The treaty vaguely outlines just what are considered crimes against humanity but it leaves the door wide open for the ICC itself to decide just what crimes it will prosecute.  It also allows the court itself to add a longer list of crimes.

You can bet that hate speech and something they call xenophobia will be included, as will dissent against the growing World Government.  Of course our politicians haven’t found a way to make the idea popular among voters.  You can bet they are looking.  Perhaps they have their answer in Iraq.  If they slaughter enough Iraqi women and children and splash scenes of the carnage on America’s television screens, then put the blame on Saddam, who they will say can only be prosecuted by the ICC, Americans will be clamoring to give up even more sovereignty and ratify the ICC treaty.

The elitist politicians like Henry Kissinger are already looking for protections for American “Leaders” before they will back the ICC.  Of course they are not worried about protecting patriotic Americans against the court.  When the ICC first comes into power we will barely even notice.  But as time goes on we will start hearing about Americans being arrested and hauled off to foreign countries to stand in front of Communist judges and a kangaroo court.

There will be no Constitutional protections of our God Given Rights in this world court.  In the closest thing currently to a world court, “The Hague,” the accused have waited up to four years just to go to trial and they do not even have to be told why they have been arrested.  If you think the local sheriff or the county judge will protect you, think again.  In a few short years they will be nothing more than an extension of the federal police force.  The time to wake people up and resist this dangerous ICC is now.

Jeff Zastrow ran for Congress in Wisconsin’s Third District. Visit his website at or contact him at
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International Criminal Court is a Reality and a Nightmare

By Jeff Zastrow

The United Nation’s ICC (International Criminal Court) took effect in July 2002. It gained the support of sixty “Nation States” needed to bring the tribunal to power according to the UN treaty.  The ICC claims jurisdiction over all crimes not punished by the nation states to the tribunal’s satisfaction. The court has been sold off to the people as a way to prosecute war criminals and crimes against humanity.