aggression. Russia, France and Germany have stated that they will not allow the most recent UN Resolution calling for a Military takeover of Iraq to be passed by the Security Council. This is an unprecedented event in recent history. Turkey has refused to allow us to use their land to stage a northern offensive. Colin Powell is obviously uncomfortable delivering the Bush Administration message. I wonder how well he is sleeping? The Bush Administration war machine is isolating us from our allies, and generating resentment towards the United States throughout the world. Fifty years of diplomacy is being destroyed. Many people are not aware of the serious situation we are currently experiencing. World War III is being instigated for no apparent reason. Millions of lives are in the balance to fulfill the mad ambitions of the Eastern Establishment. The Great Game is being played once again on a grand scale, and the losers will be our youth, as they have been repeatedly throughout history.

Slogans proclaim, “Our Country needs you to give up your lives to protect our Nation.” They should read “The government needs you to sacrifice your lives to save the economy that they ruined by their greed.” When will we stop this unnecessary warmongering? The citizens of the world need to continue and expand their protests. American people remaining on the sidelines need to turn off their televisions, and stand up against this tyranny. Americans should never again be required to give their lives to further enrich the International Bankers! War is NOT good Business!

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War is Good Business: Invest Your Son

By Mike Schelstrate

During the Vietnam War era, one of the popular slogans of the anti-war movement was “War is good business, invest your son.” This sad analogy continues to apply today. Power hungry Imperialists promote war; International Banks and Defense contractors, many owned and managed by ex-Pentagon chiefs, realize the majority of the profits generated from supplying the goods and services required by the execution of war, and the geopolitical advantages gained by the conquest. The American public is encouraged through manufactured patriotism, and at times coerced by the Military Draft, to provide the manpower necessary to the Military. The result is that the corporate executives reap huge profits while the average American family grieves for their children murdered for profit. I would venture to guess that not one military member put in harms way on the front lines will be a son or daughter of the government and corporate leaders promoting the war effort. This is a reoccurring event throughout history. A study of the major wars of the twentieth century will reveal that American involvement has been planned and instigated by the Military Industrial Complex and the International Bankers in each instance.