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What is really happening in Venezuela is completely opposite of what Geraldo and other American news sources are reporting as an authoritarian takeover by communist thugs. This is another familiar story of the American government interfering with a foreign nation in order to control their resources. Unintended consequences are the order of the day in Venezuela. Globalization and the Bush Administration have suffered a major defeat in this distressed country. The American CIA has tried every trick in the book to eliminate the democratically elected president Hugo Chavez. Control of Venezuelan politics is essential for the Bush Administrations plan to destroy, or at the very least minimize the power of OPEC. Venezuela is an important game piece in the Grand Oil Chessboard.

The United States official foreign policy of supporting democracy and free elections has backfired in Venezuela. Years of greed by capitalist puppets trained by the CIA has created an unstoppable surge of anti-Americanism among the populace. The elite ruling class has run roughshod over the peasantry for generations under the direction of American interests. Cozy arrangements between the US State department, US Oil conglomerates, and corrupt officials of the Venezuelan government, National Oil Company and Corporations, and the ensuing expansion of poverty have created a groundswell of resentment among the citizens.

An excellent reference for true reporting on Latin America is
http://www.narconews.com. I am no fan of Mr. Chavez’s socialistic political philosophy. His association with Cuba, North Korea and other communist regimes concerns me greatly. My assertion is that his administration was elected by a landslide victory in 1998. America has no right to overthrow this government, whether we agree with its policies or not. Apparently, the USA supports democracy only as long as the elections favor American interests. Hugo Chavez is a living nightmare for the power brokers in Washington, New York and Houston, and they are doing everything possible to remove him from power.

Last April 11 a failed coup was executed against Chavez. This attempted overthrow was coordinated by the CIA and corrupt executives, including the owners of the media outlets, organized into opposition parties. These parties are a façade created by the wealthy business owners in an attempt to regain their previous hold on the country. Throughout the struggle, the media has portrayed the Chavez government as exerting tyrannical powers to quell the unrest. This entire exercise was an orchestrated attempt to dispose of Chavez by spreading untrue propaganda to news outlets throughout the world in order to create sympathy for the usurpers. Our CIA operatives worked hand in hand with the organizers of the rebellion. Our mainstream press continuously upheld the coup as the only hope for a democratic government in Venezuela; when actually, if the coup had succeeded, the previous corruption would have continued unabated and created another failed democracy. Luckily, this coup attempt was not successful. Immediately following this failure, Condoleeza Rice reported that the US government was not involved in the failed coup attempt, when everyone in Venezuela and the world knows that the CIA operatives were the instigators. When suspicions were raised, the story quickly faded from the American news outlets. These actions are reprehensible! What happened to fair and balanced reporting?

The mainstream media tell us that the current ongoing strike is a battle between an authoritarian government and a grassroots democratic organization. This is typical Orwellian doublespeak. In actuality, the Chavez administration appears to be the grassroots movement with the support of the majority of the people consisting of  the worker and lower classes of society. The minority middle and upper class people who benefited the most from the rampant corruption that existed prior to the 1998 elections are perpetuating the strike. The previous administration had expanded the large gap between the rich and poor classes in Venezuela, instigating the rise of Chavez and his party.
Finally, the common citizens’ voice is being heard with the election of Hugo Chavez. I have a hard time finding fault with citizens rising up to defend their right to equal economic opportunity. Maybe this type of popular democratic usurpation of the elite is what is needed in our own country to clear out the cesspool that is in Washington currently.

The latest spin coming from our government propaganda machine is the demand for early elections in the name of peace. The Bush administration and the International Bankers are growing desperate. Every coup attempt has failed, and still we are not receiving any Venezuelan oil due to our own perfidy. Compound this with the slowdown of the flow of oil from the Middle East due to our outrageous upcoming war in Iraq, and the result is that we are growing dangerously low on oil reserves. Expect gas station lines reminiscent of the seventies in the near future. What is most frustrating is that there is no reason for us to be in this mess, except for the greedy International Bankers attempting to extend their hegemony. You will never read this side of the story in the New York Times or Washington Post.

Claims regarding empty store shelves in Caracas are greatly exaggerated. Another important story not reported here is that the elite-controlled slowdown in oil production is not working as well as we are led to believe. Recent reports show that Chavez has assumed control of the oil production facilities, and the oil is beginning to flow again. In the near future, the daily barrels of oil produced should match the levels prior to the general strike instigated by the corrupt elite, with the profits administered by the Chavez regime rather then the International Bankers. If this happens, we can count Venezuela as another bungled attempt to takeover a democracy for the gain of our corporate shadow government.

Foreign Affairs magazine, a publication of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) has predictably released a blatant smear campaign against President Chavez. In an article by Kurt Weyland in the November/December 2002 edition, Mr. Weyland brazenly declares the Chavez presidency to be an authoritarian regime, and further espouses that the current administration has destroyed the economy. This thinly veiled defamation downplays the involvement of the corporate elites in the current struggle. Although admitting that one of the biggest problems is the mass exodus of funds by this elite establishment, he does not say that this removal of badly needed capital was executed in hopes of bringing down the government by economic means. The International Bankers and members of the CFR stand to lose billions of dollars if Chavez is successful in rebuilding the country. Mr. Weyland even states that the Vatican desired Chavez to be removed for the good of the country. Has the Vatican also become a mouthpiece for the Globalists?

September 11th exacerbated the use of the media as a propaganda tool of the government. It is now unpatriotic to criticize government policy. At times, this can even cause your arrest on trumped up charges. It appears that the Internet is one of the last bastions of free speech and un-biased reporting of domestic and foreign affairs. I pray they we will be able to retain this media outlet in the future so that the truth will continue to be distributed, albeit extremely difficult to find at times. The Globalists now in control of our government have silently eliminated the First Amendment. If we do not fight this tyranny, our existence as a free nation is in grave danger. We should learn a lesson from the citizens of Venezuela, and stand up for our freedom by voting corruption out of office.

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Media Lies and Propaganda from Venezuela

By Mike Schelstrate

Geraldo Rivera of Fox News was reporting live from Caracas recently. As I listened to his report, I was disgusted by the obvious government propaganda he was expounding. The American public is no longer able to depend on the mainstream media for true reporting of actual events. The advent of Cable News has accelerated this bias. Fox News is nothing more that a mouthpiece for the official propaganda disseminated by the Bush Administration. It is a sad state of affairs when it is necessary to